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[14:41] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[14:53] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[14:54] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion
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[17:47] [Arash] And hey.. again
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[18:52] [Wheri] Great. I've found a completely gameplay-stopping bug in SWL. Had to wait a couple of hours for a GM to fix it, only to immediately run into it again.
[18:55] [Arash] How nice of you to find such a thing. What was it?
[18:55] [Arash] Jumping while clad in very specific gear? ;)
[18:56] [Wheri] No, dying while in an instance.
[18:56] [Arash] if you could just not die, it'd be better...
[18:57] [Arash] But I'm pretty sure others also died while in an instance. So must be more specific than that.
[18:57] [Wheri] It's one of those instances that tricks you into easy environmental death.
[18:57] [Wheri] You cannot help others up when they're dead, can you?
[18:58] [Arash] eh.. you could once, but I'm not sure now.
[18:58] [Arash] you'd have to click on them when you stand there.
[18:59] [Arash] But not in instances.
[18:59] [Wheri] It kicked me out when I tried relogging.
[18:59] [Arash] Or well, dungeon/raid instances at least.
[18:59] [Arash] Yeah, it does that.
[19:00] [Arash] I can log in and help you, if there's any way to help?
[19:00] [Wheri] Alright, if GMs haven't fixed it again while I was away. Give me a few minutes.
[19:01] [Arash] Yeah, and then give ME a few minutes ;)
[19:14] [Wheri] It's fine, they did fix me. The problem is, of course, that I still need to finish that mission.
[19:15] [Arash] and not die
[19:16] [Wheri] And apparently, they logged in and everything was fine. Very odd.
[19:47] [Wheri] To their credit, the GMs are friendly, cooperative and professional. When they do show up.
[19:52] [Arash] As it should be. And yeah, my own experience was that it could take 1-2 hours for them to react.
[19:55] [Wheri] And by the looks of it, the issue may well be on my end. Possibly addon-related, and the only one I'm using is EffectsUI: Legends.
[20:06] [Arash] well, I use that as well, and went through the same content with no problem. But you never know.
[20:06] [Wheri] 1.04?
[20:09] [Arash] eh dunno, some version I downloaded when we started
[20:10] [Wheri] It seems to be the latest, but take a look anyway next time you log in.
[20:20] [Wheri] Well, going to try again with a freshly-reset game. It is possible that I've somehow managed to lose "you died" window.
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[22:13] [Wheri] Well, great. Now I'm afraid to play SWL.
[22:18] [Arash] Eheh
[22:18] [Arash] Sounds like you ran into some major trouble
[22:20] [Wheri] Gameplay-stopping. Can't get up when I die.
[22:20] [Arash] Sounds realistic
[22:28] [Wheri] Yep. Nothing like a hundreds-of-hours-long story-based game with permadeath!
[22:29] [Arash] I wouldn't dare do those yellow colour coded missions then. But otherwise, not impossible. Tricky, for sure, but not impossible.
[22:29] [Wheri] Yeah, those have a lot of cheap deaths. Especially when you have to jump over something.
[22:29] [Arash] anyway, sounds crappy, guess you'll have to get tech support from them or scour google for someone with the same problem.
[22:30] [Arash] I find it's easier to make the jump turned around, if it's a small one.
[22:31] [Wheri] They've had me do a full UI reset and data check; virtually a fresh install. But it may have been related to the addon, which will be really sucky to play without.
[22:35] [Arash] Yes, it's pretty good. I have 1.04 as well btw
[22:36] [Wheri] Right. So if you can revive, it's probably not the cause. I also had a crash that reset my in-game preferences. That may have had something to do with it, but I think I died since, too.
[22:42] [Wheri] Well, if you manage to die and come back with your larger suite of addons, let me know. That'll rule those out as the reason.
[22:42] [Arash] It's not like I haven't died ;)
[22:43] [Arash] so yeah, no problems there
[22:44] [Wheri] Oh, actually - let the timer run out next time. I definitely spent more than 2 minutes dead, so I'm wondering if there are any extra steps to be taken when it does.
[22:46] [Arash] I've done that as well, 2 days ago the last time, when I went away for 10 minutes, apparently got killed and then resurrected after time-out.
[22:47] [Wheri] Interesting. If that's governed client-side, that opens up a huge can of issues.
[22:48] [Wheri] The first GM hinted that it was getting kicked out of the instance that did it.
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[23:15] [Wheri] I don't get the agent network, either. Is it largely self-contained and just rewards completely redundant distillates?
[23:17] [Arash] You need to grind through it quite a bit before it's all that externally worthwhile. Missions on level 5 and onwards do yield ok xp distillates. Otherwise yeah, self-contained mostly
[23:18] [Wheri] Right. And I'll need to grind tier 1 missions to keep them stocked with resources, too. That's not going to get annoying at all.


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