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[09:18] [Tarragon] Hello
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[14:21] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:00] [Tarragon] Hello
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[18:58] [Darkhawk] heya
[18:58] [Tarragon] Hello
[19:30] [Darkhawk] There's a new game out (it happens...). Subnautica. It's actually quite unique, good-looking (for a Unity game) and fun. I imagine it might be too stressful for some here, but it seems like a real good game. Material gathering, exploration, building, base-building, survival, uncovering story, not so much fighting as running away from monsters. 1st person immersive, sci-fi theme.
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[19:57] [Darkhawk] hrmpf
[20:04] [Cyrilion] Hey Darkhawk
[20:05] [Cyrilion] Got 45 hours of playtime in Subnautica already ;)
[20:06] [Darkhawk] some games make the top of your list before others ;)
[20:06] [Cyrilion] Also... it's been around as one of the great early access titles for a couple of years by now.
[20:06] [Darkhawk] yeah, it seems pretty polished now at least, so that's great.
[20:06] [Cyrilion] It's. been released...
[20:17] [Darkhawk] Doesn't seem like a game that'll get DLC or anything, so I guess I can just play and enjoy it as it is
[20:17] [Darkhawk] But how come you don't think it's too stressful?
[20:17] [Darkhawk] I guess yo know what I mean ;)
[20:20] [Cyrilion] I think so. But I can handle some things out of my comfort zone , if the game otherwsie warrants it.
[20:22] [Darkhawk] Yeah. The gameplay doesn't stress me or freak me out, but I'm not myself typically one who enjoys running and hiding - but with this game it all fits so well into the theme and design, it's just nice.
[20:23] [Darkhawk] .. so far ;)
[20:23] [Cyrilion] I wouldn't play a horror game, designed for the horror, but Subnautica isn't. It forces you to go explore into scary parts, but you always have the option to turn tail and wait. Also, it's not building suspense just to hand you that cheap shock
[20:26] [Darkhawk] No, and it's a sandbox, so you can do a lot of things instead of running into all sorts of scripted rooms forcing that cheap thrill on you.
[20:28] [Cyrilion] You're playing it? How deep have you gone?
[20:30] [Darkhawk] Super deep!
[20:30] [Darkhawk] Like.. 4 meters below my life pod!
[20:30] [Darkhawk] Just checked it out for 1-2 hours so far.
[20:31] [Cyrilion] Yes ok... let's resume that discussion later :D
[20:31] [Darkhawk] But it had a pretty convincing feel
[20:31] [Cyrilion] It does. And it maintains it
[20:32] [Darkhawk] Great :)
[20:43] *** Cyrilion us diconnecting
[20:43] [Cyrilion] is too
[20:43] [Darkhawk] ...
[20:43] [Darkhawk] Happy diconnect
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[20:50] [Tarragon] Off, night everyone.
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[21:14] [Darkhawk] I got Kingdom Come: Delivarance delivered physically today btw, the game is out tomorrow. Probably the last game I'll ever get physically. And just 4 DVD's and one page printed with the Steam key. Rather lacklustre, but was only 5 dollars ekstra back in the Kickstarter.
[21:14] [Darkhawk] Dunno if the game will be any good, but.. We'll see. In some years after patches and DLC ;)
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