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[03:22] [Darkhawk] yep, off it is
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[18:21] [Darkhawk] evening
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[19:24] [Tarragon] Hello
[19:40] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[20:38] [Tarragon] They still haven't fixed the hot water, only now they're insisting that they have.
[20:38] [Tarragon] It's not just us either, the whole street at the very least is like this.
[20:39] [Wheri] We have a scheduled outage coming up. 10 days.
[20:39] [Tarragon] It's nice that they warn you.
[20:40] [Tarragon] We had a leak one time and the city found an alternative (empty) house for us to take showers in. It was weird, but at least we got to take showers.
[20:40] [Wheri] True. And it's also nice they do it in the Summer. They used to be longer, and I think there were also Winter outages.
[20:40] [Wheri] Wow. They care.
[20:41] [Tarragon] They do!
[20:41] [Tarragon] The water company doesn't though.
[20:42] [Darkhawk] I've never lacked warm water for more than a few hours before it was fixed. And not very often in my life either. Denmark ftw!
[20:42] [Darkhawk] But apart from that Tarra, if it's the whole street, you'd think they'll get more of a move on. Or you'd hope.
[20:43] [Tarragon] There used to be bath houses, but not anymore. When my mom grew up people often didn't have a shower/bath at all. They used to visit the bathhouse once a week and just wash at the sink the rest of the time. The sink filled with heated water from a pan might be our best option as well if we can't threaten them into fixing their damn hub/whatever soon.
[20:45] [Tarragon] Gonna try threatening them with the consumer organisation and a feature on the consumer organisation's FB page next I guess? After that telling them we'll be looking into legal help.
[20:46] [Tarragon] Because I'm not hauling my ass to the gym which is 25 minutes away every damn morning.
[20:46] [Tarragon] Yeah I'm lazy!
[20:47] [Tarragon] The gym people will start thinking I suddenly got very motivated. Then I just leave with wet hair 30 minutes later?
[20:51] [Darkhawk] Yeah, what would the world come to if you did that!
[20:51] [Darkhawk] imagine the consequences!
[20:51] [Tarragon] They'll be so disapppointed in me!
[20:51] [Tarragon] -p
[20:52] [Darkhawk] Hehe, in the throes of passion you hit p an extra time, I understand.
[20:52] [Tarragon] ppassion
[21:44] [Tarragon] Alright, sleep soon. Night everyone.
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