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[01:45] [Darkhawk] alright, time to sleep, and maybe finish the kitchen tomorrow
[01:45] [Darkhawk] or the day after, but then for sure. I hope
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[09:26] [Tarragon] Hello
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[15:30] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:35] [Wheri] Ahh, fun awaits me! And by fun, I mean a bathroom sink that needs to be installed.
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[17:19] [Darkhawk] heya
[18:21] [Wheri] That went faster than I expected.
[18:25] [Darkhawk] What, life?
[18:26] [Darkhawk] It's not over yet!
[18:26] [Wheri] No, sink!
[18:26] [Darkhawk] oh right. And here the labourer didn't show. 'Bad ankle'. Riiiight.
[18:27] [Wheri] Well, technically it's not, I'll still have to seal all the seams, but I'll wait and make sure everything else is working properly first.
[18:28] [Darkhawk] Sounds like a good idea. And like most of the work was done
[18:28] [Wheri] Heh heh, that's why I try to do things myself. Funny thing here: turns out buying the tools to remove old tap from old sink, calling the plumber who has the tools, and buying a whole new sink cost pretty much the same. So I bought a new sink!
[18:30] [Darkhawk] Yeah, and it's cool and quite nerdy to study and apply something practical yourself. Not so cool if everything explodes or there's water damage of course.
[18:31] [Wheri] Also, one of those hands-free shower head fixtures, but that's just a bonus. Basically just an extra hole in the wall and two screws. The only thing delaying me was the fact that I don't know what the wall's made of.
[18:32] [Wheri] To be fair, I've been replacing taps every other year for over a decade now. The full sink job was just an opportunity to tie all the parts together.
[18:35] [Darkhawk] right, one does pick up on things over the years
[18:40] [Wheri] It's just pipes, so fairly self-explanatory. Tighten everything up, but not too much, don't forget gaskets, sealant and hemp (just not on plastic or flexible tubing), and you're good. Everything is fairly standard and comes in sets these days, so it's really not that much harder than building a computer, really. Same basic skills.
[18:43] [Darkhawk] Hrm, need to disconnect to take a call :)
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[18:44] [Tarragon] Protip: do not be this house's old tenants and use iron for the pipes.
[18:46] [Wheri] That's in my future, and I'm not sure what I'll have to install. Got any tips to share?
[18:46] [Tarragon] I only know what not to do, courtesy of those old tenants.
[18:47] [Tarragon] Like, no iron for pipes, try not to install your own shower because afterwards that caused a gigantic leak that also ruined an entire wall that had to be replaced and we could not use the shower for several weeks.
[18:48] [Wheri] What do you mean your own shower? Like a shower box?
[18:48] [Tarragon] They installed like new taps and a rod for the showerhead and such, and two glass partitions so the corner forms a shower box.
[18:50] [Tarragon] They also removed the mechanical ventilation in the house for some reason so we didn't even know we were supposed to have that, and they removed the little vents you can open or close right above the windows, and stuffed the holes with tissue papers :S
[18:52] [Wheri] Hmm, I'm not really seeing that much leak potential, unless they put the whole piping in walls and messed something up.
[18:53] [Tarragon] Then they left without registering their new address anywhere, apparently like 100.000 euros in debt, and all the collectors still thought they lived at our address.
[18:53] [Tarragon] I think they drilled into the bigger pipes behind the walls while they were installing the tap or the rod.
[18:54] [Wheri] And wow. Removing ventilation. Genius! As for windows, we're replacing the old ones with modern plastic ones; just two panes, but you can swing one back or just leave a tiny gap for ventilation. I see fewer and fewer of those top parts these days.
[18:55] [Wheri] Woah. Drilling into the mains. Not knowing where the mains is. As I said, genius!
[18:55] [Tarragon] Yeah, they were really something.
[18:55] [Tarragon] One time the guy came to collect some of their old mail, and crashed his car into one of the other parked here.
[18:56] [Wheri] So, drunkard or just a fuckup?
[18:56] [Tarragon] Seemed like just a fuckup.
[18:56] [Wheri] Impressive!
[18:57] [Tarragon] I'm just sort of glad us living here means they don't anymore, wouldn't want them as neighbours.
[18:59] [Wheri] I can imagine. The worst I had to deal with is a nosy older lady. "I'm not flooding you, it's the people two floors up, and they're flooding me, as well. No, I don't want to let you look in MY flat, because that's not the cause of the issue and none of your business".
[18:59] [Tarragon] And if it's like building a PC, I should be able to do it too with enough research.
[19:00] [Tarragon] Heh, when we lived in a flat we had other neighbours who made a lot of noise, and people from the next building (attached at one wall) would come ring at our door because they thought it was coming from our rooms.
[19:01] [Tarragon] Then again, sometimes the very downstairs neighbours played music so loud, that it could keep the entire block of buildings awake (and we called the police).
[19:02] [Wheri] Tools are honestly the biggest issue. Spanners and such aren't very expensive, but if it adds up. And you won't be using them for much else, or that often.
[19:03] [Tarragon] Well, we have a full set of tools for installing pretty much anything, courtesy of my father who once started out his working life as a guy who installs kitchens.
[19:04] [Wheri] Yeah. I never had neighbours with loud music, but I did have a couple that really liked shouting at each other. And a couple (?) next door that seemed to go through a breakup every month and a half, complete with slamming on the door so she'd "return his phone".
[19:05] [Tarragon] Ah, sounds like we lived in similar neighbourhoods. It was cheap, but we still wanted to move when Ian was on his way.
[19:06] [Tarragon] Drunk people shouting at someone's window in the middle of the night because she was a bitch who kept his keys after a break-up, then she yelling back she didn't have any damned keys, etc.
[19:07] [Wheri] Yeah. When I moved back here, the difference is stark! Neighbours say hello, are likely to know each other's names, and generally really friendly and quiet.
[19:08] [Tarragon] Here too, lol. Every now and then they'll have like a sort of party in the evening and we'l lactually be able to hear their music, and it always ends before midnight!
[19:08] [Wheri] Also, people are still around who remember and recognise me. Some childhood friends I failed to avoid, even!
[19:08] [Tarragon] Hmm... good or bad?
[19:09] [Wheri] Neutral. I don't mind catching up with familiar faces, but I don't want visitors yet.
[19:09] [Tarragon] Oh, they actually just come by? No one does that here.
[19:11] [Wheri] No, just ran into them on my way home. They either said they're too busy to keep up with the old gang, or agreed to keep it quiet. Honestly, I didn't expect them to grow up so reasonable.
[19:12] [Tarragon] I expect most of my old friends will have grown up reasonable, and then 2 or 3 might be in jail and/or alcoholics.
[19:12] [Wheri] Pretty sure I'd get called on if the former inner circle were to find out, though. So far they haven't.
[19:15] [Tarragon] Kind of wondering about one friend I still have on FB, who doesn't post anything that doesn't have to do with beer and beer festivals, or indie music and beer.
[19:16] [Wheri] Huh. He grew up to be a hipster.
[19:16] [Tarragon] She actually.
[19:17] [Tarragon] Then again almost all of what I post are politics reposts.
[19:17] [Tarragon] So it'd be a bit much to assume it's reflective of everyday life.
[19:23] [Wheri] Fair enough.
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[20:45] [Tarragon] Off again, night everyone.
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[22:55] [Wheri] Huh. I didn't expect such a minor home improvement to be a rush. Mirror, light fixture, and various wall-mounted elements still to go. I'm reasonably familiar with the walls here, so I can drill!
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