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[10:04] [Tarragon] Hello
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[14:09] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[21:09] [Wheri] More TSW is coming back to me. We made it to the third area, pretty sure there was some kind of demon hotel.
[21:10] [Tarragon] Wasn't that just the second area?
[21:11] [Wheri] Maybe. I keep saying all memories I have of it are uncharacteristically hazy.
[21:17] [Tarragon] Anyway, I'm off for some sleep. Night everyone.
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[21:22] [Wheri] Not quite sure what to make of the redesigned elements. On the one hand, combat is slightly more responsive and doesn't seem to revolve around a single, build-defining combo. On the other, the action is not as intense and relevant as GW2, and there's even fewer abilities now.
[21:42] [der_Tommi] A good show: Dark. Especially for those of you who understand German.
[21:43] [Wheri] Noted. It's a bit X-Files-y, I'm told?
[21:43] [der_Tommi] As much as anything in its genre.
[21:44] [Darkhawk] Yeah, it's the second zone.
[21:44] [der_Tommi] ?
[21:44] [Darkhawk] and hello btw
[21:44] [Darkhawk] Old comment!
[21:44] [Wheri] Is it serialised?
[21:44] [der_Tommi] Right, pleasantries. Hello.
[21:45] [der_Tommi] Yes.
[21:45] [der_Tommi] Very.
[21:45] [Wheri] Good evening.
[21:45] [der_Tommi] Like almost everything these days.
[21:45] [der_Tommi] Come to think of it: Does any of you know of any good non-serialized TV nowadays?
[21:46] [der_Tommi] Apart from kids' stuff, I guess.
[21:46] [der_Tommi] Or even semi-serialized like Buffy was.
[21:46] [Darkhawk] Black Mirror?
[21:46] [der_Tommi] ..
[21:47] [Wheri] Yeah. I've found I have higher standards when it comes to those. At least when it's non-serialised, I can hope they'll have better episodes later. Serialised, if the story isn't interesting, it's not getting fixed.
[21:47] [Darkhawk] Hehe but that's the only one.
[21:47] [Wheri] The only one that comes to mind, yes.
[21:47] [der_Tommi] I wouldn't be that strict, Wheri. They can still adjust as they go along.
[21:48] [Darkhawk] And I don't really like non-serialized, so dunno. Imo it's great that they mostly ditched that. Now if they could only ditch that they still have 20 different people writing an episode a season each...
[21:48] [Wheri] I've yet to see this... bit of a chicken-and-egg situation there, isn't it.
[21:49] [der_Tommi] Well, that kind of improvement often happens in the kind of per-season-serialized shows.
[21:50] [der_Tommi] If season 1 story wasn't too great, they'll learn and write something better for season 2 when they're more familiar with their characters (and actors), the interpersonal dynamics that work and don't work, etc.
[21:50] [Wheri] But that implies that I have to have watched the previous season to even understand what's going on. It's like that MMOG that "gets better at max level, trust me and just get there!"
[21:51] [der_Tommi] Well, true. Though some are more per-season-accessible than others.
[21:52] [der_Tommi] I'd imagine you could jump onto Jessica Jones in season 2, though I don't know why you would want to.
[21:53] [der_Tommi] I certainly was able to follow Daredevil season 2 just fine, without seeing season 1. (Because DD season 2 was practically The Punisher season 1.)
[21:54] [Wheri] That reminds me. I should probably watch the rest of Punisher. Odd, it's the Marvel shows that are considered worse that interest me more.
[21:55] [der_Tommi] If that's indeed what's considered worse, then it applies to me too. Though for me it's mostly the lack of latex that's appealing.
[21:56] [der_Tommi] Jessica Jones works for that same reason.
[21:57] [der_Tommi] (Also: David Tennant.)
[21:57] [Wheri] That and Luke Cage, in my case. Although I haven't finished either, that's not because I got bored, but rather because I'm waiting for the right mood to strike.
[21:58] [der_Tommi] I got bored with Luke Cage.
[21:59] [Wheri] I made it about halfway through. At that point, it can go on to be much more fun, or lose everything it had going for it. You probably know which part I mean.
[21:59] [Darkhawk] Daredevil, Luke Cage and Punisher are really sucky imo. Well, so's Iron Fist. Actually everything but Jessica Jones and Agents of Shield, for different reasons though. Agents of Shield is goofy and easy enjoyment (was a bit more plot advanced before, now it's comfort food) and Jessica Jones is excellent writing. But I'll let the two of you agree and not bust the party ;)
[22:00] [Darkhawk] Ah well, The Gifted is ok, Runaways as well, plus Legion. Legion is/was almost as good as Jessica Jones. Though those shows are on different channels.
[22:00] [Wheri] Also, it's really disappointing that it can't seem to decide whether it wants to be Actually Political, or blaxploitation.
[22:00] [der_Tommi] The Punisher is just deliciously macho, and doesn't even try to apologize for it.
[22:01] [Darkhawk] yeah, and that's... good? Is it that superficial 'I get to see muscles' fetish you have? ;)
[22:01] [der_Tommi] Only in part.
[22:01] [Wheri] Hey! Hands of my musclemen!
[22:01] [Darkhawk] hehe
[22:01] [Wheri] off, even!
[22:03] [Wheri] Odd, though. I didn't find Punisher macho at all after two (I think) episodes. Cool, but there's a lot of build-up to brutal, but quick violence. You want macho, try Ash vs. The Evil Dead.
[22:05] [der_Tommi] Well, I guess we may see the word macho differently then. I don't only mean the violence but also all the gruff bro stuff, showing emotion but only when drunk etc.
[22:06] [der_Tommi] And that it's all about war veterans and their lives afterwards at home.
[22:06] [Wheri] Ah, yes. The emotion part, I thought macho meant being loud and showy in general.
[22:06] [der_Tommi] "Traditional manliness".
[22:07] [der_Tommi] But I have to get back to work.
[22:07] [Wheri] Yes! Loud, forward, hot-headed!
[22:08] [der_Tommi] Reserved, steady, like a rock..
[22:08] [Wheri] I don't think that's it. Guess I'll go find a dictionary.
[22:08] [Darkhawk] I was thinking the same, but don't ruint Tomi's idyllic version of the word!
[22:09] [der_Tommi] OK, I guess "machismo" does feel that way to me too.
[22:09] [Darkhawk] 'macho' and 'male values' are not the same
[22:09] [Darkhawk] Yeah, machismo. Ugh. Mussolini et al
[22:09] [der_Tommi] True.
[22:17] [Wheri] Not too familiar, actually.
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[23:10] [Wheri] Also on the subject of SWL: level limits can go eat a variety of genitalia.
[23:13] [Darkhawk] you mean it's annoying you can't get all talismans equipped at the same time?
[23:14] [Wheri] I mean I have to do boring quests I'm not interested in before I can do less boring quests I'm at least slightly interested in.
[23:15] [Darkhawk] Oh, didn't notice those had level requirements. Or at least most didn't seem to have, but maybe that's because I just gobble up xp ;)
[23:15] [Darkhawk] but yeah, it was more freeform before
[23:15] [Wheri] Yeah, they do. Looks like recommended level - 2, and sometimes completion of the main story quest, too.
[23:21] [Wheri] And I think I finally made a character that doesn't look out of place in cutscenes.
[23:38] [Darkhawk] In some places, the lighting's off, and the skin/lips of the character looks different.
[23:40] [Wheri] I don't remember, or even notice those things enough to compare. Everyone still looks plasticcy.
[23:50] [Wheri] At least my inventory's empty, and they've removed that stupid crafting system. One of the more pointless ones I've seen.
[23:59] [Darkhawk] yes, that was almost weird, so pointless and simple it was. Might have been better if it was actually useful for something.


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