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[04:52] [Darkhawk] and I'm off
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[10:05] [Cyrilion] Morning
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[11:36] [Darkhawk] morning
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[16:01] [Tarragon] Hello
[16:01] [Arash] heya
[16:03] [Tarragon] Managed to avoid any tv screens at all at the gym today!
[16:03] [Tarragon] Stared out the window and made good use of the mental story world instead.
[16:03] [Arash] Plucking out your eyes, that's neat.
[16:03] [Arash] Oh, or that.
[16:04] [Tarragon] (This is why I prefer weights to cardio: no doing the same thing for 20 minutes at a time)
[16:05] [Arash] Yeah, I do 2x20 minutes crosstrainer and 20 minutes weights. But I have a rich inner world on the crosstrainer anyway. Mostly "soon this crappy torment is over and I can go back home" repeating over and over.
[16:05] [Arash] I do so love to train ;)
[16:06] [Tarragon] Put everything on one setting higher today. That's generally 5 kilos or...? on the cardio thing: 9 to 10, no idea how much extra whatever that is.
[16:06] [Arash] 2.5 or 5, depending, but usually 5 yeah
[16:06] [Arash] .. there are numbers as well, so you'd know ;)
[16:06] [Tarragon] Yeah me toop, but I keep it up these days so that's something. Maturing after all these years.
[16:06] [Tarragon] The numbers don't say what all I'm doing harder on the cardio thing.
[16:07] [Tarragon] I'm ALSO doing like more kilometers etc. But that still doesn't tell me what setting 9 actually was and what 10 is more of.
[16:07] [Arash] Well, increased drag on the cross trainer, and it shows you wattage as well. But yeah, just be like 'higher numbers are cool'
[16:08] [Tarragon] And I spend about 30-45 minutes doing weights and then 20 minutes cardio.
[16:09] [Tarragon] And I think the machine I use is an elleiptical but whatever: it's basically the only thing I can do with the cardio stuff because everything else fucks up my hips more.
[16:09] [Tarragon] -e
[16:12] [Tarragon] It has elastic bands for the resistance, the other kind still puts too many shocks/jarring on my joints.
[16:13] [Arash] Right, can be challenging with joint issues to find the right machine. ANd to know what level to keep it at to avoid issues.
[16:19] [Tarragon] I seem to be fine as long as there is no sudden shocks or jars, like walking is fine for up to 15 minutes, but not any running. Most of the machines without elastic bands aren't smooth enough. And the bikes have weird saddles. If they were narrow like on regular bikes, that would be fine, but they're a lot bigger and very broad.
[16:20] [Tarragon] I can't do most of the weight machines for legs either, so I mostly just do arms, chest, back and shoulders.
[17:20] [Tarragon]
[21:48] [Tarragon] Night everyone.
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