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[02:38] [der_Tommi] Sure, they switch here too, but they're still there with their friends, not primarily to meet random strangers.
[02:38] [der_Tommi] And off to bed. Good night!
[02:38] [Darkhawk] I second that, good night
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[14:33] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[17:33] [Darkhawk] Heya
[17:44] [Wheri] Hey DH. I may have found the miniature EVE I've been looking for. Probably not your taste, since the combat is much more direct, but it has a very similar sense of teams (although strict, in this game) sharing resources and plans to win a war (and get to Valhalla or something). It's called Rend.
[17:58] [Wheri] It's technically session-based, with sessions lasting what looks like a month or two.
[18:00] [Darkhawk] What I like about EVE in that regard is that you can do a lot of things that do not involve meeting your enemy head on and duking it out. Rend seems pretty focused on doing just that? Whereas for me, exploration, logistics, basebuilding, crafting, etc. interspersed a little here and there with combat or stealthing is the draw.
[18:00] [Darkhawk] But actually not even that, PvP wise.
[18:01] [Wheri] I've only played a couple of days, but I haven't seen a single hostile player. It's mostly been resource gathering, production, and expanding our base.
[18:01] [Darkhawk] ok, sounds good. And are the systems complex?
[18:05] [Wheri] Not really, at least the ones I've seen. It's more about mass production. Basically, someone has to stay at base building gear and ammo for the lads on the frontlines.
[18:07] [Wheri] Oh, and if we get enough of a crowd (which I estimate at about 30 players), we can start our own server. And no VoIP support, at least for the moment.
[18:09] [Darkhawk] Mhm, well no matter how good it is, I'm not going to play games for the next half year - more or less. Starting fulltime work (for free...) 1st september, and also need another fulltime work on top of that to survive. So not starting anything major in the month of freedom and (relative) sanity I have left ;)
[18:10] [Darkhawk] If someone here would just become a millionaire and send me part of their fortune, as a nice show of support, things would be much easier!
[18:10] [Wheri] Heh heh, alright. Maybe it'll come out of earlyaccess by the time you can afford it. And go on sale.
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[19:12] [Tarragon] Hello
[19:12] [Tarragon] Going to see my newest niece tomorrow.
[19:19] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[20:08] [Tarragon] Bought Ian a pink-and-rainbow dress with unicorns and glitter, because he really loves pink and dresses (and he was VERY specific about what kind of dress he wanted). We went grocery shopping today with him wearing it.
[20:09] [Tarragon] Had some trouble finding a dress that could pass muster tbh. He okayed this one only after we looked for two hours for one with rainbow-coloured sequin stars and couldn't find one.
[20:10] [Darkhawk] Hope no one made fun of him or gave you weird looks. Can be uphill for children to chose freely when the world follows certain norms.
[20:10] [Tarragon] Most people didn't even seem to notice and the lady at the bookstore (who sees him regularly) only complimented him on his pretty dress much like she did when he had new shoes with lights in them.
[20:11] [Darkhawk] That's good :)
[20:12] [Tarragon] One of the ways you really notice he's probably autistic is that he still can't tell any difference between boy and girl (or man and woman) and will use the terms interchangeably, when for most kids at this age it becomes some huge point.
[20:42] [Darkhawk] or his parents/family hasn't focused on talking about that difference?
[20:45] [Tarragon] We've tried some, though it's not a priority. I don't think most families usually make a huge pointed deal out of it though. This age they generally just sort of home in on any differences they can make out as a part of brain development.
[20:45] [Darkhawk] yeah, true. Though, what is his age by now?
[20:45] [Tarragon] And since people usually make it into a big difference, it's one of the first they grasp onto.
[20:45] [Tarragon] 4 and a half.
[20:46] [Darkhawk] Right, time does fly
[20:46] [Darkhawk] Soon he'll be earning money for you
[20:46] [Darkhawk] In the coal mines
[20:47] [Tarragon] We've thought about taking him to singing lessons and making him into the next child folk singer :P He has a very... naturally loud and full sounding voice, and doesn't seem to be tone deaf.
[20:48] [Darkhawk] Unfortunately, I can attest to the fact that most children seem to be naturally loud and full sounding, judging by the trampoline playyard beneath my kitchen window. Not tone deaf might be a bonus, yeah.
[20:48] [Tarragon] Well, if he's with them you'll soon learn the difference between the usual and a *really* naturally loud and full voice :P
[20:49] [Darkhawk] Not sure my composure could absorb that ;)
[20:49] [Tarragon] And he says you (Danes) talk funny :D
[20:49] [Darkhawk] yeah, figures. He'll be able to laugh at people in Legoland then
[20:49] [Tarragon] He also thinks if you join English and German you get Chinese.
[20:50] [Tarragon] Then he insists he can speak Chinese.
[20:50] [Darkhawk] Heh, well that's a creative fantasy at least.
[20:51] [Tarragon] I was impressed and could remember having that kind of weird logic when I was reminded of it.
[20:52] [Darkhawk] yes, I see it often in children that age. When I do see those children. And a bit younger.
[20:52] [Darkhawk] It's fun, although maybe also good that make-believe doesn't actually make ;)
[20:53] [Tarragon] I also remember thinking that if you just moved the right way you could fly (as in sort of lift off).
[20:53] [Tarragon] And wondering why people couldn't hear me 20 metres away if I spoke at a normal volume.
[20:54] [Darkhawk] If your normal volume is the normal volume that I hear the children downstairs exhibit, they could ;)
[20:54] [Darkhawk] But yeah
[20:54] [Tarragon] Sound from outside really carries to inside somehow too.
[20:55] [Tarragon] I've very unwillingly learned much more about my neighbours' lives this summer.
[20:55] [Darkhawk] yep, it does. Lots of things that children wonder about are beautifully explained by physics.
[20:55] [Tarragon] And resolved to speak as quietly as Ican outside when near houses.
[20:55] [Darkhawk] heh ;)
[20:55] [Tarragon] They are, beautifully and also shatteringly disappointingly.
[20:55] [Tarragon] No flight :(
[20:56] [Darkhawk] Not as such, no ;)
[20:57] [Tarragon] Though in my teens I was very satisfied to discover that if you learn enough about people and behaviour you can be fairly effectively invisible.
[20:57] [Tarragon] Without magic.
[20:58] [Darkhawk] Sure, to a point. Not invisible enough to steal from then, neccessarily ;)
[21:00] [Tarragon] And then I learned the kind of misdirection of... tell/ask something entirely outrageous so the thing you say next seem very reasonable, and making people focus on the flashy outside so they miss whatever you want them to miss. Courtesy of magicians and musicians.
[21:00] [Darkhawk] Yeah, but to me that never felt as cool as throwing fireballs around...
[21:01] [Tarragon] Well sure, if I could have I'd have just burned everyone. As it is, I had to work around them of be committed either to jail or some asylum.
[21:01] [Tarragon] or*
[21:02] [Darkhawk] Everyone is such a broad term, I would object to being burned.
[21:02] [Tarragon] And I always most wanted to either fly or be invisible.
[21:03] [Tarragon] That's supposed to say something profound about your personailty too, what superpower you want.
[21:04] [Darkhawk] Or ambition/intelligence. I just wanted to be a god. Like, a powerful one. Not settling for one superpower.
[21:05] [Darkhawk] Of course following 'logic', I'd have to be a god of something then, bound to a domain and rules. I also thought about that as a child, and then I just wanted to be powerful and immortal and not a god. So not super megalomaniac!
[21:30] [Tarragon] Do Danish supermarkets carry krupuk and bapao? Otherwise I will have to stock up beforehand and live up to the stereotype.
[21:42] [Darkhawk] I don't know what that is...
[21:46] [Darkhawk] Oh right
[21:47] [Darkhawk] Bapao no, krupuk, if you mean the asian shrimp chip things, yes. But probably not in the middle of nowhere
[22:18] [Darkhawk] Or well, maybe in that Superbrugsen. But remember, you're out there where 'bio' is a dirty word ;)
[22:18] [Darkhawk] so too, is the term 'multicultural' ;)
[22:25] [Tarragon] Well, maybe near Legoland...
[22:25] [Tarragon] Anyways, I'm off. Night everyone.
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