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[03:49] [Darkhawk] Good questions...
[03:50] [Darkhawk] I'll answer them by going to bed now
[03:50] Darkhawk ( left irc: Quit: Darkhawk
[09:57] Cyrilion (~Cyrilion@ joined #seed.
[10:00] [Cyrilion] Morning
[15:07] Tarragon ( joined #seed.
[15:07] [Tarragon] Hello
[15:21] Darkhawk ( joined #seed.
[15:21] [Darkhawk] Heya
[15:22] [Darkhawk] To answer your question Tarra. Yeah, the char interaction (and "most" companions) are good. But sadly yes, it's all very frontloaded, as usual. Meet a new major character - click through tons of dialogue trees. Then, during the game afterwards, hunt for 1-2 new lines now and then.
[15:23] [Darkhawk] There's a very neat messenger bird system though, where you can communicate with NPC's via letters, deciding what to write (out of like, 3 options), get back an answer the day after, write something new, etc. It's pretty neat. Small stuff, but most games don't even bother to do anything new.
[21:09] [Darkhawk] It's also not so tiny as reviews would have one believe. Or maybe I just spend a lot of time on the dialogues...
[21:33] [Tarragon] Might give it a try then. Now I'm going. Night everyone.
[21:33] Tarragon ( left irc: Quit: Once more he cried / 'Come with me now!'


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