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[10:51] [Darkhawk] Morning
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[17:05] [Tarragon] Hello
[17:07] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[17:42] [der_Tommi] Hello.
[17:43] [der_Tommi] Darkhawk: You said something about The Expanse season 3 a few pages ago. That hasn't actually come to Netflix yet, so it's impossible for me to see it.
[17:43] [der_Tommi] Sorry to hear about the plotholes. And that Christians turn out to be good people.
[17:46] [der_Tommi] When I read the first book, I found it really asuming that they took the huge Mormon ship, tried to ram it into an asteroid and missed, sending the thing on a trajectory to god knows where with no one on board.
[17:48] [der_Tommi] And the whole project had a not-too-sensible feel to it. Like, they're so crazy religious that they'd rather take a generational trip to another planet than live with the rest of us.
[17:49] [der_Tommi] It was never really articulated, though, and the effort was pretty impressive.
[17:50] [der_Tommi] And now to my analysis of the sense8 finale.. :)
[17:53] [der_Tommi] Speaking of impossible things: There seems to be no legal way for me to download Babylon 5 episodes in English.. Stupid Germans and their dubbing..
[17:56] [Darkhawk] Yeah, don't analyze that, haven't seen it yet ;)
[17:57] [Darkhawk] No 'legal' way... Loophole... Detected ;)
[18:41] [der_Tommi] Yeah. I guess I could buy some DVDs / blue rays, but then I'd need to get a DVD drive...
[18:44] [Darkhawk] I applaud your LGness
[18:45] [Darkhawk] Or just Lness
[20:01] [der_Tommi] Thanks. Though your respect is misplaced. I've been watching the new Ducktales on one of those skeezy pirate sites.
[20:02] [der_Tommi] I just... had to see it.
[20:47] [Tarragon] Night everyone.
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[20:49] [Darkhawk] That's... I'm disappointed in your moral compass now
[21:37] [Wheri] Bloody hell, I did not expect the local pub to be so crowded for football.
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[21:53] [Cyrilion] Evening
[21:56] [Darkhawk] Deeeenmaaaark!!!!
[21:56] [Darkhawk] Ehrm, hey Cyrilion
[21:56] [Wheri] Am I behind? It's still 1:1 on my screen.
[21:56] [Cyrilion] Err... you're not watching that?
[21:56] [Darkhawk] yeah, just uh, dunno.
[21:57] [Darkhawk] Setting the proper patriotic tone
[21:57] [Cyrilion] I was watching the formula 1 race, I had to record...
[21:57] [Wheri] Don't worry, I know more people from Denmark than Croatia, so you can say I'm cheering for Denmark.
[21:58] [Cyrilion] They're playing Croatia?
[21:58] [Wheri] Yeah. Hit 1:1 within the first 4 minutes, I'm told. I only arrived at the pub around 23.
[21:58] [Cyrilion] Go Croatia!! Finish this.
[21:59] [Cyrilion] (Too many football nutheads at work)
[21:59] [Wheri] Heh heh. I honestly only know football as much as I hang around in pubs.
[22:00] [Wheri] Well, pub. There is one next house over, so even if I have to crawl home, I'll make it easy.
[22:12] [Darkhawk] So are they rooting for Croatia or Denmark at your pub? Can't remember if your countrymen somehow would hate Croatia, but I guess so, since 'you' like Serbs ;)
[22:13] [Wheri] I've heard Denmark, and it's not just countrymen, as far as I can tell. There's also countrywomen and foreigners.
[22:15] [Darkhawk] women, eww... Aren't they supposed to be at home now ;)
[22:16] [Darkhawk] Well ok, I am actually watching the match myself now. Didn't expect Denmark to survive this long, and it'll be kinda' annoying if they progress since everyone will run around shouting and singing ;)
[22:17] [Wheri] Why not? We're not that hard on traditional values... especially considering our traditions don't go that far back.
[22:28] [Darkhawk] Of course, it was England that had that pub rule once
[22:28] [Darkhawk] No women after 22 I think.
[22:29] [Wheri] Huh. Well, to be fair, it's mostly blokes in there. But only mostly.
[22:32] [Darkhawk] Well, looks like penalty stuff. I liked that as a kid. Kinda' fun. And more condensed.
[22:32] [Darkhawk] ehr, orh whatever it's called.. Shooting at goals ;)
[22:34] [Wheri] 30 minutes overtime. And they say it's strictly 90.
[22:40] [Wheri] Denmark!
[22:46] [Darkhawk] Croatia!
[22:46] [Wheri] Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh!
[22:47] [Darkhawk] No yelling and singing in Denmark now. Will be a quiet summer ;)
[22:48] [Wheri] And that's as valid a goal as any!
[22:49] [Wheri] Hopefully, I won't have the time or the craving for more beer until the end of the championship. I like the pub, but it loses most of its charm when there's no chatting.
[22:51] [Darkhawk] Yeah, unless you like soccer, heh
[22:51] [Wheri] Football.
[22:52] [Darkhawk] Hehe, yes
[22:52] [Darkhawk] But maybe my family's from the U.S., huh? Could be!
[22:52] [Wheri] I doubt it.
[22:53] [Wheri] But yeah. I'd probably prefer boxing, volleyball, or rugby as my pub sports. In no particular order.
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[22:58] [Wheri] I think we scared him.
[23:00] [Darkhawk] You might be right, hehe
[23:00] [Wheri] Okay, how about an RP challenge? I'm trying to come up with something interestng for a tiefling for my upcoming 5e game. Anything that's not "muh prejudice" is a fine idea.
[23:07] [Darkhawk] But since you say tiefling, you still want something that 'fits' the stereotype somehow? Otherwise I'd say - look at how he/she was raised, childhood, where from, etc., and see if something turns up.
[23:07] [Darkhawk] Also, haven't checked D&D lore since 3.5
[23:07] [Darkhawk] But the carefree rogue with a soft hard stereotype and the CG alignment is probably the most overdone one for a tiefling ;)
[23:09] [Wheri] There's not a lot of lore. Tieflings are literal devil descendants. That's it.
[23:09] [Darkhawk] Yeah, same as always then
[23:09] [Wheri] Well, 2e ones were weirder and not necessarily demonic, but yeah.
[23:10] [Darkhawk] I liked them in the Planescape setting, but it got to be very rogueish. Or metaphysical. Which was cool
[23:10] [Wheri] That's the 2e ones.
[23:10] [Darkhawk] Yeah I know
[23:11] [Darkhawk] That's when I played for real as GM and player. After that, it was only computergames with the setting/mechanics
[23:11] [Wheri] Anyway, the way 5e presents them seems very limiting. To either the "brooding and evil" or the "defiant and cheerful" stereotype.
[23:11] [Darkhawk] But I guess they took more of the 2e lore than the 3e one, come to think of it
[23:12] [Darkhawk] Of course, just as the alignments are (were?) limiting. So personally I wouldn't look at the expected roles, but look at culture and nurture, with a dash of the biological traits thrown in.
[23:12] [Darkhawk] Otherwise it gets to be kinda early teens 'rp' ;)
[23:13] [Wheri] Yeah, it seems to be the race designed to fill that particular niche.
[23:13] [Darkhawk] How about some tinker-gnome traits, mad inventor thrown in?
[23:14] [Wheri] Diabolically clever? That's a mashup I can get behind.
[23:15] [Darkhawk] sure, that could work :)
[23:16] [Wheri] So generally human, but with weird demonic whispers of "progress" and "technology"? That does seem to dictate a bit of cosmology to the DM, and it's all the better for it!
[23:16] [Darkhawk] You're on a roll! And he can be eccentric to boot
[23:16] [Darkhawk] Or well, that WOULD make him eccentric ;)
[23:16] [Wheri] He's a PC in a 5e game. Of course he's eccentric.
[23:16] [Darkhawk] hehe
[23:17] [Darkhawk] and 'special'
[23:17] [Wheri] 5e is basically superheroes past level 3, anyway.


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