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[14:16] [Tarragon] Hello
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[15:49] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[17:31] [Darkhawk] oh right, hello
[18:10] [der_Tommi] Hello Darkhawk.
[18:10] [Tarragon] Hello
[18:10] [Tarragon] x2
[18:10] [der_Tommi] So, about that Stellaris recommendation: Is the DLC in a month and a half going to be the last, final one, after which it's perfect? Or is this waiting going to go on forever?
[18:12] [der_Tommi] Also, the internet says the mid- and endgame are a drag, and the combat is a pointless war of doomstacks. Correct?
[18:17] [Darkhawk] ah, the internet, the objective measurement of Truth. Hrm.
[18:18] [Darkhawk] First off, it's going to go on forever, if you wait for the definitive Stellaris version, you'll have to wait for.. I dunno, 4-5 years, judging by other Paradox strategy titles still supported and receiving DLC. However, take it from one (me!) who hates playing games that are not 'finished' - Stellaris is great as it is - it will get better, but it's already the best, and so replayable, you don't need to wait for some definitive ver
[18:20] [Darkhawk] as for mid and endgame being a drag, yeah I don't think so, but I can see why some do. Also, there's most variety in what to do in the early game, absolutely. Other aspects then come into play,t hat are more strategic/long-term planning, etc., with less exploration and uncertainty. There's a focus on more midgame and endgame content though, will happen with this DLC, not just that endgame crisis but some midgame challenges as we
[18:20] [Darkhawk] l. Also in the previous DLC, more content for midgame, such as 'quests/storylines' were introduced.
[18:21] [Darkhawk] Doomstacks, absolutely! That's totally true, as with most other such games. If that bothers you, wait those one and a half months or so that I recommended, because they're aware of it and want to eliminate this design wise with some huge changes.
[18:23] [Darkhawk] Also they're focused on lots of changes I don't agree with, on paper at least, but hey, can't get it all. Listening to the Stellaris music right now in fact, while reading up on study. Did I say Stellaris also rules in regards to music? It's the greatest game evah!
[18:27] [der_Tommi] OK, thanks.
[18:28] [der_Tommi] I might be fine with Doomstacks but then I'd probably be less likely to play a warlike people if war isn't fun and interesting.
[18:29] [der_Tommi] And I asked about the forever thing because you recommended that I wait those 1.5 months. So I take it that's going to be, even if not the ultimate, a particularly important DLC?
[18:30] [der_Tommi] Also, aside: Does the game get longer and more draggy if you play in a big galaxy, in a linear fashion like in MOO? Because I don't really like the idea of exploring a pathetic, miniature galaxy. I want billions of stars!
[18:31] [Darkhawk] Well, that's more like.. With the time you spend playing, and the time you have, you're probably only going for one playthrough of Stellaris the next 2 years or so, so why not wait just a wee bit and get that DLC into it as well. But the game's good as it is now too. It also was when last you tried. Lots of changes all the time though.
[18:32] [der_Tommi] It had some pretty annoying stuff the last time I tried. Like my president just vanished at one point..
[18:33] [der_Tommi] And my slaves were happier than their non-slave, SJW neighbours. And I couldn't have more than 10 leaders, half of whom had to be scientists on those stupid little scout ships...
[18:35] [Darkhawk] Well, there's not much of an endgame indicator, you can set some goals when you start, and the game then pops up with a window saying you reached that goal at some point - whereafter you can continue playing indefinitely, so size of galaxy only means more drag if you go for a 'conquer x percent' type goal. After having 30-40% of the galaxy, the rest is just pointless drag towards that rather pointless popup window. Otherwise, si
[18:35] [Darkhawk] ze doesn't matter that much in drag. I always play with the huge galaxy, and hrm. I forget how long one game takes, but maybe 25-35 hours until I dominate way too much. Usually I stop after having overcome/lived through the endgame crisis and being in a dominant position with the Fallen Empires and the rest.
[18:36] [Darkhawk] Could have more refined goals than being the most powerful...
[18:36] [Darkhawk] Like, surviving as the smallest.
[18:36] [Darkhawk] Eating the most aliens
[18:36] [Darkhawk] But noo, it's always about power!
[18:36] [Darkhawk] I mean, for me. You can set up any goal you want.
[18:36] [Darkhawk] .. in your head ;)
[18:37] [der_Tommi] I see. Sounds good.
[18:37] [Darkhawk] Some of these 'issues' are resolved. You'll probably still think you have too few leaders though, but you can create a custom race with more, if you want to focus there.
[18:38] [der_Tommi] And I read that your civilization's culture can now shift, instead of every attempt to shift it just leading to a rebellion?
[18:38] [Darkhawk] Immortal, powerful psychic leaders
[18:38] [Darkhawk] Hrm yes, it can, although that's very much WIP and balancing still, haven't played since they changed that I think.
[18:39] [der_Tommi] OK.
[18:51] [Darkhawk] btw, and why can't a slave society be more happy than its neighbours. Everyone knowing their place in society is clearly better for creating real content than too much freedom, anarchy and choices.
[18:52] [Wheri] And how can your SJW crowd be happy when there's literal slaves next door?
[18:58] [der_Tommi] Well, I mean my slaves were happier than my non-slaves, so they weren't really from different societies.
[18:59] [der_Tommi] But sure, maybe they were stressed about all the choices they had to make.
[20:52] [Tarragon] Anyone know good, free (or trial version) software to edit mp3s? Want to cut out some bits to make ringtones.
[20:53] [Wheri] Well, there's always Audacity.
[20:54] [Tarragon] Thanks. Got a lot of google hits and I had no idea which were any good or even safe.
[20:56] [Darkhawk] Yeah Audacity is fine
[20:57] [Wheri] It's a major open-source, so the first one should be good. Much more powerful than what you want, but it should be simple enough to just cut out bits.
[20:57] [Darkhawk] And ok yeah, dunno maybe the slave-owners had masssive moral qualms about having slaves, while treating them great? Or maybe it's just obe little aspect that was unforeseen by the devs, but maybe adjusted.
[20:59] [Tarragon] There's some bits in Crwn Thy Frnicatr and the Purging that will loop very well :D. Maybe also in Parasitic.
[21:30] [Darkhawk] oh actually the Stellaris DLC releases in 2-3 weeks.
[21:32] [Darkhawk] Also, there's something spacey going on today that the future will point to as a definite highlight in mankind's exploration of space
[21:32] [Darkhawk]
[21:32] [Darkhawk] or 'may' point to. But hey, maybe you get to see a GIANT EXPLOSION in that case, which is also cool.
[21:33] [Wheri] Oh, that's something I've always wanted to watch, space things happening in real time that don't involve any kerbals!
[21:34] [Darkhawk] they're also good with the information actually. Quite instructive and presented well. Evil corporation bastards
[21:37] [Wheri] ...except it doesn't seem to load for me.
[21:37] [Darkhawk] Too bad, it's pretty good!
[21:37] [Darkhawk] 7 minutes to launch
[21:37] [Darkhawk] Maybe someone doesn't want you to see it in your country ;)
[21:38] [Wheri] That's exactly what I was thinking! What a coincidence!
[21:38] [Darkhawk] Yeah, I think not... But who knows!
[21:39] [Darkhawk] also, I'm guessing you're already using VPN's and what not, hehe
[21:39] [Wheri] No, not really. I can try using tor, but it isn't very good when streaming video is involved.
[21:40] [Tarragon] Alright, off to decorate the living room and Ian's chair. It's his birthday tomorrow. Night everyone.
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[21:40] [Darkhawk] No, tor is cumbersome :(
[21:41] [Darkhawk] Actually the most wellpresented and informative launch event I've seen. No surprise, given their focus on getting humans to be an interplanetary species, and this rocket being central to that for the foreseeable future.
[21:41] [Darkhawk] Also, good PR
[21:42] [Wheri] Are they launching the Heavy?
[21:42] [Darkhawk] yup
[21:42] [Wheri] Oh man, come on page, load up! If this thing goes up, it's going to be massive!
[21:42] [Darkhawk] two minutes
[21:44] [Wheri] Yeah, weird. Tor does work, both regular browsers stuck.
[21:46] [Wheri] But I managed to get a direct Youtube broadcast from it. Weird.
[21:48] [Wheri] Ah, they're doing a suborbital today.
[21:56] [Darkhawk] ok, that was pretty nice. And I don't often say that ;)
[21:57] [Wheri] Awesome!
[21:57] [Darkhawk] Instructive to see for myself, with those self-landing rockets as well, I know they've been doing them successfully for some time now, but those two landing in perfect unison... yeah, that's something.
[21:59] [Wheri] Yeah. That was downright beautiful/
[22:02] [Darkhawk] I think the realization that they might actually be a gamechanger for the human race actually just struck me now. Hope I'll live long enough to see way more. Bit of a long timespan involved in any case.
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