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[09:42] [Cyrilion] Morning
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[13:45] [Darkhawk] Back. And somewhat IRC stable from now on. I think. Who'd have known moving takes this much work.
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[20:27] [der_Tommi] You should have less stuff.
[20:28] [Darkhawk] It's not just stuff. And no, I shouldn't ;)
[20:29] [der_Tommi] My last real move took, like, 4 hours.
[20:30] [der_Tommi] Well, maybe 6 if you count packing it all up.
[20:30] [Darkhawk] It's not a time-efficiency competition!
[20:30] [der_Tommi] Moving to Berlin took longer because I threw away almost everything and had to obsessively try to recycle every single item, but..
[20:31] [Darkhawk] Or well, it's ok to make it one, if the goal is to take as much time as possible. I estimate 1-2 months, then I'm settled in. Depending on how long it'll take to break down the kitchen and set up new stuff/get workers to do it.
[20:31] [Darkhawk] Yeah, I imagine your apartment looks depressingly empty ;) Or that you live in a broomcloset.
[20:32] [der_Tommi] Well, this Berlin apartment came pre-furnished, so there's actually a few things I'd rather be rid of. Good thing I got a basement container so I could put half those things there.
[20:34] [der_Tommi] (Also, it doesn't look quite that empty because I basically store everything at hand's reach instead of stuffing it in closets.)
[20:35] [der_Tommi] (Well, the stuff I need, like food and books and computer stuff etc.)
[20:35] [Darkhawk] The very model of efficiency. I also think of you when I hear about Soylent Green and the people actually thinking it's nice to eat. The new Soylent Green that is, not the one from the movies ;)
[20:35] [der_Tommi] (The clothes do sometimes find their way into the closet if I don't use them before I have to empty the drying rack again.)
[20:36] [der_Tommi] What new soylent green?
[20:36] [der_Tommi] This?
[20:37] [der_Tommi]
[20:37] [Darkhawk] Yep
[20:37] [Darkhawk] No need to waste time thinking about what food to buy or even prepare. Just mix, eat and get on with existential emptiness! ;)
[20:38] [Darkhawk] Unfortunately, the formula isn't really perfect yet, so not super healthy or without side-effects
[20:39] [der_Tommi] Yeah, that does look intriguing, but I'd waste time worrying about whether it's truly healthy instead of worrying about making food.
[20:40] [der_Tommi] Besides, I'd miss those vegan steaks and onyons.
[20:40] [Darkhawk] Yeah, it's not there yet, but it's become better over the last 2 years, improving its nutrients and such.
[20:41] [Darkhawk] And I'm not judging people (oh yes I am) who'd like such stuff. Or well, it's ok that they're different, and place value on different things at least ;)
[20:41] [Darkhawk] vegan.. steaks.. Uh.. huh
[20:41] [der_Tommi] Oh, right, sorry, it's now illegal to say that. That... didn't happen, okay?
[20:41] [der_Tommi] Though I guess it's only illegal here.
[20:42] [Darkhawk] That you like vegan steaks? It's not illegal. Just.. Freaky ;)
[20:42] [Darkhawk] I'm all fpr vegan, but trying to imitate meat.. 'It tastes just as good!' said the desperate vegan with tears in her eyes ;)
[20:43] [Darkhawk] I find vegan food not made to imitate meat to be much better/natural.
[20:43] [der_Tommi] No, it's illegal to use words like "vegan steak" since last summer. In the whole EU, in fact.
[20:43] [der_Tommi] Because it's misleading marketing or some such crap.
[20:44] [Darkhawk] well, that's nice, since it is incorrect. But I guess it's not philologues who pushed around their weight in making this change, but rather some meat lobby ;)
[20:44] [der_Tommi] Indeed.
[20:45] [Darkhawk] Just as "I'm not a male, I'm an Apache helicopter' is a false statement, no matter how much you'd like to be a helicopter ;)
[20:46] [der_Tommi] Well, I'd argue it's not so clear with words like "Schnitzel". What if the plant product was cut from a bigger whole as well...?
[20:46] [Darkhawk] of course, there'll be grey areas
[20:46] [der_Tommi] And half of sausages are half vegan anyway, they just don't advertise that...
[20:47] [Darkhawk] Not Schnitzel probably, since one thing is the meaning, the other what it refers to. And I guess Germany would like to trademark Schnitzel if they could, just as Greece did with Feta, heh.
[20:47] [Darkhawk] half-vegan isn't really cutting it for vegans tho ;)
[20:47] [der_Tommi] Sure, but how much meat must there be for it to be called "Wurst"?
[20:48] [Darkhawk] Unless it's trademarked and there are rules about this (there is with lots of Italian cuisine actually), then it's relative, obviously.
[20:49] [Darkhawk] Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat Zwei. I hope you've heard this German classic Schlager a lot ;)
[20:50] [der_Tommi] I... might have? They always play those at these outside rower gatherings.
[20:50] [Darkhawk] It's an old one anyway.
[20:50] [der_Tommi] So are most of the rowers.
[20:51] [Darkhawk] heh
[20:51] [Darkhawk] Ah well, enough relaxing, time to work again
[20:52] [der_Tommi] And it's not like vegan products are trying to mislead anyway...
[20:52] [der_Tommi] Otherwise there wouldn't be big stickers with "vegan" on them...
[20:53] [der_Tommi] It's not like they're trying to pass it off as unusually expensive meat products.
[20:53] [Darkhawk] That's true
[20:53] [der_Tommi] They just want the vegetarian products to sound less legit.
[20:54] [der_Tommi] And make it harder to describe what the product actually is: a vegan imitation of product X.
[20:55] [der_Tommi] But well, have a nice work.
[20:56] [der_Tommi] (Also, I don't really care if they taste just like meat because by now I'm actually more used to them and the meat versions taste wrong.)
[20:57] [der_Tommi] (And the taste is mostly spices anyway.)
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