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[10:29] [Tarragon] Hello
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[11:02] [Cyrilion] Morning
[11:04] [Tarragon] Hello
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[13:04] [Darkhawk] Heya
[13:05] [Darkhawk] Planet Explorers is a really really nice game actually, now that I've managed to play some hours. I mean it's a gem, one of the best kickstarters I backed. Thought it would be an incomplete, small, buggy mess, but no, there's actually lots of content. Great sandbox exploration and minecraft with a story, just as I like it. Lots of story actually. Companion pathfinding sucks, but hey, can't have it all ;)
[13:06] [Darkhawk] Too bad it flopped so much on release, games like that need to succeed so others can do stuff like it.
[13:07] [Wheri] I'll take a look. Meanwhile, I got Civ 6.
[13:16] [Wheri] Seems quite accessible and intuitive so far, but may well be much less competitive than the previous ones.
[13:17] [Darkhawk] I think Cyrilion is the resident Civ6 expert. I did give it a whirl, and it's on my list for another whirl, but it didn't drag me in.
[13:19] [Wheri] I'm quite interested in what people who play lots of 4X have to say about it. I suspect their take will be much less positive than mine.
[13:19] [Tarragon] Hello x2
[13:20] [Wheri] Afternoon!
[13:20] [Tarragon] Do they have like a multiplayer or networking mode?
[13:20] [Darkhawk] Yeah, there's multiplayer :)
[13:20] [Tarragon] Also, got my hair done like Geralt's undercut, finally.
[13:21] [Darkhawk] Haven't checked it out, but should be good fun if done well. Dunno what they'll do with the rather integral story when you're more than one. Maybe there's only multiplayer in sandbox mode, dunno.
[13:21] [Darkhawk] Hehe, I read undercut as underpants... Yeah, dunno why
[13:21] [Tarragon] Maybe now I'll dye the short and long bits in 2 different colours. Got out of the habit of hairdye when I had Ian.
[13:21] [Tarragon] I do not actually know what Geralt's underpants looked like.
[13:22] [Darkhawk] Hrm, then I'm guessing I haven't seen them either.
[13:22] [Wheri] I don't think they were ever described or mentioned, so it's safe to assume they don't exist.
[13:22] [Tarragon] With the amount of shagging he gets up to, that's kind of odd.
[13:22] [Darkhawk] With all the... Yeah, what she said ;)
[13:22] [Tarragon] I would not want to go commando in those leathers.
[13:23] [Darkhawk] go commando. heh, you learn something new... now and then.
[13:23] [Wheri] Extra rugged witcher anatomy. Total immunity to chafing.
[13:23] [Tarragon] But anyway, sort of fell in love with that undercut (and under- and sidecuts in general) when TW2 was finally playable for me.
[13:23] [Tarragon] I wish I was immune to chafing :(
[13:24] [Darkhawk] Hrm, link to that haircut?
[13:24] [Darkhawk] I'm immune to chafing, so be happy for me!
[13:25] [Darkhawk] You can have that, at least
[13:26] [Tarragon]
[13:27] [Darkhawk] oh right, yeah that's gaining popularity. Especially with viking men, where they then shave the undercut off completely. At least here. But I like that look on women as well. Well dunno with the bald thing, don't think I've yet.. No wait, I have. hrmm. Dunno.
[13:28] [Wheri] Yeah, that's an interesting one.
[13:28] [Darkhawk] That reminds me, I never scored her. Probably wasn't the haircut...
[13:28] [Tarragon] I like it when the short bit is still like slightly over 0.5 cm long.
[13:29] [Darkhawk] Yeah, maybe especially on women. Well, tastes relative, but I agree.
[13:29] [Darkhawk] '
[13:45] [Darkhawk] Right, interface and help could also be better in Planet Explorers, had to google some things. Some times I think about what one did with games before Google ;)
[13:55] [Wheri] They RTFM.
[13:57] [Darkhawk] yeah, back when games had them instead of only tooltips
[13:58] [Wheri] Can't argue with the efficiency of putting TFM inside the game itself. But I do like a good, well-written one, even if it's just a PDF.
[14:36] [Tarragon] Heheh. My mom was actually just stuck on one game until search engines happened ;)
[14:36] [Tarragon] Altavista I think.
[14:36] [Tarragon] It was an early adventure.
[14:37] [Tarragon] We used to spend sometimes weeks collectively trying to figure out a bit where we got stuck.
[16:02] [Darkhawk] Yeah, back in those days, you needed access to boards via modem for that kind of stuff. Or reading game magazines with walkthrus
[16:03] [Darkhawk] Or, as I clearly remember, spending 2 years on and off trying to get through Kings Quest I - Enhanced Edition.
[16:03] [Tarragon] Lol.
[16:03] [Darkhawk] Really felt like an achievement when I made it though, hard to copy that.
[16:04] [Tarragon] We took 2 weeks trying to figure out the grog-to-prison puzzle in Monkey Island 1 until I had an epiphany.
[16:05] [Tarragon] There was one game where we were stuck for months before my mom had finally figured something out. I also remember having an entire notebook and making my brother doing the math bits in Myst.
[16:06] [Darkhawk] Yes, and the more struggle, the greater the reward. Epiphany is not too big a word.
[16:06] [Tarragon] Mapped out mazes in so many bloody games.
[16:06] [Darkhawk] Yup, still have dungeons and wilderness on graph paper from Might and Magic and other games.
[16:06] [Tarragon] Oh, it was the 7th Guest, where we were stuck for months.
[16:07] [Tarragon] But I don't remember on what.
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[17:29] [Arash] Never mind me
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[18:39] [Darkhawk] Last reconnect! Today anyway...
[21:09] [Tarragon] I'm off, night everyone.
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