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[01:15] [Darkhawk] uhm right! This screen doesn't blink. But hello all who joined and left again! And bye, trying to get to bed early
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[09:35] [Tarragon] Hello
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[12:46] [der_Tommi] Hello.
[12:47] [der_Tommi] Sheesh these mounts are slow in DA:I. Just timed myself running vs riding across a bridge, and it was 15.7 vs 19.6 seconds.
[12:48] [der_Tommi] And yes, I know about the gallop speed.
[14:10] [Tarragon] Yeah, that's why no one uses them :P
[14:10] [Tarragon] But the harts are pretty though!
[14:14] [der_Tommi] Yeah, I only use them because I'm a goddamn nobleman..
[14:15] [der_Tommi] Starting to see why Darkhawk doesn't like this that much, though. Give me a spoiler: Is there going to be *any* cinematics whatsoever in the Exalted Plains, beyond the initial chat with the scout?
[14:16] [Tarragon] The Exalted Plains rather suck, in my humble opinion.
[14:16] [Tarragon] Do what you have to there, I'd say, no more, unless you're a compulsive comp-letionist like me.
[14:16] [der_Tommi] Ah, so it's not to be taken as a sample of what to expect?
[14:17] [der_Tommi] Well, I already did the main quest as far as I can tell...
[14:17] [Tarragon] Is it the second thing you've been to?
[14:17] [der_Tommi] Thing?
[14:17] [Tarragon] Field
[14:17] [der_Tommi] Area?
[14:17] [Tarragon] Yes
[14:17] [der_Tommi] Could it be? I've been to Hinterlands, Storm Coast, and the ridiculous desert rock maze to the west at least.
[14:18] [der_Tommi] And I tried to swamp to the south earlier but my level was too low.
[14:19] [der_Tommi] I found Hinterlands to be OK, since you actually got some story in Redcliffe that tied into the general situation. In Exalted Marches, there seems to be just some bare hints of story.
[14:20] [Tarragon] They're all different, and there's a few I really don't like (Exalted Plains, Crestwood, Western Approach, fe). And there's a few I really love (Hissing Wastes, Emerald Graves). I'm guessing everyone has that.
[14:20] [der_Tommi] OK.
[14:20] [Tarragon] The Hissing Wastes is something else though. It's true to its name and there's odd stuff going on.
[14:21] [der_Tommi] But just to be clear: Does the "two warring factions" storyline ever move anywhere beyond "thanks for saving us from all these undead"?
[14:21] [Tarragon] Emprise du Lion is good for story-ish stuff. Just getting through there is something of a narrative compared to the other areas.
[14:22] [Tarragon] Nope.
[14:22] [der_Tommi] OK.
[14:23] [Tarragon] The Fallow Mire is also there solely to save your men. But, slightly spoilery, if you finish that, you get a hilarious judgement and possibly a map mission.
[14:24] [der_Tommi] Oh, and I keep wanting to respond to those guys who keep saying "I hate waiting to die" by "can't wait for you to die either"...
[14:24] [Tarragon] I personally also like the Storm Coast, Emprise du Lion, and the Forbissen Oasis. And The extra area from Jaws of Hakkon. Not so much the extra dwarf area, because it's a dungeon crawl.
[14:25] [Tarragon] Forbidden*
[14:25] [der_Tommi] The Forbidden Oasis is just one big platformer puzzle, right?
[14:25] [Tarragon] Sort of.
[14:25] [der_Tommi] No actual story or cinematics to be found?
[14:25] [Tarragon] It's the area for the shards.
[14:26] [der_Tommi] I know.
[14:26] [der_Tommi] That's what makes it one big platformer puzzle. It looks pretty, though.
[14:26] [Tarragon] That's pretty much it. I'm sure there's soem lore in those caves, but I like eking out all the lore from the small corners. In the end the whole of it adds so much to the world and the implications of a lot of stuff in the main story.
[14:27] [Tarragon] some*
[14:28] [der_Tommi] That's where we differ... I hate piecing together the broader story from an assortment of lengthy poems and stories, the relevance of which I can only guess at.
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[14:29] [der_Tommi] The ME codex is much better - you want to know about X, you go and read a tightly written text about X.
[14:29] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[14:29] [Tarragon] Then you might like Emprise better than the Wastes. Crestwood more than Storm Coast, etc.
[14:29] [Tarragon] Hello
[14:30] [der_Tommi] OK.
[14:32] [Tarragon] Western Approach is fairly storyish too.
[14:32] [der_Tommi] OK, great.
[14:33] [der_Tommi] I do like many parts of the story stuff. I just wish it wasn't quite as split into "story parts" and "mindless fetch quests" as it is.
[14:34] [Tarragon] I like the Dalish camp in the Exalted Plains though.
[14:34] [der_Tommi] Like, I enjoy many of the inner circle interactions. Especially Josienne. For once a properly aristocratic character. :)
[14:34] [der_Tommi] Really? It seems to be just about fetch quests too.
[14:35] [Tarragon] Yeah, but one of them is chasing a Halla around.
[14:35] [der_Tommi] No hint of conflict between the warring human factions and the Dalish either, which is a shame.
[14:35] [der_Tommi] That does sound interesting.
[14:35] [Tarragon] There's a secret area about the last exalted march against the Dales if you can find it.
[14:36] [der_Tommi] "Area about"? As in an area with some random texts and statues about it?
[14:37] [Tarragon] I'm confusing two things...
[14:38] [Tarragon] One is a cave with lore and a quest, and the secret area is a quest too, and has a weapon as a reward in the end.
[14:38] [der_Tommi] OK.
[14:39] [Tarragon] A few of those judgements are truly hilarious too, makes certain areas and quests worth doing just for that.
[14:39] [der_Tommi] OK, sounds good.
[14:41] [der_Tommi] Oh, and one thing I positively hate is having to run back to camp to refill my potions..
[14:41] [Tarragon] I have a mod that auto loots herbs and such too because I got tired of doing them one by one to keep up my supply for potions.
[14:42] [Tarragon] From the area around me.
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[17:00] [der_Tommi] That sounds like a mod I'd actually want to install. Also, inventory capacity...
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[18:05] [Tarragon] Well then
[18:06] [Tarragon] Instead of inv capacity I tend to install mods that remove weight or allow bigger stacks.
[18:07] [Tarragon] Especially Elder Scrolls games are tedious without weightlesness mods.
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[22:07] [Tarragon] I'm off. Also: Hey hey, impeachment! Night everyone.
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