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[09:29] [Tarragon] Hello
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[15:58] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[16:50] [Darkhawk] heya
[17:25] [Cyrilion] Hey Darkhawk
[17:42] [Tarragon] Hello x2
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[19:27] [Tarragon] Wow. This is some spectacularly bad writing. Going to actually keep reading because the premise of the story is somewhat interesting. Always a shame when it's like that. People should partner up more if they have good ideas and no skills to execute them.
[19:28] [Darkhawk] I can't keep going if the writing's really bad, no matter what. You're a bigger person.
[19:28] [Tarragon] It's because the fanfic is 17 pages, not 500.
[19:30] [Tarragon] And I still prefer this to the people who have decent enough writing skills but either bad ideas or ideas marred by horribly juvenile world outlooks, mary sues all over the place, self inserts, etc.
[19:30] [Tarragon] Keep that stuff out of any published pages people, and that includes fanfic sites.
[19:31] [Tarragon] Your head is fine. Everyone needs that stuff sometimes (or... well... I'm kind of sad maybe?) but you don't put it out there.
[19:32] [Darkhawk] Then lots of people are sad at least, there's comfort in that ;)
[19:32] [Tarragon] Yeah, but it's like... when you're 5 and you change the rules so you still win or at least don't lose? You don't do that out in the open after a certain age.
[19:33] [Tarragon] Even if you want to.
[19:34] [Tarragon] Just.. keep it in and... listen to lots of pompous metal or whatever. There's a reason I don't play boardgames with other people!
[19:39] [Darkhawk] Hehe yes. That's probably for the better if you have those urges and can't overcome them ;)
[19:46] [Tarragon] Well I can, but then *I'm* unhappy :P
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[20:24] [Darkhawk] Had to make a phonecall ;)
[20:25] [Tarragon] "nice"
[20:25] [Darkhawk] Soon I'll have to disconnect internet in order to pay for a pita via mobilepay. Almost like it's the Stone Age.
[20:28] [Darkhawk] So right.. Pita. With falaffel. Here we go
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[20:51] [Tarragon] Off, night everyone.
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[21:18] [Darkhawk] there


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