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[04:33] [Arash] Right, off early, I'm so good!
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[15:09] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[15:23] [Tarragon] Hello
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[16:45] [Darkhawk] Heya
[16:45] [Darkhawk] bit busy already with preparing my move back to downtown Aarhus. No gaming for 3 days!
[17:01] [Tarragon] You're moving again?
[17:02] [Darkhawk] Yeah, thought I had said so, but maybe not. My tactic paid off in maneuvering to get the best possible apartment, so I got an apartment in the center of Aarhus that's around the same m2 but 20% cheaper than what I have now, so that's great. Only took 5 years of living crappy places to get to this point ;)
[19:23] [Darkhawk] Not getting a job yet though, which will be a problem soon enough when trying to study fulltime and have no income.
[19:24] [Darkhawk] Oh well! Now it's time to read A Handmaid's Tale, not something I do just because it's gotten fashionable, but because it'll be 'interesting' seeing (and probably hating then) the series after actually having read the book.
[19:24] [Tarragon] Not getting into that.
[19:25] [Darkhawk] uuh, mysterious.
[19:25] [Tarragon] Naw, just feel it'd be too depressing.
[19:25] [Darkhawk] alas... Well, the stage is set for me then
[19:26] [Tarragon] From everything I've heard it'd be like reading the fantasy Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
[19:33] [Darkhawk] well, I read a lot of depressing stuff every day, a.k.a. the news, and am pretty flegmatic, to use a nicer word for totally unfazed ;)
[19:34] [Darkhawk] Although in some weird way, Age of Decadence got to me in a way beheadings and throwing homosexuals off buildings didn't.
[19:35] [Tarragon] So do I, which is why I make a point to avoid too much realism in those areas in my entertainment.
[19:35] [Tarragon] Or if there is, only if the ending is unrealistically happy/satisfying.
[19:38] [Darkhawk] yeah, most do. Luckily for me, one area hasn't bled into the other, so I don't need happy stories to make up for the bad in the world. Yet anyway.
[19:39] [Tarragon] I'm just not as mentally fortified as I was, but that might turn around again.
[19:39] [Darkhawk] Understandable. I dunno what's both realistic and happy though ;)
[19:40] [Darkhawk] Well, there are some ok feel-good movies out there I guess, that are not just bad. Usually the feel-good also involves sacrifice, death and Romeo/Julie stuff, but hey.
[19:40] [Tarragon] Well, if I know that things will be fine enough in the end I can watch most things. Never going near Tess of the d'Urbervilles again though, because it wasn't just depressing, it was also boring.
[19:41] [Darkhawk] Like Cloud Atlas is a really nice book, and also a very well-made movie.
[19:41] [Tarragon] But a lot of entertainment only shows romanticised stuff that's nothing close to real injustice, and there's nothing hard about playing/watching/reading that.
[19:42] [Darkhawk] That's actually hard for me, because it's so fake, and I detest falsehood more than reality. I constantly think how people get brainwashed by all this, and how.. indecent it is to be so false, instead of trying to do something good and worthy in spite of all the bad.
[19:42] [Darkhawk] But that's me.
[19:43] [Darkhawk] And if people don't get brainwashed, but feel better seeing it, that's fair.
[19:43] [Darkhawk] It also results in a lot of no-spiritual-calories crap tho.. So many shows you watch and forget.
[19:44] [Tarragon] Like being an elf in DA games.
[19:44] [Darkhawk] hehe
[19:44] [Darkhawk] They've toned that down too really.
[19:44] [Tarragon] It's satisfying rather than the real experience of injustice.
[19:45] [Darkhawk] Yeah, games and movies and such are different from reality in that we can think we're not powerless. Or that change is possible.
[19:45] [Tarragon] Though in the first game they sort of just said you were discriminated against and then never showed it, and in the second you couldn't play one, in I at least they show a bit of it.
[19:46] [Darkhawk] Didn't play a city elf in the first I think, but I had the impression you'd get yours in the origin story there. But maybe not.
[19:46] [Tarragon] It's nice to be in a position to crush your enemies or to make social change in your entertainment, when you have to make 100 times the effort in real life with no gains usually.
[19:47] [Darkhawk] It doesn't work for me, because it's not real.
[19:47] [Tarragon] Well, the origin story is the only place you can even really notice you're not just a human really.
[19:47] [Tarragon] And it was so ham-fisted it makes the subsequent games look elegant.
[19:48] [Darkhawk] But what works is that I've never thought change was possible. Gothness, yay! ;) And the knowledge that you can make a difference. To a few, by showing them that not all are like the majority. And maybe that can spread a little. But it won't change the world, unless there's a wave in that direction. Which is usually easy to predict.
[19:48] [Tarragon] Like, the cis white guys who are nobles come along to rape all teh womenz and kill all teh menz.
[19:48] [Tarragon] And then you slaughter them all. Single-handedly.
[19:49] [Darkhawk] There is actually a wave in the western world that makes good change in LGBT and stuff such as in The Handmaid's Tale more likely.
[19:49] [Darkhawk] Haha yes, power fantasies... Boring.
[19:50] [Darkhawk] And ultimately, quite empty. Because.. Not real. Fake. And not very well-done either, to add insult to injury. If it had that at least...
[19:51] [Darkhawk] Some adventures feel better there actually. But, anyway, not to add to gloom and doom, time for that book :)
[22:05] [Tarragon] Off, night everyone.
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