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[09:09] [Tarragon] Hello
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[16:07] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[16:28] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[16:29] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion. 300 meters, so far ;)
[16:29] [Cyrilion] Heh. ok
[16:29] [Darkhawk] not quite 45 hours either of course.
[16:30] [Cyrilion] Nah. That's over two games, by the way. And I haven't completed it
[16:32] [Darkhawk] Great game, but there's 1.5 annoying things. One is the standard horror/some-adventure-games-like-Myst premise, which has one trope that becomes unimmersive since they also emply that one in Subnautica. Eh, can't say what it is or I'd spoil it for the rest of the channel, points for knowing what I mean ;) The 0.5 is clipping errors in the Unity engine and base placement fuckups related to that. Also, when I have a room above wa
[16:32] [Darkhawk] ter and a vertical shaft down, I can see the waves lapping through the tube. Nitpicking, to be sure, that.
[16:34] [Darkhawk] Huh, you started a new game? Seems quite linear to me, so that you can always get back on track without starting from scratch. Also always deconstruct your habitat for free. That's nice. Although I'd really wish they'd included a 'pick up the container AND everything inside it and move it' option, just for ease of use. That's what I've spent the most time on. Moving my inventory ;)
[16:35] [Cyrilion] It's after it was released. Just felt like it
[16:35] [Cyrilion] Also.. no points for me
[16:35] [Cyrilion] My biggest grievance so far is the quick slot system
[16:36] [Cyrilion] Lacking a way to lock some of the items in place, or use items directly from inventory
[16:39] [Darkhawk] Huh yes ok, that's not something registering on my radar. I keep messing up moving to inventory/using what I wanted to move though.
[16:39] [Darkhawk] Which isn't always so great when proteinbars are sparse and kinda' great to stock ;)
[16:41] [Cyrilion] I did that too at first, but I grew out of it
[16:41] [Darkhawk] Yeah, doesn't seem like I ever grow up.
[16:42] [Cyrilion] Hah. Well, that was not intended
[16:44] [Darkhawk] So, should do my homework for tomorrows lessons now, but I'd rather build my base ;)
[16:45] [Cyrilion] I've deleted several replies now, clamping down on potential spoilers. Stop fishing
[16:46] [Darkhawk] Stop wanting to bite, even when I'm not aware I'm fishing! Or do you mean 'stop fishing' ingame? That'd be a spoiler!
[16:47] [Darkhawk] But yes, it's the kind of game you need to experience and explore for yourself. And yu need the right mindset to enjoy that. I do.
[16:49] [Cyrilion] Was the former. Not telling you how to play ;)
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[20:16] [Tarragon] Whew. Lots of politics today.
[21:00] [Darkhawk] Lots of politics everyday, but I try to avoid it...
[21:14] [Tarragon] Off, night everyone.
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