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[00:04] [Darkhawk] hrmph
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[04:28] [Darkhawk] alright! Off early. Wooh
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[09:45] [Tarragon] Hello
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[14:02] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[14:03] [Tarragon] Hello
[14:03] [Dustman] heya
[14:04] [Tarragon] How is your spawn doing?
[14:04] [Darkhawk] Hey Dustman
[14:10] [der_Tommi] OK, so Skyfall just... falls in my lap. I wonder why we didn't go there to begin with..
[14:11] [der_Tommi] *Skyhold..
[14:13] [der_Tommi] That trebuchet-aiming task was real annoying though... I had no idea if I was supposed to stop turning it every time more enemies came or if I was supposed to do it while fighting them off.
[14:13] [Tarragon] I'm assuming because only one guy knew where it was and also Haven was closest to the Breach.
[14:14] [der_Tommi] Finally figured out that their arrival was keyed to the progress bar, so I just did it drop by drop and stopped every time I saw a couple of new blips on the radar..
[14:15] [der_Tommi] Let me milk those two-enemy "waves" for guard until the bigger wave came.
[14:15] [der_Tommi] (Pretty weird concept, this "guard".)
[14:16] [Tarragon] Just wait 'till you get masterwork crafying :D. Guard for everyone!
[14:16] [Tarragon] crafting*
[14:16] [der_Tommi] But well, Skyhold sure is pretty.
[14:17] [Tarragon] I like Skyhold.
[14:17] [Tarragon] I like checking every corner of Skyhold any time I stop there just for random NPC banter. And notes.
[14:18] [Tarragon] I have, however, yet to ever see the quizquisition.
[14:18] [der_Tommi] I'm just happy I can finally wear something other than that weird underwear to those war table meetings.
[14:19] [Tarragon] I... I have mods for that.
[14:19] [der_Tommi] "Quizquisition"?
[14:19] [Tarragon] I have... different starting armour... and... different Skyhold outfits.
[14:19] [Tarragon]
[14:19] [der_Tommi] Hmm. I'm usually too lazy for mods, but..
[14:20] [Tarragon] I have like 30 mods on DA:I....
[14:21] [der_Tommi] I'm never sure if they're going to be cool or just break something that's already good. I usually go there only if something really irks me.
[14:25] [Tarragon] I have clothing retextures, new armours, different armours, romance mods, simultaneous romance mods, various different hairstyle mods, about 3 mods restoring various cut content, 2 mods making a few changes to rogue and mage skill trees, a mod for more inquisition perks which I installed after my 3rd playthrough, at which point I also installed 2 mods for more crafting mats loot, one mod that
[14:25] [Tarragon] disabled the mud on clothes that just makes them look faded whenever you spend more than a minute outside Skyhold, a mod for sigils because vanilla there's just no use for them, a mod to remove Dorian's facial hair, a mod to remobe Blackwall's facial hair, a mod to remove map fog, and of course the unofficial game patch which all Bioware games need, frankly.
[14:30] [der_Tommi] I admit I could use some more hairstyles and clothing options... As far as Barbie accessories go, the selection in the game is pretty limited. But looking through the list of mods, there seems to be a slight female bias?
[14:30] [Tarragon] Slight is quite the understatement!
[14:34] [der_Tommi] Okay, with hair, it seems to be almost 100% female...
[14:36] [der_Tommi] I just need something ridiculously stylish for my guy, for formal occasions..
[14:37] [der_Tommi] I need to be on par with those exquisite Orlesians..
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[15:10] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:16] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion
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[17:12] [Wheri] All caught up on Discovery again.
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[19:59] [der_Tommi] Me too.
[20:07] [Darkhawk] I watched the first 4 episodes of The Orvilles yesterday, apropos Star Trek. So far.. Very simplistic with giant plotholes. And other annoying things. But it's in space. Star Trek 'spoof' - actually not so much comedy as I thought there'd be. So there you have it.
[20:07] [Darkhawk] I'll probably hate it after 2 more episodes.
[20:11] [Wheri] I'll probably get to that when the whole season is out. What I heard so far is that it's got pretty decent Trek bits, but insufferable characters.
[20:12] [Darkhawk] Yeah, wouldn't say either, really.
[20:13] [Darkhawk] It's built very much like ST:NG, but it's been a while since I saw that series, so I wonder if I'd wince at all the plotholes there, if I saw it again. Or maybe it was just a better series in that regard. I hope so.
[20:18] [Wheri] I definitely can't compare them properly yet. So far, I've only seen the pilot of TNG, and the only thing I can say is I understend why the general suggestion is starting with Season 3.
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[21:13] [Tarragon] t just sort of dawned on me that Dutch people like swearing with diseases so much that we have turned disease names into verbs in order to diversify/increase the range.
[21:14] [Tarragon] I mean, I knew already of course, but now I'm kind of... "Wow. Yeah... and I think I like it?"
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[21:15] [Tarragon] And for some reason we also swear with the French word for rain, which is slang for throwing in that context.
[21:17] [Tarragon] And somehow rules apply too! Like some disease names just don't do as verbs and it's instinctive which ones will or won't!
[21:32] [Cyrilion] Anyone tried watching Scorpion?
[21:32] [Cyrilion] It's like an entire series consisting of nothing but that hacking scene from NCIS
[21:32] [Tarragon] Uhm, which hacking scene from NCIS?
[21:32] [Darkhawk] .. what's NCIS? ;)
[21:32] [Cyrilion] Two people, one keyboard
[21:32] [Darkhawk] hehe, great
[21:33] [Cyrilion]
[21:33] [Tarragon] Our TV guide once used this description for an NCIS episode: "the team solve the murder of a US marine." ...
[21:33] [Cyrilion] Then ctrl +c, ctrl + v for the rest?
[21:34] [Tarragon] Heheh.
[21:35] [Tarragon] So, since Bones and Grimm are done now, I am in fact shopping for at least 2 new series! Will check out Scorpion.
[21:35] [Cyrilion] Only for the factual errors.
[21:35] [Tarragon] Yeah, I'll be sure to ask BF about any factual errors....
[21:36] [Cyrilion] There'll be aplenty for you to norice too
[21:36] [Cyrilion] -a
[21:36] [Cyrilion] *notice
[21:36] [Cyrilion] ...
[21:37] [Tarragon] I cringed throughout Wonder Woman btw. The horror! It was a better horror than horror films for the absolute massacre of Greek myth.
[21:37] [Tarragon] The gore. Just... torn apart by vicious beasts.
[21:38] [Darkhawk] I can't watch Wonder Woman, because the actress is a zionist, former soldier, advocating killing palestinians... Can't shut that knowledge out, apparently. First time I had that problem. Could even watch Mel Gibson movies (not that they're worth watching ;))
[21:38] [Tarragon] I ripped it.
[21:38] [Darkhawk] Yeah, still
[21:39] [Cyrilion] Hehehe. Just rip it, Darkhawk . You don't have to watch it :)
[21:39] [Darkhawk] And Thor really destroys Norse lore too
[21:40] [Tarragon] Don't watch it. Whoever said it was good is.... far removed from reality. No one should ever treat myth that way without a footnote and a content warning.
[21:40] [Tarragon] Did not watch Thor.
[21:40] [Tarragon] For the same reasons.
[21:40] [Tarragon] And also... Captain Kirk. Can't see him in any other role now.
[21:40] [Cyrilion] Did watch Thor. Haven't seen Wonder Woman.
[21:41] [Cyrilion] Ok. Haven't watched Ragnarok either
[21:42] [Tarragon] Disney Hercules managed not to mangle history/myth as much. Just wrong.
[21:42] [Wheri] Aren't the Norse characters aliens in Marvel?
[21:42] [Cyrilion] But yeah, don't watch Marvel or DC movies if you expect them to stay true to the mythologies they got their inspiration from
[21:42] [Cyrilion] Yes, Wheri
[21:43] [Tarragon] I don't mind a bit of adaptation, playing around... This was... omfg. Just use different names if you make it all up!
[21:44] [Cyrilion] Ok. Inspiration is too much... How about them needing a setting and being too lazy to come up with one?
[21:44] [Tarragon] They couldn't come up with a few personal and place names?
[21:46] [Tarragon] Anyway, lore rant over.
[21:48] [Tarragon] (Alright I lied. Honestly I wouldn't have been surprised if vampires had suddenly popped up like in the kind of *cough*bad*cough* RP some people like)
[21:50] [Tarragon] Any more series recommendations though?
[21:51] [Cyrilion] Really wasn't a recommendation ;)
[21:51] [Tarragon] (I will try *anything*)
[21:52] [Wheri] I'm going to bring Travelers up again, if you haven't seen it yet.
[21:52] [Tarragon] Noted.
[21:53] [Wheri] Also, I wonder if Person of Interest has ended yet. I really liked that, but lost interest when they started doing the whole major story thing.
[21:54] [Tarragon] I'd like a good episodical, yeah, without too much overarching plot for once.
[21:54] [Wheri] Yeah, good luck with that. I haven't seen one in a while.
[21:55] [Wheri] (I'd like one, too, is what I'm saying)
[21:55] [Cyrilion] Well.. Scorpion sort of covers that.
[21:56] [Cyrilion] Apart from the little word "good"
[21:56] [Tarragon] You'd think Sherlock Holmes inspried series would be better at being episodical, or at least mostly so.
[21:56] [Tarragon] inspired*
[21:56] [Wheri] Hey, House was pretty decent at first.
[21:57] [Tarragon] I quite liked that I could quickly recognise which story they were basing the episode on in Elementary though.
[21:57] [Wheri] Aged like a fine milk, though. I tried re-watching the first few episodes recently.
[21:57] [Tarragon] House was... not a good idea for me. Anxiety issues around diseases :D. Also the autism and asexuality episodes, ugh.
[21:59] [Wheri] I don't think I watched far enough for those. Unless you mean the autistic kid in one of the earlier seasons... yeah, that was dumb.
[22:03] [Wheri] I've also enjoyed the first four episodes of Suits. Lawyers lawyerin'. Pretty funny, but may fall into drama.
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[22:36] [Tarragon] Off for sleep, night everyone.
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