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[01:47] [Darkhawk] Well, you could give me some login details I guess... Mwahahah
[03:25] [Darkhawk] Anyway, off
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[08:41] [Cyrilion] Morning
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[09:22] Nick change: Wheri_ -> Wheri
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[11:04] [Darkhawk] Heya
[13:07] [Wheri] This has got to be one of the weirder technical issues I've had. I've got the game to run earlier today - just long enough to finish the episode. I didn't do anything I hadn't already done, but it worked. And now it's back to not working again. Weird.
[13:07] [Darkhawk] Indeed.
[13:07] [Darkhawk] And frustrating I'm sure.
[13:08] [Wheri] Oh yes.
[13:09] [Wheri] So it's not my end, because I didn't change anything when it stopped working. Either the ISP, or Funcom's own servers, then, and I can't do anything about either.
[13:10] [Darkhawk] It can still be on your end although you as a person didn't do anything. Lots of things happening under the Windows hood, lots of things interacting with other things. But the human mind craves answers of course.
[13:12] [Wheri] True, but not very likely. It may be the antivirus, but I don't think so.
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[15:45] [Tarragon] Hello
[15:46] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
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[19:29] [Darkhawk] Hrmph
[19:30] [Darkhawk] And btw, channel. I checked out Tyranny, since it seems it doesn't get any more updates. And... for the first time... An Obsidian game is actually ok!
[19:32] [Darkhawk] Good worldbuilding, different plot (well, lots of standard, but also more different than most else), good text, lots of choices. Meh combat. Mostly focus on dialogue gamesystem wise. Tight game, competent and motivated people behind it (Not Sawyer, thank all gods). Quite a pleasure to play. I mean ok, it's not an orgy of gamerhappiness, but it's good. I suspect most here on this channel, including der_tommi, would like it.
[19:32] [Darkhawk] Maaaybe not Wheri, as the game is pretty shallow systems wise, and heavy on the story ;)
[21:43] [Tarragon] char interaction okay? Not stuck having the same conversationswith them for 3/4 of the game?
[21:55] [Tarragon] Off for bed, night everyone.
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