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[16:15] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[16:42] [Tarragon] Hello
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[18:08] [Darkhawk] heya
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[18:20] [Darkhawk] pfft, if that's howit is, then I think I need a 1 hour powernap or so
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[20:08] [Darkhawk] and back
[20:09] [Tarragon] Hello .... this time
[20:18] [Wheri] Looks like you were right. The second Witcher is weaker. Even the combat, oddly enough.
[20:20] [Tarragon] I think the combat is actually the worst in the third, but that's because it uses a gazillion buttons for it, and I can't manage that many at the same time, so I resigned myself to the easiest fucking setting I could find and just... rolling around a lot while bashing stuff.
[20:20] [Darkhawk] Yeah, it's not that long either, so you'll be on to the mammoth third in no time.
[20:21] [Tarragon] Felt like I was bloody well playing Mortal Kombat.
[20:21] [Darkhawk] Try Mortal Kombat ;)
[20:22] [Wheri] Spoiler warning, I suppose? I'm sort of feeling like the game lost a fair amount of colour, as evidenced by the troll in chapter one.
[20:22] [Tarragon] Troll in ch. 1.... *does not recall*
[20:22] [Darkhawk] Can't remember specifics, but I'm sure Tarra can :)
[20:22] [Darkhawk] ... or not
[20:22] [Wheri] Hey, MKIX was pretty alright, or at least it would be if not for the "dynamic difficulty" thing.
[20:22] [Tarragon] Must not have made an impression?
[20:23] [Wheri] It's a sidequest. There's a contract to kill the local troll, but the locals say he's actually alright, but has taken to drinking lately?
[20:23] [Tarragon] Hmm...
[20:23] [Tarragon] Oh yeah, with the wife?
[20:23] [Wheri] Alright, recall it or not: your first instinct on hearing that, as the witcher passing through town?
[20:24] [Tarragon] My first instincts througout that series tbh is to side with the bloody monsters and kill all humans.
[20:25] [Tarragon] They should just make a game like that.
[20:25] [Wheri] But monsters are a minority, and those can't be bad.
[20:25] [Tarragon] Where the elves win instead of being "in decline" and humans are the bad guys.
[20:25] [Wheri] I think I recall something like that, actually.
[20:26] [Tarragon] I only know Overlord, but that's more... no one wins except you.
[20:28] [Wheri] Feels a bit contrarian for being contrarian's sake, to be honest.
[20:28] [Wheri]
[20:29] [Darkhawk] I wouldn't call trying out something that goes against the trivial norm 'contrarian'. At least not the first word I'd use, depending on the execution.
[20:30] [Wheri] But the first game definitely went from being pretty clever in making me support the rebels to "what?". The second hasn't really made it that far yet.
[20:31] [Tarragon] I basically felt, in the second one, that they all sucked.
[20:31] [Tarragon] And then in the third... well... you'll see.
[20:31] [Wheri] Isn't that sort of the point?
[20:32] [Wheri] The third has Ciri, doesn't it? I remember Ciri as the little girl that was a clear sign that the next book will be ruined.
[20:32] [Darkhawk] oh right, I hated the railroading at the start, depending on who you had supported in TW1. And that feeling kinda never left.
[20:32] [Wheri] I haven't noticed any of that railroading, but I got the neutral ending in the first game.
[20:33] [Darkhawk] yeah, that would have helped
[20:34] [Wheri] I've checked, and apparently disappointingly little gets carried away from the first game, anyway. I got my "top-tier" gear that barely lasted a couple of hours, and I got an amusing-if-you-understand-Polish parcel from a minor character, and that's it.
[20:35] [Tarragon] I mostly get annoyed that you support the elves and whatnot, and things 'get better' but in the end, no matter how the outlook is at the end of the game or whatever, the elves are 'in decline' because apparently they just cannot be allowed to be anything else because... humans. Need them humans to win peoples. No matter that in RL, there's not even any non-humans threatening us. Why are people
[20:35] [Tarragon] still uncomfortable with a thriving other people in their games and other fiction?
[20:37] [Wheri] I've no idea, but I'd chalk this up to trying to make the new game a reasonable starting point without branching paths that start before the game even begins. For me, the ending was basically "they killed each other a lot, but not a whole lot changed in the end".
[20:37] [Darkhawk] Not uncomfortable, but it's the status quo thing. Or trope. Just like characters in movies and series not really changing, because they have to stay the same and relatable, so everyone can jump in. Changing things to become unexpected is bad for sales/relatability. Sucks, for sure.
[20:38] [Tarragon] When I was very very little, I used to want to throttle ernie (from bert&ernie on sesame street). Later on I kept hoping Inspector Gadget would actually die at some point so Penny could take over. It's a theme.
[20:38] [Darkhawk] you'll never get that sort of satisfaction, except in fan fiction ;)
[20:38] [Tarragon] We should worship fanfiction.
[20:39] [Wheri] I get the sentiment. The sidekick is usually so much cooler than the hero.
[20:40] [Tarragon] It's not like that in all series. I never rooted for Gargamel on the Smurfs, for instance. So something can be different.
[20:40] [Tarragon] (I did root for Jared in Labyrinth)
[20:41] [Tarragon] (but hey, he was pretty)
[20:41] [Darkhawk] not surprised about Jared! ;)
[20:41] [Tarragon] Of course not, you know me.
[20:41] [Wheri] I'm honestly not familiar with anything you just mentioned. I know what they are, but I don't think I've seen any of their stuff.
[20:42] [Tarragon]
[20:43] [Wheri] David Bowie, The Package, Magic Dance. That much I know.
[20:43] [Tarragon] '80s baby
[20:43] [Darkhawk] Jareth, right
[20:43] [Tarragon] Whatever his name is :D
[20:44] [Tarragon] I don't think I was ever paying attention to what anyone's name was.
[20:48] [Wheri] But yeah. Back to that troll. Why the hell couldn't I bring him some vodka so we just sat and drank to figure out what his problem was? Instead of having to fight the bastard.
[20:49] [Tarragon] No idea.
[20:51] [Wheri] I'm pretty sure the first game would not just allow, but expect exactly that.
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[21:51] [Tarragon] Off for sleep, night everyone.
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