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[00:17] [der_Tommi] OK, Mass Effect 2 finished. What to play next...?
[00:17] [der_Tommi] Maybe back to DA:I, but I feel a bit full of Bioware.
[00:19] [der_Tommi] Got a bit more time in my schedule for this than before after cutting some of the more forced socialization. So tempted to try something like XCOM: Long War or Stellaris again...
[00:19] [der_Tommi] But I still remember what a bad idea that was..
[05:29] [Darkhawk] Stellaris has changed quite a bit since you played it the last time. It's great, but I'd wait a month or 2, and then play it with the new DLC and all patches. It's.. dangerous, yeah... But sooooo good.
[05:29] [Darkhawk] And I'm off
[05:29] Darkhawk ( left irc: Quit: Darkhawk
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[10:35] [Cyrilion] Morning
[14:51] Tarragon ( joined #seed.
[14:51] [Tarragon] Hello
[15:08] [der_Tommi] Hello.
[15:09] [der_Tommi] Tarragon: Thanks for recommending Momo to me a while ago. Reading it now and it's pretty nice.
[15:10] [der_Tommi] (I think I was visited by a Grey Gentleman last year. Trying to save time in order to do this and that, work, socialize, do sports, learn...)
[16:26] [Tarragon] Did he smoke cigars as well?
[16:38] [der_Tommi] How should I know? One forgets about the meetings with the Grey Gentlemen.
[20:13] [Tarragon] Lol, some parenting magazine sent me a mail about Ian going to school soon and 10 tips to get your kid to school on time re. morning rush hour :D. We don't even have a car and his school is 5 minutes away on foot.
[20:41] Darkhawk ( joined #seed.
[21:38] [Tarragon] I'm going, night everyone.
[21:38] Tarragon ( left irc: Quit: Dig down your heart in this soil / Dig down next to me
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