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[15:18] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[17:23] [Darkhawk] heya
[17:51] [Cyrilion] Hey Darkhawk
[18:34] [der_Tommi] Hello Darkhawk.
[18:34] [der_Tommi] You really love having the last word, don't you? :)
[18:37] [der_Tommi] But anyway, to respond to you two days ago: Not really. Those are the social encounters I like, such as the sport or roleplaying. I simply find that I could very well do them at day time. It's not really that I'm tired during the day, just that there's this very particular mental place that's really good for coding that pretty consistently comes in the evening.
[18:38] [der_Tommi] At day time I feel like I want to leave my apartment, go outside, enjoy the sun, plan a roleplaying campaign, read a book, chat on IRC, pretty much everything but work. But somehow this prograstination urge fades by around 17:00.
[18:47] [Darkhawk] I hadn't thought of it as the last word, since you know, people can keep talking like you do ;)
[18:47] [Darkhawk] And yeah, I know the feeling, I guess I feel the same, or get into the same state, only somewhat later, closer to midnight. Or at least after 21.
[18:48] [der_Tommi] Yeah, it gets slightly better as the evening progresses, for me.
[18:49] [der_Tommi] I suppose it's close to the state in which people used to do light crafts in the olden times.
[18:52] [der_Tommi] I really wonder how many people feel like this. I suppose if you work outside then daytime is clearly better, but an office job?
[18:53] [Darkhawk] Not sure how it is connected. Genes, culture, sleeping patterns, brain activity... But I've always worked and lived and been most 'sharp' during the night myself.
[18:54] [Darkhawk] and it is a minority who function like that. Who can, e.g. work evening or night shifts without feeling adverse effects.
[18:55] [der_Tommi] Yeah, night is too extreme for me.
[18:56] [der_Tommi] I like the day, so I guess I'm no true night owl. I just don't like *coding* during the day.
[18:57] [der_Tommi] Or well, usually people call you a night own if you like waking around 10 AM like I do, so...
[19:00] [Darkhawk] sure, conservative people ;)
[19:00] [Darkhawk] we were out in the German countryside most of the time last week, and it seemed like everyone was inside and sleeping at around 9 o-clock. Scary shit.
[19:01] [der_Tommi] Oh.
[19:01] [der_Tommi] But how about their cows!?
[19:01] [Darkhawk] that was also scary, almost didn't see any cows!
[19:02] [der_Tommi] Right. I guess the crops don't really care when you plant them.
[19:03] [Darkhawk] oh right, I meant, 21 o-clock. But they weren't up at 7 o-clock at least, when we were.
[19:06] [der_Tommi] Ah.
[19:07] [der_Tommi] Oh, and I read on the internet that night owls are smarter!
[19:22] [Darkhawk] Yeah, and swearing night-owls even more so
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[19:29] [Tarragon] Hello
[19:31] [der_Tommi] Hello.
[19:33] [Darkhawk] hey Tarra
[20:55] [der_Tommi] Watching TNG again, and hey, it's Lieutenant Barclay again, the token flawed individual!
[20:56] [Tarragon] Can't have too many fuckups on those missions, just think of how much worse it could all have gone wrong up there.
[21:20] [Tarragon] Night everyone.
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