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[06:06] [Darkhawk] Hey Wheri, you there?
[06:12] [Darkhawk] Damn, nevermind, seems like I can't wing it..
[06:24] [Darkhawk] Or well! If you by incredible happenstance should own Total War: Rome 2 on Steam Wheri, you could really help out my aural sense of zen by downloading this file via Steam and making it available to me:
[06:24] [Darkhawk] Long shot, but hey ;)
[06:25] [Darkhawk] anyway, off now, getting early...
[06:25] Darkhawk ( left irc: Quit: Darkhawk
[10:11] Cyrilion ( joined #seed.
[10:12] [Cyrilion] Morning
[12:46] Darkhawk ( joined #seed.
[12:46] [Darkhawk] Early hello
[12:51] [Wheri] Hey. I don't have that game, but I found this thing:
[12:52] [Wheri] See if it does what you wanted.
[13:14] [Darkhawk] Hrm, it displays the downloadbutton after pasting the url, but clicking the download button doesn't do anything.. I mean, aside from maybe installing all sorts of malware? ;)
[13:14] [Wheri] I dunno. It's the closest I got.
[13:15] [Darkhawk] I really appreciate the effort
[13:15] [Darkhawk] Wonder if I have to install this userscript... Yeah, doesn't seem suspicious at all
[13:15] [Wheri] Fair enough. I didn't really put that much effort into it, as you can see.
[13:18] [Darkhawk] Seems to be quite a few of those
[13:18] [Darkhawk] I'm getting.. Something from another site. Conveniently zipped as well.. Uh... huh.
[13:19] [Wheri] I do expect at least one of them to work.
[13:21] [Darkhawk] hrm, has the right size. ok, trying it
[13:28] [Darkhawk] Seems to be legit, unfortunately it's not working, might be a version mismatch. But thanks for making me aware of those downloaders in general :)
[13:32] [Wheri] Weird. The Gog version of Factorio still hasn't updated to 0.16.
[13:32] [Cyrilion] No version selector? .16 is considered beta
[13:33] [Cyrilion] Oh. and hi
[13:33] [Wheri] It's odd. The current stable one is 0.15.40, and experimental rolled it back to 0.15.32 last I checked.
[14:17] [Darkhawk] Off to celebrate 9 years of being with my girlfriend. But we don't do Valentine's, so it's ok!
[14:17] Darkhawk ( left irc: Quit: Darkhawk
[16:57] Tarragon ( joined #seed.
[16:57] [Tarragon] Hello
[17:48] [Cyrilion] Hey Tarra
[17:51] [Cyrilion] So... a possible sucessor to Theme Hospital made by old Bullfrog devs... Crossing fingers here
[17:51] [Cyrilion]
[17:52] [Wheri] That sounds awesome.
[17:55] [Wheri] Sounds like they're building Xenonauts 2 pretty much from scratch. Interesting. I may have enough time to actually finish the first one...
[18:11] [Tarragon] Ooh, a real successor to TH would be awesome.
[18:13] [Wheri] I just (re)played the original recently. Went a bit too fast-paced and arcadey for me a few levels in, but still a great and funny game.
[18:13] [Tarragon] I replay the original from time to time too.
[18:13] [Wheri] (That's a thinly-veiled recommendation request, you lot)
[18:14] [Tarragon] Unfortunately, I know no games quite like it.
[18:16] [Tarragon] I always quite liked the Dutch version of SimCopter, because they changed the dry speech lines your pilot and the dispatch have, to this absurd, somewhat sarcastic oddity.
[18:17] [Wheri] Sounds fitting. The game was odd enough to begin with.
[18:17] [Tarragon] Played it in English later and went "well, this is disappointing and boring suddenly
[18:17] [Tarragon] "
[18:17] [Tarragon] Quite unlike the usual experience with dubbed games.
[21:19] [Tarragon] Off to bed early to mentally prepare myself for the massive family brunch with the in-laws tomorrow. Night everyone.
[21:19] Tarragon ( left irc: Quit: Dig down your heart in this soil / Dig down next to me
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