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[01:22] Darkhawk ( joined #seed.
[01:22] [Darkhawk] back momentarily
[01:43] [Wheri] I think I've found the only mission in SWL that requires another player to finish. Got a couple of minutes to help me get through it?
[03:39] [Darkhawk] Eh sorry, was watching a series.
[03:40] [Wheri] No worries.
[03:40] [Darkhawk] I don't recall anything that needs the help of others, did everything on my own at least. Well, there was a little thing that needed me to click on and use something on any random player running past me.
[03:41] [Wheri] Yeah, that one. But the victim of it apparently gains something, too.
[03:42] [Darkhawk] true, some lore. Yeah, I can log in if you still need it done
[03:43] [Wheri] Alright, let's do this.
[03:45] [Darkhawk] ok, logging in. I'll need a moment to see what lore bit I lack.
[03:45] [Wheri] Still struggling with that loading issue, by the way. No idea what can even be causing it. It's gotten somewhat playable now, but far from reliable.
[03:50] [Darkhawk] Trying to get you into group so I can better talk to you, tell is a bit tricky for me
[03:50] [Wheri] Wait. Don't tell me my in-game chat's busted, too.
[03:51] [Darkhawk] dunno, but I sent you a group invite...
[03:51] [Wheri] I accepted it. But I can't see any group or playfield chat.
[03:52] [Darkhawk] ok, I've sent you two messages
[03:52] [Darkhawk] on group
[03:52] [Wheri] Nothing.
[03:53] [Wheri] I tried saying something in /say, too. Great.
[03:53] [Darkhawk] Try saying something to me. Be mindful of how the tab is set up to both show and speak to Group
[03:54] [Wheri] I cannot even set the tab to that.
[03:54] [Darkhawk] oh well. So tell me here, what's the name of the lore you got?
[03:55] [Wheri] Let's see. I've got 3 items: looks like they give lore on the Lele, Blajini or Padurii.
[03:56] [Darkhawk] ok, I'll take a look in my lore stuff
[03:58] [Darkhawk] ok, Padurii please :)
[03:59] [Wheri] Here goes
[03:59] [Wheri] Oh, I see emotes! Now that's an opportunity to play a deaf and mute character!
[04:00] [Darkhawk] Thanks :) And yeah, Iforgot where the emote window is, but do imagine my character thanking you
[04:01] [Wheri] No problem. And thanks for the help. I'm sure support would be interested in hearing chat doesn't work for me, too.
[04:02] [Darkhawk] Sounds strange for sure. Anyway ok, off to warmer climates with my char again
[04:02] [Wheri] Heh heh. I've spent a fair amount on an outfit that fits the area!
[04:03] [Darkhawk] Yeah, and I come straight from the dessert!
[04:03] [Darkhawk] desert
[04:03] [Darkhawk] both is somewhat true tho
[04:04] [Wheri] And it's not that strange. Lends credence to the theory that my ISP (or worse, government) is messing with internet restrictions, that happen to interfere with SWL. Bloody brilliant.
[04:08] [Darkhawk] Heh, that would be something. I mean yes, of course your government is messing with stuff, but it'd be weird that it has these kinds of chaos effects. I mean, then there should be a lot of stuff that gets messed up everywhere for you and everyone else.
[04:08] [Wheri] Look into May's Telegram restrictions.
[04:09] [Darkhawk] Yep, heard about it.
[04:09] [Darkhawk] But, didn't we ever chat in TSW? Maybe not
[04:10] [Darkhawk] In any case, off for sleep, thanks for the lore, and just holler if you need anything else. Hope you're enjoying the Carpathians.
[04:10] [Wheri] It definitely worked before.
[04:10] [Wheri] Goodnight.
[04:10] Darkhawk ( left irc: Quit: Darkhawk
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[10:26] Cyrilion (~Cyrilion@ joined #seed.
[10:26] [Cyrilion] Morning
[11:56] Darkhawk ( joined #seed.
[11:56] [Darkhawk] morning
[12:08] [Cyrilion] Hey Darkhawk
[17:42] Wheri ( joined #seed.
[21:43] Tarragon ( joined #seed.
[21:43] [Tarragon] Hello
[22:01] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[22:57] Cyrilion (~Cyrilion@ left irc: Quit: Leaving
[23:38] [Tarragon] And off again. Night everyone.
[23:38] Tarragon ( left irc: Quit: Once more he cried / 'Come with me now!'


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