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[09:45] [Tarragon] Hello
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[14:08] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[14:08] [Tarragon] Hello
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[15:57] [Darkhawk] heya
[15:58] [Darkhawk] Getting new kitchen delivered and installed this week. As expected, it's a mess of broken promises, bad handywork and me having to be home 24/7 because nothing goes according to plan. But actually it's going better than expected, only half a day of delay so far. And stress.
[15:58] [Darkhawk] But at least I have hot water in the bathroom!
[16:02] [Wheri] Hot water! Good! Getting hot water is second only to the internet people showing up with cable!
[16:03] [Darkhawk] True, true. If the electricity was working, of course.
[16:03] [Darkhawk] Otherwise, I guess that's #1
[16:04] [Wheri] Oh yes. That took a month to set up here.
[16:04] [Darkhawk] Didn't notice you being away for a month...
[16:05] [Wheri] I was lucky enough to be living at the old place and just come over here to oversee.
[16:05] [Darkhawk] oh right
[16:08] [Wheri] So I've managed to login to TSW and wanted to coordinate before I go through with chargen. Are factions just for PvP?
[16:08] [Darkhawk] yes
[16:09] [Darkhawk] And I hope you've logged into SWL ;) The old TSW client can actually still be downloaded and played
[16:09] [Wheri] Wow, really? So they're keeping the old game alive?
[16:10] [Wheri] But yes, I'm sure because I got the much more limited customisation and classes.
[16:10] [Darkhawk] Choice of your two starting weapons is actually way more important now than before though, it takes longer to unlock new ones apart from them. Well, not so long for the third, but the 4th and on will be a grind, and also those 2 weapons you use really suck up ability and skillpoints. So better choose something you like.
[16:10] [Darkhawk] Yeah, keeping the old alive without any updates or patches.
[16:11] [Wheri] Fair enough. That's really cool of them.
[16:12] [Darkhawk] but still a nice gesture. Also, you can link your old account with the new in order to copy over some vanity clothing. Not all of it unfortunately, they changed a lot of clothing, so my char's not looking too good yet :( Not that she's self-conscious!
[16:12] [Wheri] And there was a class that at least seems like my thing; it's the shotgun/hammer tank.
[16:13] [Darkhawk] They changed a lot of balancing, so balance wise it might not be the same, but feel-wise, in regards to attacks, animations and cooldowns it should still be the same.
[16:13] [Darkhawk] With that combo, with Hammer as the primary, you can also do a lot of DPS, so not a bad choice for variety.
[16:14] [Wheri] I just like big smashy.
[16:14] [Darkhawk] They removed the synergy effects between weapons, which is sad, and added specific weapon mechanics instead, which is a bit annoying, some more than others. But I haven't actually used my secondary yet, just carrying it around. I can see that I'll have to begin relying on a secondary also soon though, to not run out of energy.
[16:16] [Wheri] Oh, there's another reason I didn't take to the old game. As far as I made it, I didn't get any cosmetic changes, so no feedback on progression. Also, the rifle I started with was a proper assault rifle; then I upgraded it into a musket. Why.
[16:19] [Tarragon] They fixed the hot water yesterday at some point. In the evening, Ian could take a regular bath.
[16:21] [Wheri] And the game doesn't want me to create anything other than some kind of dyed-hair student political activist. Or maybe KISS.
[16:31] [Darkhawk] Yeah right, my char's none of that, she's proper British. Well, Arab-British. So it's possible.
[16:32] [Darkhawk] And off again for the rest of the day to do non-electrical stuff
[16:32] [Wheri] Have fun!
[16:32] [Darkhawk] But good thing you got hot water Tarra :)
[16:32] [Darkhawk] Thanks, and likewise
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[16:33] [Wheri] Heh heh, I'm going to be jealous for the next week or so. They say it's 10 days, but I don't think they've shut it off yet, and they usually get it back on a day or two early.
[17:17] [Tarragon] That's pretty smart of them too, will make people appreciative if you seem to finish up earlier than expected.
[17:20] [Wheri] Yep. So benevolent, falling over themselves to finish the work ahead of schedule!
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[18:38] [Tarragon] Well, definitely works better than insisting you've fixed it for a day and a half, then quietly fixing things on monday, all the while giving no one any actual information either over the phone or on the website that is supposed to list all planned and unplanned outages.
[18:40] [Wheri] True. But they did have decades to figure this all out.
[21:11] [Tarragon] Night everyone.
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