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[14:31] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[19:45] [Darkhawk] heya
[20:46] [Cyrilion] Hey Darkhawk
[21:58] [Wheri] Huh. I've found an investigation mission in Egypt that's finally up my alley.
[21:58] [Darkhawk] How far into Egypt are you?
[21:59] [Wheri] Level 36, 8/19 on the story quest. I'm still wandering around Al-Merayah.
[22:00] [Darkhawk] Right
[22:00] [Wheri] Kind of starting to run out of steam, but this puzzle has a chance of drawing me back in.
[22:02] [Darkhawk] One puzzle alone can't do it - Darkhawk, master motivator ;)
[22:02] [Darkhawk] I think you'd like the feel and style of Tokyo, but you're far away from that area.
[22:02] [Wheri] True, I would like to give some harder combat a try.
[22:03] [Darkhawk] There's so much content in this game, but seems most people died in the second zone, or now right at the tutorial. That's a shame.
[22:03] [Darkhawk] Yeah, difficulty keeps scaling upwards more and more after each zone, but it really starts out low
[22:03] [Wheri] That's such a low tolerance!
[22:04] [Darkhawk] It is, but I wasn't amused either I recall ;)
[22:04] [Wheri] Right now, the hardest I have to deal with is enemies that charge out a PBAoE attack WHILE THEY'RE MOVING! What shall I do?!
[22:04] [Darkhawk] It does indeed scale. And in Tokyo... YOU MIGHT DIE ONCE!
[22:04] [Darkhawk] And not because of some bug
[22:04] [Darkhawk] Or a bad pull
[22:04] [Wheri] Smack them with my hammer. That's what I always do.
[22:05] [Darkhawk] I blast them with my shotgun. But yeah, Hammer has more DPS.
[22:06] [Darkhawk] But nothing you can solo in the game will be hard. There will be more strategy though... Like, in Tokyo, there're 2 enemies where you... HAVE TO INTERRUPT THEM!
[22:06] [Darkhawk] Or they heal and are unkillable. Craaaazy
[22:06] [Wheri] That, too. Shotgun seems to be much more of an attention-drawing weapon. Fitting, I suppose.
[22:08] [Wheri] Huh. I'm pretty sure I've identified all but one fragment, but I'm having a momentary lapse of memory on the last one...
[22:12] [Wheri] It looks like ASCII, but it isn't ASCII. Better not be book code.
[22:13] [Darkhawk] well, no spoilers here
[22:13] [Wheri] Yep. This is the kind of things I sort of did, so I should figure it out soon enough.
[22:15] [Darkhawk] Some of those puzzles are insane. Not so many that are super-easy. But some are really insane ;)
[22:16] [Wheri] I'll admit I used walkthroughs for a fair amount of legwork, once I've identified what I was supposed to do. Transcribing Morse code, for instance.
[22:19] [Darkhawk] Right, not sure I could have self-control enough once down a slippery slope, for me it's either all or nothing. But good thing if you can. Used spoilers for everything I had already done this time around. But I've hit new content now, and that's great.
[22:20] [Wheri] But this one is, again, sort of my thing. Now it looks like I'll have to do crypto! I suck at crypto!
[22:23] [Wheri] The obvious problem with these quests is that they don't award enough (XP) for the effort they take to solve. But obviously, walkthroughs mean that they also award too much for the effort they take to "solve".
[22:26] [Wheri] I think I got it. This isn't crypto, this is forensics! I'm decent at forensics!
[22:27] [Darkhawk] That's true, solving them on your own is huge, and the rewards can't possibly scale to that. It'll have to be an ego-reward ;)
[22:28] [Darkhawk] Or like, the pleasure of working for free for a worthwhile cause...
[22:28] [Wheri] Yes. That solves it. Neat.
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