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[15:27] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[16:34] [Tarragon] Hello
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[18:32] [Darkhawk] evening
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[20:53] [Tarragon] Hello
[21:00] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion, did you continue playing FF14? How far are you and do you like it? :)
[21:07] [Cyrilion] I may have sort of created another char instead. Playing around on once in a while, but haven't gone further
[21:07] [Cyrilion] Currently doing Factorio coop and some Subnautica
[21:09] [Darkhawk] I... Don't even know these words
[21:13] [Cyrilion] Which? "coop"?
[21:13] [Darkhawk] Factorio and Subnautica
[21:14] [Cyrilion] They're games :p
[21:14] [Darkhawk] Forcing me to google, huh? ;)
[21:14] [Cyrilion] No no
[21:15] [Cyrilion]
[21:15] [Darkhawk] haha.
[21:15] [Darkhawk] well, actually that was slower
[21:16] [Darkhawk] real... time.. *runs away*
[21:16] [Cyrilion] Yeah... it's not an RTS
[21:17] [Cyrilion] Erm. Not what you'd think of as an RTS
[21:17] [Darkhawk] Hrm yes, I see
[21:18] [Darkhawk] Nuala would probably like Subnautica, that was her kind of game. Without the weapons anyway.
[21:18] [Cyrilion] It gets somewhat scary
[21:18] [Darkhawk] I'll go back to setting up my Amigas and testing that the USB drives I built into them still work.
[21:18] [Darkhawk] She likes that as well, as far as I recall
[21:20] [Wheri] Factorio is great, and I may be interested in co-op, but I'm probably too bad at it.
[21:43] [Darkhawk] My C64 doesn't work anymore :(
[21:51] [Cyrilion] It wouldn't be able to run Factorio anyways
[21:58] [Tarragon] Off now, night everyone.
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