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[16:01] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[22:06] [Darkhawk] heya
[22:07] [Darkhawk] project for my study done, now 2 weeks of less stress and more, hrm.. Dunno, some kind of hedonism. Plus some unpaid work that might result in something interesting down the road.. Might. Bit too much to do still.
[22:08] [Darkhawk] And send more money...
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[22:17] [Wheri] And I managed to completely break SWL. No idea if it's some sort of file corruption, ISP being an arse, or will clear itself with time and a reboot, but the game just gets stuck on the loading screen.
[22:19] [Darkhawk] Huh, lots of SWL trouble for you, guess it's related to that other issue somehow
[22:21] [Wheri] I don't think so. I ran into some general internet issues for a while, and then it happened. I guess I'll try a full reinstall, but it's frustrating. I can't attempt a specific fix if I can't diagnose.
[22:21] [Darkhawk] indeed
[22:22] [Darkhawk] Also try going DX9 in the gfx launcher maybe. And clear out the mods dir
[22:23] [Wheri] Done that already. It seems to be network-related, more than anything. I can log in and select character just fine, it's the loading into the area that fails.
[22:24] [Darkhawk] Or something in some cache
[22:26] [Wheri] That's also possible.
[22:26] [Wheri] Wait, no. It's not just fine, actually. I get login errors occasionally.
[22:27] [Darkhawk] hr,, sounds quite messy
[22:28] [Wheri] Indeed. Well, full reinstall it is, then.
[22:29] [Darkhawk] Good luck...
[22:29] [Wheri] Thanks.
[22:35] [Wheri] Shame, too, because I was about halfway through another post-release mission chain. The one that largely takes you through the City of the Sun God, but in a much more interesting way than the main campaign.
[22:36] [Darkhawk] hrm, the one where you dig up a small custodian? Or something else I forgot.
[22:36] [Wheri] No, it's the one with the earthquakes.
[22:47] [Darkhawk] ah yes, that one was new for me as well. Right, and yes, more interesting than the main campaign in that area.
[22:47] [Darkhawk] Almost made the area worthwhile ;)
[22:53] [Wheri] Looks like Funcom thought the area was boring, too, judging by the fact you can just skip most of the travel for the main campaign.
[22:54] [Darkhawk] Yeah, true that's a weird thing to be able to do, considering it's the only place you can do that.
[22:55] [Wheri] I'm guessing it wasn't there in the original game?
[22:57] [Darkhawk] Actually it was
[22:58] [Darkhawk] Or at least it was the second time I played it, in 2014 or so.
[22:58] [Darkhawk] ... or was it.. Damn..
[22:58] [Darkhawk] Who am I....
[22:58] [Wheri] Heh heh heh. But yeah. The most boring part of the storyline so far.
[22:59] [Darkhawk] But also smaller than the other areas in terms of content to go through
[22:59] [Wheri] Not much smaller in terms of geography, though.
[23:01] [Wheri] But it was the area they used a fair bit in their advertising, which I found really weird. They were still setting the game up as this urban fantasy, fairly low-key thing, and then they're fighting some huge thing in the desert!
[23:01] [Darkhawk] As I remember it they also used the vampires in transsylvania a lot. Depends on the campaign we saw maybe.
[23:02] [Wheri] Right, I don't remember the vampires showing up as much.
[23:08] [Wheri] Oh well. A full reinstall didn't do it. Guess it's time for the most annoying thing to try: a reboot.
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[23:33] [Wheri] Nope. Nothing's happening.
[23:33] [Darkhawk] sucks
[23:33] [Darkhawk] Doesn't sound like something customer support can fix for you
[23:34] [Wheri] Yeah, this is almost definitely on my end.


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