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[09:32] [Tarragon] Hello
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[14:52] [Darkhawk] heya
[14:53] [Darkhawk] Exam done, now focus on what to do with 0 income starting may. Or maybe just gaming until a solution presents itself ;)
[14:53] [Tarragon] Hello
[14:53] [Tarragon] Afk to get Ian and go to his swimming lesson
[16:46] [Darkhawk] off for a short extra-apartmenty adventure
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[17:18] [Darkhawk] and back
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[18:00] [Cyrilion] Err... evening
[18:06] [Darkhawk] Yeah, a little too late otherwise
[18:07] [Darkhawk] So, today I'll bingewatch ST: Discovery. Guess I'm the last to check it out, or you're not very good sci-fi nerds ;)
[18:13] [Wheri] I never resumed it after the break.
[18:13] [Cyrilion] I tried
[18:13] [Wheri] It's not a very good sci-fi show.
[18:44] [Darkhawk] Yeah... I hear you, after episode 2 already
[18:45] [Darkhawk] Although you're both over my sensible spoiling level, heh. But at least that ST spoof show has some humor, haven't finished watching that... The.. hrm.. Orville.
[18:46] [Darkhawk] Also, so far I guess Discovery is.. uh.. better than that horrible last ST series.. I forget its name.. With mr. masculine-jaw-dead-boring-turned-aggressive-macho-male-by-series-end.
[18:47] [Darkhawk] But.. too bad. Maybe in some generations when humanity is more on the level with Roddenberry's vision, someone will make a good ST series again.
[19:39] [Wheri] I just watched Galaxy Quest the other day. If you haven't read Shatner's response to it, do so now.
[19:42] [Darkhawk] I like Galaxy Quest.. A lot.
[19:42] [Darkhawk] Don't like Shatner as a person all that much ;)
[19:43] [Darkhawk] But hehe ;)
[19:44] [Wheri] I have no idea what else he's done. But definitely one of those people who're much better on the screen.
[19:46] [Darkhawk] Yeah, sometimes it's better not to know the views or values of people you liked on screen.
[19:46] [Darkhawk] I do like George Takei as a person though. Well apart from him being a roving sexpredator. Maybe. Or maybe not.
[19:46] [Wheri] Did he get hit with that stick, too?
[19:48] [Darkhawk] yes, though only by one, that supposedly happened 40 years ago. Usually, there is a pattern and more would emerge, which there hasn't. Must also be careful not to play jury without sufficient evidence.
[19:48] [Tarragon] No, I haven't seen it yet either, so you're not the last.
[19:49] [Darkhawk] But Kevin Spacey actor-wise is one of my favourites, and he's definetely persona non grata now.
[19:50] [Darkhawk] Maybe der_tommi hasn't seen it either.
[19:50] [Wheri] Oh, of course. That's exactly my issue with it - it's too easy to just go out and ruin someone's reputation with little to no accountability.
[19:50] [Tarragon] Yeah, bet my mom was pretty depressed over Spacey. He was like her actor-crush.
[19:51] [Darkhawk] So der_tommi, if you haven't seen ST: Discovery, and you don't want to be spoiled as to 'our' feelings about it, don't read up.
[19:51] [Darkhawk] Yeah well, he's still a good actor. Can't take that from him. Like,.. eh, I dunno, Wagner being a good composer ;)
[19:51] [Tarragon] Sure, but you don't have to look at Wagner when you hear his music.
[19:51] [Darkhawk] Or Hitler being nice to animals. No comparison otherwise ;)
[19:51] [Tarragon] Makes it easier not to remember.
[19:52] [Darkhawk] Or that israeli woman being a fascist evil.. perso advocating the death of palestinians..
[19:52] [Darkhawk] So not watching Wonder Woman, so yeah, good point
[19:52] [Tarragon] But oh well, never bothered me that apparently Rowan Atkinson is fairly much of an asshole, for example.
[19:53] [Darkhawk] Still, maybe some would feel the same listening to music as seeing faces.
[19:53] [Darkhawk] Oh now you destroyed Rowan Atkinson as well!
[19:53] [Darkhawk] Didn't know he was.
[19:53] [Darkhawk] And about Spacey I.. uh.. Only heard circumstantial stuff. Maybe.. So maybe he's still not suuuuuper guilty.. Uh.. huh
[19:54] [Darkhawk] Don't ruin it!
[19:54] [Tarragon] I do have some boundaries when it comes to musicians. If they put like overtly nazist/racist or obnoxiously capitalist etc views into the lyrics, or do huge interviews expounding on that stuff, i won't listen.
[19:54] [Darkhawk] Fortunately, most of that music is crap
[19:54] [Darkhawk] so no big loss
[19:55] [Tarragon] Yeah. But there was one local band where I grew up that was actually fairly great metal until I actually read the lyrics (couldn't hear what the singer was screaming/grunting), and then he performed in a white power shirt.
[19:55] [Darkhawk] oh ok, so 16 have accused Spacey of the same behavior.. yeah.. ok. Maybe a bit of a predator then. But only 1 for Takei, so there! He can still be nice.
[19:56] [Darkhawk] ah, let down.
[19:56] [Tarragon] Their bassist actually hit on me that show and I turned him down for that reason. Had the singer not worn that shirt my life might have been different!
[19:57] [Darkhawk] Maybe the bassist didn't even know what the rest were doing! Because yeah, you'd never have seen their texts or talked with them or seen him wearing that shirt at another point, if you had hooked up with the bassist!
[19:58] [Tarragon] Yeah, well, I doubt he'd have missed the white power shirt his bandmate was wearing?
[19:58] [Darkhawk] Just.. trying here
[19:59] [Tarragon] Ah well, that same night BF's bast friends got drunk and I got to be the judge in a 'who has the best arse' competition so the night was not a total loss.
[19:59] [Tarragon] best*
[19:59] [Darkhawk] I'm not good with people who say 'yeah, my friend has these bad views, but hey, he's a nice guy anyway, and we have fun together'. Then that person also gets the judgement (tm)
[20:00] [Darkhawk] is that English? And judgment American? Or?
[20:00] [Darkhawk] or just obsolete
[20:00] [Tarragon] Hmm?
[20:00] [Darkhawk] judgement and judgment
[20:00] [Tarragon] Never seen judgment tbh.
[20:00] [Darkhawk] maybe something I though I had seen and it stuck...
[20:01] [Tarragon] Like Dwarfs.
[20:01] [Darkhawk] eew
[20:01] [Darkhawk] EEWW
[20:01] [Tarragon] Elfs!
[20:01] [Darkhawk] I must look away
[20:01] [Tarragon] Spelt. Smelt.
[20:01] [Darkhawk] not looking now
[20:02] [Darkhawk] But I was right I see
[20:02] [Darkhawk] judgment was British, but the actually took up the e
[20:02] [Darkhawk] they
[20:03] [Tarragon] So far no one's ruined Christopher Walken for me at least. Or I simply missed it.
[20:03] [Darkhawk] Moment, I'll try
[20:03] [Darkhawk] only fair, after Atkinson
[20:04] [Tarragon] What, all I heard is he's a regular asshole, not a predatory one. That's not too bad, is it?
[20:04] [Darkhawk] yeah, depends. Political view asshole is really bad for me
[20:05] [Tarragon] More like a truly regular asshole as in people don't like him because he's a shit to them.
[20:05] [Darkhawk] Well, to be fair, that is not nice ;)
[20:05] [Tarragon] Yeah, but I forgive that because I'd kind of be a hyupocrite to have a big problem with it :P
[20:05] [Darkhawk] Ah ok, so Walken is a murderer.
[20:05] [Tarragon] -u
[20:05] [Tarragon] I can live with that.
[20:05] [Darkhawk] 'alleged' Just like the evidence on Takei is flimsy!
[20:06] [Darkhawk] Walken was one of the last persons to see Natalie Wood alive before her drowning on November 29, 1981, near Santa Catalina Island, California, while on a Thanksgiving weekend boating trip.[59] In 2011, Walken hired a lawyer when authorities reopened the Wood case, while the LAPD said, "Walken is not a suspect." The case was closed and termed an accidental death[60] until June 2012, when the investigation was reopened and the cau
[20:06] [Darkhawk] se of death was changed to "undetermined". Authorities stated that Walken is not a suspect.[61]
[20:06] [Tarragon] I have no particular problem with murder.
[20:06] [Darkhawk] yeah, maybe she had it coming, sure...
[20:07] [Darkhawk] Dunno who she is, actually.
[20:07] [Tarragon] I don't know. Or care that much? I'm a bad person though.
[20:07] [Darkhawk] and you like Walken!
[20:08] [Tarragon] I care about... trends of injustice and big, institutional stuff and... some people.... but not most people, individually.
[20:10] [Darkhawk] yep, I also connect better with principles and bigger black/white things. But I've also learned to see those things, and to see pain and wish it weren't there, in people. Only if don't deserve it of course ;)
[20:10] [Darkhawk] they.. Geez.
[20:11] [Darkhawk] Anyway, I'll keep watching Discovery now, because I did start.
[20:11] [Tarragon] Well sure, but why bother usually
[20:11] [Tarragon] Oh, I thought for a moment you meant the TV channel.
[20:12] [Darkhawk] riiiiiight
[20:12] [Tarragon] They always have that on at the gym I go to.
[20:13] [Tarragon] And I try to get on the machines at the window, because otherwise I'm stuck facing that screen.
[20:15] [Darkhawk] I'd prefer Discovery to the health-fascist ads they run at mine. But occasionally the sports things they show are fun. Like Finnish woodchucking contests
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[21:37] [Tarragon] Well off to watch... something. Night everyone.
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