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[10:17] [Cyrilion] Morning
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[16:17] [Tarragon] Hello
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[17:17] [Darkhawk] Heya
[19:23] [Tarragon] Hello
[19:24] [Tarragon] Duolingo is a bit odd. Usually it has like a cycle of 3 or 4 lessons per subject, but then I had to spend 6 on definite articles, which... barely warrant 2 tbh since we'd been soret of covering them in all the other exercises as well. And for some reason everyone was drinking like boatloads of 'beers' and wine, including crabs and ducks.
[19:25] [Darkhawk] That's what they do in Denmark
[19:25] [Tarragon] Maybe it was trying to be culturally accurate?
[19:25] [Darkhawk] I guess Duolingo's staff are diverse, and the quality is not uniform.
[19:26] [Darkhawk] Could be, yes ;)
[19:26] [Tarragon] It even had Brits in the comments saying that you all must drink as much as they do, but with less public nuisance.
[19:26] [Darkhawk] That's actually also accurate
[19:28] [Tarragon] I'm happy to have moved on to plurals in any case. Articles is one lesson I probably won't ever be revising unless the higher levels go into using the structure behind it or the apparently rare use of loose articles in front of the noun.
[19:29] [Tarragon] All the revision I'm doing means I move on to new subjest rather slowly, so I'll be doing less revision in general.
[19:30] [Darkhawk] And how well does Duolingo work for you, I guess it's 'just' for getting by a week in Denmark, not to speak it fluently and follow all our news?
[19:30] [Tarragon] Hmm, genitive is next. Good good, I actually haven't done that yet in the other lessons.
[19:30] [Darkhawk] Also, with your level of understanding and the similarities, might also be an idea just to watch some Danish tv?
[19:31] [Tarragon] Well, I'm going to continue doing Danish now that I've started, just seeing if I could get a basic level down before we arrive.
[19:31] [Tarragon] Heh, we just watch some Danish or Swedish series regularly anyway. Understanding by ear is easier for Swedish.
[19:32] [Tarragon] Once I get deep enough into the lessons, I'll be ordering 1 or 2 Danish children's books. For older children though, not starting at a level basic enough for 5 year olds, that's just bore me to tears. Maybe some books I already know, that helped me most learning German anyway.
[19:34] [Tarragon] Reading the Unendliche Geschichte in 3 languages was very helpful. Maybe add a fourth?
[19:35] [Darkhawk] Eheh, first book my mother read to me. In Danish. Or ok, maybe it was Momo.
[19:35] [Darkhawk] Also only book I have read in three languages.
[19:36] [Tarragon] Read Momo in German and English. At the same time, to help me prepare for my oral book exam for German in school. I got a higher mark than I probably deserved because I'd read Faust 1 and 2.
[19:36] [Tarragon] They found that inexplicably impressive. It was one of the few decent stories we could even put on our reading list, I don't know why everyone didn't read them.
[19:37] [Darkhawk] Yeah, that'd score points with me as well
[19:38] [Tarragon] Also the reason I never finished my Dutch reading list: there is fuckall decent to put on there, we were only allowed a maximum of 4 books written before 1800.
[19:39] [Tarragon] Dutch adult literature has this odd.... atmosphere/style that you also get in our films that just.. utterly puts me off. It's something truly horrible.
[19:39] [Tarragon] Doesn't appear until after Maarten Luther/Calvijn either.
[19:39] [Tarragon] So I blame protestantism.
[19:40] [Darkhawk] Obviously ;)
[19:40] [Darkhawk] I can't recall much Dutch letterature. Ok, any. But I can hardly recall what I did 2 hours ago, so maybe not saying much.
[19:40] [Darkhawk] hrm, nice word.
[19:40] [Tarragon] The woman's chicken drinks water! Oh my, sentence complexity has just gone up 100% :D
[19:42] [Tarragon] So far just tag an s on things, like in Dutch. Does it stay that way?
[19:43] [Tarragon] And sorely disappointed at the lack of personal pronoun genitive forms.
[19:43] [Darkhawk] s probably works the same there, yes.
[19:44] [Darkhawk] And yes, that's how it is in boring languages ;)
[19:45] [Tarragon] So far you're the only language I've seen that uses maske as well, so I liked that :P (misschien).
[19:46] [Darkhawk] maske? As in mask? Not the only one if so ;)
[19:46] [Darkhawk] Oh, måske?
[19:47] [Darkhawk] that's literally mayhap, so no to that either.
[19:53] [Tarragon] Yeah, the one with the funny a.
[19:53] [Tarragon] In pronunciation they're almost the same.
[19:54] [Tarragon] Well, Dutch has a lot more ch, as usual.
[19:59] [Tarragon] How do you solve a genitive form of a word/personal name that ends in -s already?
[20:00] [Tarragon] We add the personal pronoun genitive form after the name in that case.
[20:01] [Darkhawk] Hans' or spoken 'Hanses'
[20:01] [Darkhawk] If I remember correctly what genitive is, which I might not ;)
[20:01] [Tarragon] Ah, we'd end up with 'Cees his' in Dutch
[20:01] [Tarragon] Wel, Cees zijn, but you get what I mean :P
[20:05] [Tarragon] Duolingo works fairly poorly for people who aren't fluent in English. Comments are full of people wondering why their answer was wrong, who clearly just aren't good enough at English to use it for learning another language.
[20:06] [Tarragon] A lot of other commenters are fairly unforgiving about it too.
[21:29] [Tarragon] Night everyone
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