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[00:29] [Darkhawk] Practically it's super easy. Airbnb makes the advertising part easy, and yeah, then you need to do some cleaning between guests, but that's okish. It's the mental thing for me, sharing my apartment with others, having to be available if they need me, having to be sociable if they are (the ratings that guests leave on Airbnb are SUPER important to get more guests). Some guests are nice though, made FB friends with the last ones,
[00:29] [Darkhawk] a German left-wing couple. That's cool, but it's still draining for an introvert. And the biggest problem is that this is not to earn some extra money, it's to survive to be able to study, so I need all the guests I can get, while at the same time going crazy if I can't be home alone. A few days I sleep at my girlfriends, those are the least stressful days.
[00:29] [Darkhawk] Also, I earn about half of what I thought was possible, in Odense for instance, prices are twice of what they are here in Aarhus, which is weird, Aarhus being the bigger city. Of course, Odense has H.C. Andersen
[00:30] [Darkhawk] but anyway Wheri, to answer your question.. If you have the room and you can mentally stand it, Airbnb is pretty neat.
[00:30] [Darkhawk] Ah yes, and probably it also stresses me that it is illegal for me to host guests where I live, so if I get discovered, I could be thrown out.
[01:38] [Darkhawk] Anyway, off
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[11:52] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[11:57] [Tarragon] Hello
[11:58] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[13:12] [Tarragon] bye for now
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[16:09] [Darkhawk] Off
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[18:05] [Cyrilion] Evening
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[18:14] [Tarragon] back
[21:46] [Tarragon] And off again, night everyone.
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[23:46] [Darkhawk] and back a bit


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