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[10:04] [Tarragon] Hello
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[14:55] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[16:10] [Darkhawk] heya
[17:31] [Cyrilion] Hey Darkhawk
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[20:25] [der_Tommi] To you people who know about food: If a can of beans is not filled to the brim with the bean/oil mix, does it mean it's been ruined by air and shouldn't be eaten?
[21:28] [Tarragon] The only thing I ever learned about canned food is if it's sort of bloated or releases gas/air when you open it, don't use it. And I'm not even sure if that applies to every kind of canned food.
[21:28] [Tarragon] Off for now, night everyone.
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[22:01] [Darkhawk] Yeah, what she says, should be fine, as long as there's no gas/uncharacteristic odour
[22:01] [Darkhawk] Also, if you die from food poisoning, don't haunt me
[22:01] [Darkhawk] Haunt her ;)
[22:05] [der_Tommi] OK.
[22:13] [Wheri] Sounds more like the manufacturer is cheating.
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