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[10:04] [Cyrilion] Morning
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[12:54] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[16:07] [Arash] Well. This internet instability is really annoying, but poor people don't have many choices.
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[18:32] [Tarragon] Hello
[18:32] [der_Tommi] Hello.
[18:34] [der_Tommi] I'm curious: When you play these RPGs with limited squad size like Mass Effect, how do you go about picking the squad to each mission? Do you use the same favorite squad for everything and ignore the other characters or do you try to make sure nobody feels left out?
[18:37] [Tarragon]
[18:38] [Tarragon] Afaik they never say a word about feeling left out, so it's not a concern. You can add it in yourself of course, but it's not always worth the effort.
[18:39] [Tarragon] If I want to feel annoyed about the lack of a mechanic like that because I really like the game, I'll make the effort of doing it myself so I can feel properly guilty when I favour some people :P
[18:46] [der_Tommi] I see. (Though you didn't really answer my question.)
[18:46] [der_Tommi] Also, the game looks fun.
[18:46] [Tarragon] Yeah, I'm good like that ;)
[18:47] [Tarragon] So it depends. In ME:A I just went with Jaal and usually Vetra or Peebee. Sometimes I'd go for Drack or Liam, I don't think I ever used Cora except when I had to.
[18:48] [Tarragon] In DA:I it's frustrating various ways: I feel more involved so I feel worse about favouring people. And then there's the fact I like so many of the NPCs that I feel like I want to take more of them more often than I can and more of them at the same time.
[18:50] [Tarragon] There's really only one NPC I really don't like there, and 2 more than are sort of meh, but they still give funny enough banter with the other chars so I do want them along sometimes.
[19:21] [der_Tommi] I also have a tendency to want to spend time with all the chars in most games. Even if I don't particularly like them, it feels really dumb that they're just sitting around. In ME1 it's a little better, because Liara and Tali have more reason to be on the ship than being fighters.
[19:21] [der_Tommi] And in DA2, it was very nice that the NPCs were implied to be living their own lives when not with you instead of waiting at the camp like in DA1..
[19:22] [der_Tommi] I hope they kept that one good thing from DA2 in DA:I?
[19:23] [Tarragon] There's no camp, no.
[19:23] [Tarragon] As such
[19:24] [der_Tommi] So how does it work?
[19:26] [Tarragon] There's a castle and an organisation for them to be busy with, and it seems like some of them have stuff to do either for the castle or the organisation, but with some of them I wonder.
[19:26] [Tarragon] In DA2 they just lived in that town though.
[19:26] [Tarragon] Bit more to be going on with.
[19:27] [Tarragon] Then again the stuff in DA:I is meant to be less permanent than whatever went on in DA2
[20:10] [der_Tommi] OK, sounds good. I think I'll try that after replaying the Mass Effect games.
[20:10] [der_Tommi] What do you mean by permanent?
[20:11] [der_Tommi] Yes, they lived in that town and had jobs etc. So I could imagine if I didn't get the guard captain on a mission it was because she had to solve a case or something.
[20:12] [der_Tommi] So it was easy to keep your immersion intact, even if you sometimes took on people you technically didn't like as much.
[20:33] [Tarragon] Well, making a life in a town is usually meant to be permanent or semi-permanent. Whatever they're doing in DA:I isn't like that.
[20:53] [der_Tommi] OK.
[21:01] [Arash] I always try to juggle them at first, to get a feel for their personality (such as it is...). Then after a while I bring those that I feel suits my character best, and don't use the rest. Would be nice if others did other things while not out with my char tho'.
[21:10] [Wheri] I would prefer to have to pick not just for story reasons, but because it would allow/require a different approach for each mission. In ME, I tried to rotate them, which lead to some amusing results.
[22:09] [Tarragon] Bedtime. Night everyone.
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