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[02:41] [Darkhawk] right, time to slink away
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[10:31] [Cyrilion_] Morning
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[11:13] [Darkhawk] early morning hello!
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[11:31] [Darkhawk] hrm right, playing Elex. Bit buggy, but otherwise a Piranha Bytes game like all the others. So I like it, though they could do with a little tweaking/improving/widening of their design formula after 7 or so games...
[11:31] [Darkhawk] And less crash-windows bugs.
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[14:13] [Wheri] I picked up Oxygen a while ago. Thanks for the rec.
[14:41] [Darkhawk] you're welcome :)
[14:48] [Wheri] Have you found any use for chlorine? I'm guessing decontamination, but that looks like it's going to require a fairly complex manual build.
[14:56] [Darkhawk] yes, chlorine kills all germs and diseases. But yeah, as you say, takes some effort applying effectively. And depending on how you do stuff otherwise, maybe not needed.
[14:58] [Wheri] It's gotten much easier after the last update. Algae terrariums actually return something like 99% water, but it still has to be cleaned out by hand, manually emptied into a tank and filtered.
[15:01] [Darkhawk] oh right, I haven't played it with that update. Managed to get water and water recycling working in a loop with cooling (barely, that 1200w requirement for the cooler combined with it being prone to overheating was tricky) and some water into oxygen creation. Struggling with renewable energy but got oil set up, coal lasted long enough to make that happen.
[15:02] [Darkhawk] And my food is not going above 25 degrees now, that killed off my first colonies ;)
[15:04] [Wheri] Yeah, I don't think I've made it that far yet. But my current one has two steam vents and a cold area nearby, so I think I'm set for electrolysis for everything.
[15:06] [Darkhawk] yes, that's a nice bonus to have nearby, but you'll still need a lot of effort and hard to get materials to get it set up. Well, that's the fun stuff.
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[15:07] [Tarragon] Hello
[15:42] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[20:47] [Tarragon] Night everyone
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