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[12:24] [Tarragon] Hello
[13:13] [Dustman] heya
[13:14] [Dustman] Tarra, you have once inquired on my spawn some time ago, but I only saw it before logging off :)
[13:18] [Dustman] in short, she is a very energetic, clever little lady. Now at 18 months, she can say some words and repeat the first syllable of most. Also, she is quite a handful, with a strong and a tendency to try solving problems with force
[13:19] [Dustman] +strong will
[13:21] [Dustman] She is also very much into cats and dogs, and a bit of a smartphone addict. She always wants us to show her pictures, videos or call one of the grandmas or her niece.
[13:57] [Tarragon] Hah, they're all smartphone addicts these days.
[13:58] [Tarragon] Ian was a bit afraid when we called people though. Didn't like the voice coming out of nowhere. But video calls were fine :D
[14:01] [Tarragon] If you want the lazy parent's way of teaching your child foreign languages: show them tv shows in the language of your choice without subtitles, and it works better if at other times you show them the same show in your own language: being familiar with it means they pick up what the new words should mean faster.
[14:02] [Tarragon] We used Peppa Pig, because the episodes were easy to get in both Dutch and English.
[14:13] [Tarragon] Soon she'll be talking your ear off in almost-full-sentences.
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[15:13] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:14] [Tarragon] Hello
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[18:03] [Darkhawk] hullo
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[22:47] [Tarragon] Off to bed, night everyone.
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