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[00:17] [Darkhawk] Yeah.. ok. They have classes and levels in Secret World Legends. Seems rather different.
[00:19] [Wheri] What.
[00:19] [Darkhawk] uh huh. not far enough to say much else yet. Just wanted to log in
[00:20] [Darkhawk] also they simplified character creation in regards to appearance, so I cannot recreate my old char. Oh well.
[00:28] [Wheri] That sounds like the opposite of what was fun about the game. At least combat-wise.
[00:30] [Darkhawk] classes are tied to which combination of weapons you use, weapons level with use. It takes in game currency or heavy grinding to unlock new weapons, i.e. classes after your free starting class choices. But if you are an old player linking your old account to the new one, all weapons are unlocked for free.
[00:31] [Darkhawk] so the underlying systems, combos and skills seem to be there but now with levels and locks.
[00:31] [Darkhawk] maybe so new players aren't overwhelmed with possibilities. And to get money off people who want to actually experiment ;)
[00:33] [Wheri] So you can use every combo in the end?
[00:34] [Darkhawk] seems so. I already unlocked everything in the last game and had everything maxed out, that took some dungeon runs, and that's gone now. Alas.
[00:36] [Wheri] That's not such a bit loss, then. Yeah, if they've just streamlined the old system without cutting much out, that's probably good.
[00:36] [Darkhawk] They also removed a really crappy grind mechanic from the late game, so that sounds nice.
[01:07] [Wheri] I'm curious. What do you think of the genre where you play with a team and control a single spaceship or something of that sort?
[01:09] [Darkhawk] Interesting on paper, if I like the game otherwise and the team has sameish goals. But apart from maybe that ST MUD, all I remember of games like that are focused mainly on action which I find boring/problematic at best.
[01:10] [Wheri] There was a Trek Mud?
[01:10] [Darkhawk] Uh huh. Thought you played it actually, but that might have been another Seed person. Not sure if it still exists, but it was heavy RP and cooperation
[01:11] [Darkhawk] Yeah, that was probably Mir
[01:12] [Darkhawk] Holotrek I think
[01:12] [Darkhawk] or no.. Maybe not
[01:13] [Darkhawk] if it was HoloTrek it has almost no users anymore, so I hope not
[01:13] [Wheri] Right, I only got into Trek a couple of years ago, and it takes me a while to build up the desire to watch another episode. TOS, at least, is on the heavier side.
[01:14] [Darkhawk] if you're interested in checking out MUD's. Super timesink, but some of them have great RP. Or had. I dunno anymore :)
[01:15] [Wheri] Oh, and that Bridge Simulator thing doesn't require VR (pretty sure it did), but it's pretty expensive.
[01:16] [Wheri] ...and it plays like a demo, according to the reviews. Oh well.
[01:16] [Darkhawk] yeah, I heard about it. It was at least pushed as VR only at the start.
[01:19] [Wheri] That's another thing that Star Citizen fan I mentioned yesterday promises. So yeah, maybe in a few years.
[01:19] [Darkhawk] Those fans are pretty... hopeful
[01:19] [Darkhawk] I'll just wait and see. I don't believe it'll ever be a real game, but nice if I was proven wrong.
[01:20] [Wheri] Quite.
[01:34] [Darkhawk] ugh, they've made the game more action-y by making combat about aiming a new reticule. And they haven't paid much for new animations, so the formerly AAA game looks.. Fugly when it tries to do new animations. Not a good first impression :(
[01:35] [Wheri] They added the reticule thing before the overhaul, actually. Have they removed traditional targetting now?
[01:36] [Darkhawk] seems so. And the combat animations feel completely different. And look like they're made by a 5 year old. Bullets from my pistol move like.. Ugh..
[01:36] [Wheri] For the record, I do find it much more intuitive and engaging, but of course I can see not everyone prefers that.
[01:36] [Wheri] A thrown stone?
[01:37] [Darkhawk] Also, the old tutorial had you go around for a long while before you got into combat. That set the tone of the game. At least for a while. That it wasn't about combat. Here they have put it in as the very first thing you do. But ok, they have also rebranded it as an action-adventure, doing away with the 'mmo' thing.
[01:37] [Darkhawk] yeah, a thrown stone actually.
[01:38] [Darkhawk] also when shooting at something not directly in line with you, but below you, the angle of the shot is like.. It gets out of the pistol facing straight forward but the bullet goes down.. Looks.. Ehe.. heheh
[01:39] [Darkhawk] ffs, my pistols now have some kind of action combo crap...
[01:39] [Darkhawk] aaarghhhh ;)
[01:40] [Wheri] Yeah, having chosen the Illuminati as my first faction, I remember being frustrated at having to find the entrance. But rewarding once I did! The investigative bits all played like that.
[01:41] [Darkhawk] They've changed the pacing and feel quite a bit away from what I personally like with these combat changes. And focus. Oh well.
[01:42] [Wheri] On the other hand, I may have someone to play that kind of game with. At least, assuming they made it playable for 2-3 people instead of the usual 5.
[01:46] [Darkhawk] wasn't it 4?
[01:48] [Darkhawk] and I hate it. At least the 'new' tutorial. Done by people who clearly have no idea what they're messing with. You can send in a completed mission to your faction HQ, although you haven't joined them yet and you are dreaming. Great. That's usually a sign of using whatever assets the game has and rearranging them, but not building new content. And not caring about a shoddy first impression. Bah.
[01:55] [Wheri] Right. That doesn't sound good.
[03:26] [Darkhawk] yeah, I don't see any kind of improvement. Except that this might enable them to continue development of the story and content. But I hate everything that's new in TSW, as a proper oldtimer ;)
[03:26] [Darkhawk] So, I guess that was that.
[03:27] [Darkhawk] but now, off :)
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[09:14] [Tarragon] Hello
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[09:52] [Darkhawk] wonderfully, cheerily Morning!
[09:53] [Darkhawk] Birds are chirping and.. No.. That's not it. Construction crews are making noise, and spoiled children are crying.
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[11:42] [Tarragon] Birds aren't exactly chirping here, but they're... screeching and yelling. It's something, I suppose. Happens when you get mostly crows and gulls.
[11:47] [Darkhawk] lovely
[11:48] [Darkhawk] Hope the metal-crows win their struggle against the white gulls
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[15:24] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:25] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion
[16:25] [Darkhawk] How about an update Cyrilion? I always have to beat it out of you ;) Playing anything new, how's life in LotRO, how's work?
[16:25] [Cyrilion] Ow
[16:25] [Cyrilion] Ermm
[16:26] [Cyrilion] Nothing really new in general life status.
[16:26] [Cyrilion] Work, though
[16:27] [Cyrilion] We're planning on making a new system from scratch now. So one more team member has been hired, we're looking for two others.
[16:28] [Cyrilion] At least that's what we managed to get through before we got a new CEO
[16:29] [Cyrilion] Well, long story short, we still think we're building a new system and the new boss can go play around with some other departments to show what he can do
[16:30] [Darkhawk] oh right, the stresses of new bosses looking to appear needed
[16:32] [Cyrilion] He seems lots better than the old one. He just has troube accepting that we can't do all the things he wants in the old systems. Which is why we need to build a new one
[16:32] [Cyrilion] Previous one thought we should ball be fired and he could buy a cheap program to run it all...
[16:35] [Cyrilion] Anyways. Gaming wise, been playing Frostpunk, the last couple of days
[16:35] [Darkhawk] Yeah, I remember some trepidation about what would happen with the old boss. Good thing nothing happened.
[16:36] [Darkhawk] Frostpunk is also on my list. Seems it'll get more content, so I am waiting.
[16:40] [Cyrilion] Yeah. Our head of IT did admit they planned on selling us to HESEHUS and have them develop a new system. The cost estimate they gave was horrible, though.
[16:43] [Darkhawk] hrm, enough beating on you, have to leave with my phone, so I'll drop out of IRC for now :)
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[17:24] [Darkhawk] and back
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[19:12] [Darkhawk] so, as I told Wheri and the empty channel the other night, I was trying out the 'new' Secret World Legends. F2P. New content. And also.. New action-y focus, new combat system and changes to the ui and skills. It's.. Well, personally I'm sad now. Also you can't use your old character. But hey, F2P. Wohoo. Might still run with a new character to play it with some friends who haven't yet played, but dunno. Tarra would absolutely ha
[19:12] [Darkhawk] te the new controls/action stuff. Even I do, and I don't usually focus on that.
[19:13] [Tarragon] I already hated how actioney and twitchy the OLD tsw was, ffs.
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[19:14] [Tarragon] Give me WoW, nice languid run to level 70 so far. Taking an Inquisition break though.
[19:14] [Darkhawk] yes, I remember. Well actually you might have used the system that became the new TSL, one with a targetting reticule? That was a choice you could make over the better, old MMO control scheme back then. Now it's the only one.
[19:14] [Wheri] That's a first. Hitting ctrl+w on the wrong window.
[19:14] [Darkhawk] so you're lvl 20 in WoW now? ;)
[19:14] [Tarragon] ...70?
[19:14] [Darkhawk] it's ok if you don't like us Wheri...
[19:15] [Tarragon] They go up to 110 these days.
[19:15] [Darkhawk] oh ok, right. I know stuff.
[19:15] [Tarragon] "Why I remember, back in my day, when I hit the lvl 20 lvl up wall, and I had some time getting to the max of lvl 50..."
[19:15] [Darkhawk] yeah.. back in the stoneage...
[19:16] [Tarragon] And then I had a class quest to do which was fucking shite with the ridiculous locations I had to visit. Seems the class quest starts at lvl 98 these days.
[19:16] [Darkhawk] I now and then think of trying out WoW. Again. But then I think I don't have nearly enough life left in me, and I wasn't impressed by the first ranger/dwarf zone I tried.. Years ago. I'm not easy...
[19:17] [Tarragon] Also I can't do instances with this class I picked, it's too hard for me to do the control and kiting thing they require in groups. So if I want that I'm going to have to reroll with a druid or a shaman or something.
[19:17] [Wheri] Speaking of Warcraft, I wanted to ask something. How good is/was it for open-world content? Back when I tried playing, I didn't really find any; but now there's a friend claiming I was doing it wrong.
[19:17] [Darkhawk] doesn't sound like total fun.
[19:17] [Tarragon] The fuck were you playing a dwarf for anyway?
[19:18] [Darkhawk] hey, how should I know what was cool! I wanted to try something different!
[19:18] [Tarragon] The Draenei seem right up your alley though.
[19:18] [Wheri] Hey, I had a dwarf, too. Dwarves are cool!
[19:18] [Darkhawk] oh please, don't typecast me! ;)
[19:18] [Tarragon] Pssh, you know I'm right.
[19:18] [Darkhawk] For the last two MMO's I checked, I played a spaceship and a human templar. Hah.
[19:19] [Wheri] Gave ESO a try, then?
[19:19] [Darkhawk] long time ago.. At that point, I played... an elf..
[19:19] [Darkhawk] This is EVE and SWL
[19:19] [Tarragon] It's actually less open world now than it used to be because there's so much more world, they had to put in some more zoning. But still, more than I usually see in theme-parkish MMOs, as opposed to real sandbox MMOs.
[19:20] [Tarragon] But I think you mean something else?
[19:21] [Tarragon] I just mean I really like... going everywhere. Already got stuck in some... like... gaps with too steep sides that I fell into, before I got my flying certificate.
[19:21] [Tarragon] In other news, it's SO MUCH easier now to explore places that you're actually far under level for, with the flying. Just mind the range on mobs that are much higher level.
[19:22] [Darkhawk] What happened to trying out KotOR 'together' on new chars, seeing the (rather ok/good) last expansion as well possibly? Was that suggestion killed off by lacklustre reception? I forget.
[19:22] [Tarragon] I have a char there, if anyone wants.
[19:22] [Darkhawk] SW:ToR
[19:22] [Wheri] Stuff to do that isn't padding for the quest-and-instance stuff. Opportunities to team up with others naturally, without going "omg so lonely lfg" in chat. Stuff that's actually rewarding in-game.
[19:23] [Tarragon] You mean like working the auction like I do and getting rich off morons? :P
[19:23] [Tarragon] brb
[19:23] [Wheri] Maybe. But when I played, the whole auction system pretty much offended me.
[19:24] [Cyrilion] SW:TOR is impossible for me. Can't make myself ignore side content, can't handle all the side content
[19:25] [Darkhawk] oh right, that was it. For you anyway. We had that discussion. Twice. Thanks for reminded forgetful me. I see your point. And I said it became SO much better for me because I could ignore the sidecontent. Like, a whole other game, a good one. But I totally understand your feelings there if you can't.
[19:26] [Darkhawk] that also killed my will to play SWToR when I did it the first 2 times around.
[19:27] [Cyrilion] Wouldn't be an issue if it was new content, I think. But starting over.. going through the same stuff...
[19:27] [Darkhawk] Actually, the new storyline in SW:ToR, which starts at.. ehr... lvl 60? 70? Has almost no sidecontent and only story. In a completely new setting. And as an old player, you can start at that lvl with a new char if you want.
[19:27] [Darkhawk] But I guess you knew that.
[19:28] [Cyrilion] I would never do that. My main character hit what? Level 40?
[19:29] [Darkhawk] yeah, but it could be seen as a new story with a new character. But ok, you mean gamemechanic-wise, feeling all the levels. Right. And it would be lvl 50 if you got to the end of the maingame. Guess you didn't.
[19:29] [Cyrilion] I didn't, no
[19:29] [Darkhawk] I think we only came to lvl.. 20ish together
[19:30] [Cyrilion] We did continue somewhat beyond that, I think. Perhaps not with all of us
[19:31] [Darkhawk] I remember evil me deciding it was too strained for me with RP. Evil RP. Haven't done that in an MMO ever since.
[19:32] [Darkhawk] How about the Conan game btw? Dunno if Tarra's interested, guess Wheri might be? And you Cyrilion? Something different at least.
[19:32] [Darkhawk] and sorry if I repeat myself. It'll just become worse over the years, this memory.
[19:33] [Cyrilion] Sorry. AoC was more Conan than I could handle in my lifetime
[19:33] [Darkhawk] I don't understand this anti-Conan bias! The starting area in Conan was pretty great! One of the best really. Too bad the rest of the game wasn't like that... At all.
[19:33] [Cyrilion] I hated it
[19:34] [Darkhawk] There was story. And it looked good. There was nudity!
[19:34] [Darkhawk] That's all I think I remember. Those three things.
[19:34] [Wheri] AoC was odd, but not bad. I didn't even make it to the whole spellweaving thing, though.
[19:35] [Wheri] But he doesn't mean Age, he means Exiles. I don't think that game contains much Conan at all.
[19:35] [Cyrilion] It looked good. I got stuck in the foliage constantly, because there wasn't a nice invisible wall to hinder nosy players
[19:35] [Cyrilion] I know of Exiles. Still not a fan of the setting either ;)
[19:36] [Darkhawk] not a fan of the foliage, check ;)
[19:36] [Darkhawk] what's wrong with the setting, too ancient/primitive/barbaric?
[19:37] [Cyrilion] I wish I knew. I know it's not a word you'd expect for this one, but it feels pretentious to me. Way over the top
[19:38] [Darkhawk] you mean the violence/nudity thing is gratuitous or 'fake' maturity?
[19:41] [Cyrilion] Violence and nudity alone doesn't do it. "fake maturity" might be as close as I've ever gotten, but there's a way it forces stories, characters, reactions and so to loop back on that same fake maturity that just rubs me the wrong way
[19:43] [Darkhawk] I don't remember specifics but yeah, I think I know what you mean, although I could apparently stomach it.
[19:43] [Tarragon] I got severely pissed off at losing HK-47 (or something) and then I stopped playing.
[19:43] [Darkhawk] Haven't tried Exiles, might not be quite like that.
[19:43] [Darkhawk] You spoiler you, just drive Cyrilion away even more!
[19:44] [Tarragon] AoC would not let me change the keybindings, or only in an extremely limited way, so yeah I didn't even play for 10 minutes. I literally can't play it.
[19:46] [Darkhawk] Yeah, was weird. Same engine in Secret World, and there you can easily change stuff.
[19:47] [Tarragon] Well, I do complain to the relevant department, loudly, everytime that happens, so maybe they'll eventually learn.
[19:47] [Darkhawk] AoC was first. Maybe they desperately scrambled to include it in TSW because of you ;)
[19:48] [Tarragon] I also yelled at whoever was listening at Bioware after that cringeworthy autism/geth DLC for ME2 came out.
[19:48] [Darkhawk] I don't recall, was that psycho-chick supposed to be autistic?
[19:49] [Darkhawk] Or no, I don't think I played any of the DLC's because the game was a bit too meh for me to replay.
[19:49] [Tarragon] I know they hurried the fuck up including changing keybindings for TW2 after I yelled at them for not being able to access my early access while I did pay for it.
[19:50] [Tarragon] They were very apologetic, to give them some credit. As opposed to whoever made AoC, where they just said: well, you can't. too bad.
[19:50] [Tarragon] Of course, I hadn't paid for AoC, so yeah.
[19:52] [Tarragon] Still, TW games just got worse with each game with how many keys you needed during combat, so I'm kind of glad the series is done with: I probably wouldn't even have been able to play TW4 with a curve like that :S
[19:53] [Darkhawk] I'm quite interested in how their new game will turn out. Way fresher/different setting, quite risky to do an AAA game there.
[19:53] [Wheri] CP2020, right?
[19:53] [Tarragon] Sounds like a droid
[19:53] [Darkhawk] 2099 now I think? ;)
[19:54] [Darkhawk] hehe no. Cyberpunk 2077
[19:54] [Darkhawk] 2020 is a bit too soon
[19:54] [Darkhawk] Just like the original Terminator nuclear war didn't happen in 1997 after all
[19:54] [Wheri] I like the retro-futurism kitsch. In the far future of NINETEEN NINETY-EIGHT!
[19:54] [Tarragon] I don't know what they think will have changed by 77...
[19:55] [Tarragon] 1984 :D Sadly large parts of that actually did happen.
[19:55] [Darkhawk] well, the world WILL have become more dystopian, to be sure. No life in the waters, etc.
[19:55] [Darkhawk] So nice cyberpunk future!
[19:55] [Darkhawk] Yes, 1984 came true rather 'beautifully'
[19:55] [Tarragon] Yeah, except the part where we'll all just die without any of the scientific advances.
[19:56] [Tarragon] 1984 was actually much more realistic with that: deprivation x100
[19:56] [Darkhawk] I plan to survive, I have a book on self-sustainability and farming. Then I just need weapons!
[19:56] [Tarragon] Hah, I just planned to murder my way to survival ;)
[19:57] [Darkhawk] ehrm, I won't disclose my plans, but when you get to Denmark I hope we're still friends ;)
[19:57] [Tarragon] Gods know BF won't be able to do it...
[19:57] [Tarragon] Denmark, like here, is too likely to flood.
[19:57] [Darkhawk] Maybe we'll meet up around the alps then, your psycho-marauder-army against mine.
[20:00] [Tarragon] MMOs though
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[20:03] [Darkhawk] ... uh huh?
[20:05] [Tarragon] I'm guessing WoW isn't for Cyrilion, as I haven't actually been able to discover any main content as such at all :D
[20:06] [Tarragon] It's ALL side-content, and there is... so, so much of it.
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[20:08] [Darkhawk] Oh right, there was SotA as well. That one is probably struggling to hang on after launch. But was semi-fun in a sort of relaxed, old-school way. For the 2 days I checked it.
[20:08] [Wheri] Oh, right. I've gotten an offer to play Final Fantasy... Eleven! Not sure if I'm going to take it up yet, but it may be interesting.
[20:09] [Tarragon] I liked it, up until I couldn't continue due to the game-breaking bugs that weren't fixed even when they said it was, after which they still launched.
[20:10] [Darkhawk] well, they have updates all the time still, and I think it was fixed before launch. But yeah. Too many bugs and a bit too light on content during the beta.
[20:10] [Darkhawk] Quite fair trial though.
[20:10] [Wheri] I only made it out of the newbie area; didn't even make it to the parts I may like.
[20:10] [Darkhawk] maybe too fair
[20:12] [Darkhawk] it mostly gets critique because of the bad visuals and horrible animations. And yeah. Also the simple UI and midi-ish sounds. All a consequence of apparently having no money to develop with, so buying stuff from the unity store and letting fans compose music. Not quite the epic successor to Ultima. But had a certain charm.
[20:12] [Darkhawk] imo
[20:15] [Wheri] Is Garriott poor now?
[20:15] [Darkhawk] Mazybe he pocketed all the kickstarter money for his retirement and left the game to waddle along? ;)
[20:16] [Darkhawk] But no, he probably isn't poor. He's more of a figurehead/name for the game though.
[20:16] [Darkhawk] anyway, time to chill out with Agents of Shield I think, so afk
[21:29] [Tarragon] I'm off, night everyone.
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[21:47] [Cyrilion_] I'm not opposed to side content as such. Just prefer if it's well made and don't necessarily enjoy going through it multiple times...
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