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[05:14] [Darkhawk] and off
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[10:05] [Cyrilion_] Morning
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[17:59] [Darkhawk] Heya
[18:01] [Darkhawk] Altered Carbon starts out promising, albeit with some heavy tropes, then goes along as indeed, 'watchable', then gets worse as my anger at the inane, plotholey, extreme, tropey story and characters mount. But yeah, still better than, say.. Shannara ;)
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[18:01] [Tarragon] Hello
[18:01] [Darkhawk] But they certainly spent a lot of money on it, so it looks good.
[18:01] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[18:02] [Darkhawk] Also, the best thing about Altered Carbon? After they finish having sex, they're still naked and don't act like there's a cameraman in there with them so they have to hide their flesh. That's good. Refreshing. High-point, hehe.
[18:03] [Darkhawk] Although you also get the feeling all that nudity is just to get 'edgy' and not to be natural. Still, at least there was that, I do like nudity.
[18:13] [Tarragon] Finally a game not afraid to do a male full frontal? :P
[18:14] [Darkhawk] Nah, Netflix series, so not surprising.
[18:14] [Tarragon] Meh.
[18:14] [Darkhawk] No hard-ons of course
[18:15] [Tarragon] There was a rather readily apparent lack of naked witcher in those games compared to the amount of naked women.
[18:15] [Tarragon] But in series it's not quite as startling to see nudity esp if they're from certain sources.
[18:15] [Darkhawk] Yes, it's annoyingly disparate. The woman still as the object, but can't have the male be it.
[18:16] [Tarragon] I do recall in some film or other once seeing Bruce Willis' willy? While he was swimming.
[18:16] [Darkhawk] ehr.. You have a good memory. Maybe a.. double-willy. Stand-in willy ;)
[18:16] [Tarragon] It was just a second or two, but I remember thinking "huh..."
[18:16] [Darkhawk] cameo-willy
[18:17] [Tarragon] Even if it was, thet's more willy than non-porn films usually see.
[18:17] [Tarragon] that*
[18:17] [Darkhawk] I don't remember any such movie, but you might be better at spotting it
[18:17] [Tarragon] Heheh
[18:18] [Tarragon] I feel like I'm either Beavis or Butthead right now.
[18:19] [Tarragon] Now I'm busy checking whether the store-with-rare-crafting-mats-in-redcliffe mod I installed also has veilquartz.
[18:32] [Darkhawk] I have had something as uncharacteristic as 3 days of free time, and I still have a few hours before another 7-8 pretty busy days, so... What to play the next 8 hours. Probably has to be someething turnbased strategyish to fit in. Hrm.
[18:33] [Darkhawk] or another series, of course, but dunno. I saw Runaways some time ago btw, not so bad. And The Gifted. That one's watchable.
[18:33] [Darkhawk] Runaways is better though
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[19:47] [Wheri] Well. It seems I'm now looking for an impossible game rec. A 4X with a decent AI that doesn't cheat.
[19:50] [Wheri] And my own for a relatively short session: Conquest of Elysium.
[21:13] [Darkhawk] Right, looks a bit like Fantasy General
[21:13] [Darkhawk] And there is no such 4X game ;)
[21:15] [Wheri] It's a sister series to Dominions, which you probably know better. Except it's stripped down into an almost roguelike mini-strategy.
[21:17] [Wheri] Well, the alternative is a fairly simulationist one with asynchronous multiplayer and something like 10 players. Counting you and myself, I can maybe get four.
[21:17] [Darkhawk] That's forward of you, counting me ;)
[21:18] [Darkhawk] But I dunno, have you tried.. uh.. Endless Legend?
[21:19] [Darkhawk] I kinda' like that 4X turnbased one, more so than most other new ones.
[21:19] [Darkhawk] I find Endless Space, both 1 and 2 to be somewhat bland by comparison.
[21:20] [Wheri] Yes. I really like it in theory, but in practice end up losing patience very early on. End up with too many empty turns.
[21:21] [Wheri] Shame, really, because the setting is awesome and I'd really like to finish it for the story at least.
[21:21] [Darkhawk] Yeah, and different story for each faction. But oh well, you're a hard man to please
[21:23] [Wheri] I know, I know. Trying Space Empires and Thea (not sure if this even counts as 4X, though) now.
[21:24] [Darkhawk] Thea is good. At least for one playthrough. Space Empires.. yeah.. Ahhr..
[21:24] [Darkhawk] I wanted to like it, and I might have liked one of those games
[21:24] [Wheri] I'm just not competitive enough to play them for the challenge, so when the game fails to be interesting or believable, as well, I am very disappointed.
[21:25] [Darkhawk] Oh right, Space Empires IV was a good game, as far as I recall now
[21:26] [Tarragon] Veilquartz success! And I managed to get a stat increase masterwork staff out of it as well. Finally the highest dmg rating I can get! Anyway, night everyone.
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[21:26] [Darkhawk] That's.. Awesome ;)
[21:27] [Wheri] I tried a bit of that, but currently trying 5. Very complex.
[21:27] [Wheri] I don't even know what game that's about.
[21:27] [Darkhawk] Dragon Age 3
[21:28] [Wheri] Ah. Yeah, never touched that series.
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[21:51] [Darkhawk] Hrm, interresting, my internet is actually faster when I force 3G. Good to know, I'll just go sit here in my Stone Age corner.


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