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[05:58] [Darkhawk] Yes, they are similar there.
[05:59] [Darkhawk] Also.. 'Something'. That would be spoiling. So I'll just agree ;)
[06:02] [Darkhawk] And be off.. Interesting semi-job interview in 4 hours as project-lead helping hrm, whatever the term in english would be... Which I don't know, so I don't dare say it, for fear of being NT'ed! ;) Uh, but I sure hope I get that job, first one I've been interested in since my stint at the university.
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[12:36] [Darkhawk] heya
[13:20] [der_Tommi] Hello.
[13:20] [der_Tommi] Did you have the interview? (After four hours of sleep, presumably?)
[13:25] [Darkhawk] 3 hours, and yeah. Went well.
[13:25] [Darkhawk] However, lots of people applying, and it was only a pre-interview, so I need to be selected for the next one as well in 2 weeks time.
[13:26] [Darkhawk] It sounds like a rather pefect job, so.. Hrm. Well I'm a cynic of course, won't get it, etc., but would like to, and that's saying something, me being me ;) Maybe it's because playing MMO's has shown me there's a better life out there, heh.
[13:29] [der_Tommi] Is it a long-term job?
[13:30] [Darkhawk] It's one of those were you have to fundraise to keep it ;)
[13:30] [Darkhawk] So in theory yeah
[13:30] [Darkhawk] but in reality probably not. I like that uncertainty tho, because then you can get pretty directly evaluated on whether you succeed in raising funds.
[13:31] [Darkhawk] typically also way more freedom/flexibility in such jobs.
[13:31] [der_Tommi] And what's "being NT'd"?
[13:32] [Darkhawk] )I forgot what the term stands for again, but something about being normal as an NT. And the job is to run a café for people with anxiery/fear, OCD, depression and bipolarity.
[13:33] [Darkhawk] So I must be careful understanding and not judging/typecasting, because I am normal.
[13:34] [der_Tommi] Ah, right, I glanced at your discussion about NTs messing around with other people's lives.
[13:34] [Darkhawk] yup
[13:35] [Darkhawk] How's your RP doing, btw?
[13:37] [der_Tommi] Well, we still only had one session, half of which we spent creating characters. But it went nicely enough, and the players were super excited to hear the exotic language of my people.
[13:37] [der_Tommi] (Not sure if I told you already that it's about Germans visiting Finland around year 1000, with no translation convention.)
[13:38] [Darkhawk] yeah you did.
[13:38] [Darkhawk] Playing once a month then?
[13:39] [der_Tommi] Twice a week except for this week, because it's the long weekend of German unification.
[13:39] [Darkhawk] Eh ok. So what are the Germans doing there?
[13:39] [der_Tommi] As a poorly integrated foreigner, I'm spending today working, of course.
[13:39] [Darkhawk] Twice a week is a lot, you're used to that? That's actually more than I'd do. At least as a GM.
[13:40] [der_Tommi] Sorry, I meant every two weeks...
[13:40] [Darkhawk] ah, right, better ;)
[13:41] [der_Tommi] And I'm not entirely sure what they do. It doesn't seem to be a massive day of celebration. On the wall day, there's some kind of professions with lanterns for some reason.
[13:42] [der_Tommi] (But that's a separate holiday at a different time.)
[13:43] [Darkhawk] Huh yeah, I didn't get the impression Germans did much on this unification day. At least not the younger ones.
[13:45] [der_Tommi] There's probably something at the Brandenburger Tor.
[13:45] [Darkhawk] So get out there and be cultural!
[13:45] [der_Tommi] In this weather? No thanks..
[13:46] [Darkhawk] pft ;)
[13:56] [Sekra] Germans are not allowed to celebrate their country too much.. bad things happen when they get overly patriotic..
[13:56] [Darkhawk] More like bad things happen when they vote...
[13:58] [der_Tommi] Is that a historical remark or...?
[13:59] [Sekra] natürlich
[14:00] [der_Tommi] I mean the remark from Darkhawk.
[14:00] [Darkhawk] 'historical' from what, 7 days ago.
[14:01] [Darkhawk] But yeah, they also voted for Hitler ;)
[14:01] [der_Tommi] That's a pretty standard European election result, though..
[14:02] [Sekra] voting for Hitler? how is that a standard european result, only germans were allowed to vote for him
[14:02] [Sekra] :P
[14:02] [Darkhawk] *roll eyes* ;)
[14:02] [Darkhawk] It's pretty mild trolling!
[14:03] [Sekra] well I'm still in bed and I slept only a few hours last night.. and I dont have any caffeine in me yet
[14:03] [Darkhawk] mh, I dunno'...
[14:04] [der_Tommi] I'm really not sure who's talking to whom here anymore.
[14:04] [der_Tommi] (Or rolling their eyes to whom.)
[14:04] [Darkhawk] ok, then I could also roll my eyes at you
[14:05] [Sekra] as long as the balls keep rolling
[14:08] [Sekra] so, anything interesting going on?
[14:09] [Darkhawk] dunno, what would be interesting? And how about you, except for the fact that you're still in bed?
[14:12] [Sekra] ehh, I'm pretty much the same old.. things come and go, and I just float along
[14:13] [Darkhawk] Maybe the same here. Working a little, not working a little, studying some, mostly gaming ;)
[14:13] [Darkhawk] But Tomi gets all the excitement, and he'll now proceed to tell you a lot!
[14:14] [der_Tommi] Yeah, Tomi has really had the greatest adventures recently!
[14:16] [Sekra] interesting, tell me more
[14:16] [der_Tommi] I'll let Tomi tell you himself.
[14:16] [der_Tommi] My life is pretty exciting too, though. David Morgan Mar just published the annotation I requested half a year ago as I became a $5 patron!
[14:16] [der_Tommi]
[14:17] [Darkhawk] wow.. I'm so excited now it doesn't matter I've only slept 3 hours, I'm wide-awake after that!
[14:19] [der_Tommi] Now I can finally withdraw my patronage!
[14:19] [Darkhawk] How stupid of him then
[14:21] [Sekra] indeed.
[14:23] [Darkhawk] Do you play any interesting games these days Sekra, or do you still have gaming interests that are wholly different from the good/i.e. mine?
[14:23] [Darkhawk] Like stuff with tanks and wargaming.
[14:24] [Darkhawk] Or well, historical wargaming. Wargaming in space is great.
[14:24] [Darkhawk] or with dragons!
[14:26] [der_Tommi] How about Total War etc? Are those great or do they suck?
[14:29] [Darkhawk] THey're kinda samey and boring now. I always check them out though, and always only play the campaign, auto-resolving the tactical battles, because I absolutely loathe them in that game. The first Rome: Total War is one of my favourites though. And also, surprisingly, Total War: Warhammer is actually a quite good game, very varied factions, fun to play all of them through.
[14:30] [der_Tommi] OK, but in theory, historical warfare with swords still classifies as "cool".
[14:31] [Darkhawk] In theory every kind of game setting 'could' be cool.
[14:31] [Sekra] ehh, I guess kinda still that
[14:31] [Darkhawk] I actually played.. Uh.. Something. Something Pacific.
[14:31] [der_Tommi] Sure if you want to go all nuanced.
[14:32] [Darkhawk] With planes and tanks and turnbased stuff. It wasn't the worst, but didn't complete it.
[14:32] [Sekra] some survival games too, like 7 days to die
[14:32] [Darkhawk] Heh right, I backed 7 days to die. Still waiting on the final version before trying ;)
[14:33] [Sekra] its probably actually not too far now
[14:33] [Sekra] they still dont want to cut any corners though and there are a few major features still missing like the roaming NPC bandits
[14:33] [Darkhawk] seems like they keep adding oodles of content and bugfixing. Which is fine, as long as they're not slowing down. More meat.
[14:33] [Darkhawk] Or brains
[14:34] [Sekra] oh and I did get into Escape from Tarkov when it went to "closed" (anyone who preorders gets in) beta
[14:34] [Darkhawk] oh yeah, is that promising?
[14:35] [Sekra] its super promising yeah.. total gun porn
[14:35] [Darkhawk] 'great' ;)
[14:35] [Darkhawk] But S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibes?
[14:35] [Sekra] it's made with Unity (eeeugh) but its actual programmers who know how to code instead of buying asset flips :P
[14:35] [Sekra] kinda, but not really, its more about the shooting still at this point
[14:35] [Darkhawk] Ah Unity. Always makes my gfx card roar like mad, no matter if it's 2D or 3D...
[14:36] [Sekra] yeah, but like I said, they seem to be actual competent programmers.. it looks and runs really great
[14:36] [Sekra] and plays too
[14:36] [Darkhawk] Guess it is possible
[14:37] [Darkhawk] In Thea: The Awakening my TI980 sounds like a jumbojet engine.
[14:37] [Darkhawk] or 980ti I guess
[14:37] [Darkhawk] or something, something, gfxcard pr0n
[14:37] [Sekra] I just dont want to get "too" into it right now since I only bought the cheapest pre-order and it has limited inventory space compared to the more expensive packages.. and until the hideout update comes where you should be able to increase the inventory space in the hideout aka when your not ingame
[14:38] [Darkhawk] Yeah, personally I prefer waiting until a game is totally finished, preferably with expansions. So I'm far behind on games usually, and with the new way of making PC games, that approach is a bit challenging for indie games that are WIP.
[14:39] [Sekra] but at least so far the shooter part of it is super solid, especially since its a full loot game meaning whatever you take with you to a match is lost if you die
[14:40] [Darkhawk] Right. I'll just wait some years, but it did sound somewhat promising.
[14:40] [Sekra] at least the backstory of the game is "refreshing" since its about a war between to private militaries in russia after "an evil american corporation started doing illegal activities in a russian town"
[14:41] [Sekra] and then the russian govt secretly formed a private military company to combat the corporations security forces
[14:41] [Darkhawk] There was also some post-apoc 1st person game Russian made, taking place in Russia, that seems to have been cancelled, that one sounded nice. Now I forgot the name..
[14:50] [Sekra] havent really found anything super fun to play lately, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is pretty okay, so is Cold Waters.. I think those two paired with Escape from Tarkov are the main new games I've played this summer
[14:51] [Darkhawk] The BSG game is a RTS, right? So uurggh...
[14:51] [Sekra] I backed the new Battletech game by Harebrained Schemes, but thats still so early theres not much bones to it.. you can only enjoy a skirmish mode so much
[14:51] [Sekra] the BSG is turn based, not real time
[14:52] [Darkhawk] hrm ok, somehow I thought it was RTS. Then it might be interesting, if there's meat to the campaign as well, and not just battling
[14:52] [Sekra] its pretty good, but nothing spectacular.. even though I guess its actual canon of the first cylon war
[14:52] [Darkhawk] Yeah, I also backed the Harebrained mech game
[14:53] [Sekra] though it will be interesting to see where the lawsuit goes with the battletech game
[14:53] [Darkhawk] Although I'm not a mech guy...
[14:53] [Darkhawk] Yes, I was thinking the same
[14:53] [Darkhawk] Ugly, old mess
[14:53] [Darkhawk] which they don't talk about officially, heh.
[14:53] [Sekra] technically Harmony Gold doesnt have any rights to the things they claim, but the actual rights holders in Japan dont seem to care what HG does in the western world
[14:54] [Darkhawk] It's also true that the mechs look very much alike of course, since hey... But I guess they could just redesign them even if they lose.
[14:54] [Darkhawk] or ok, the game probably gets out before anything's settled ;)
[14:55] [Sekra] well I think the ones in the papers filed for the lawsuit that are in the BT game werent really anything even closely related
[14:56] [Sekra] theres that guy on youtube, leonard french, a copyright lawyer who does the videos about all this shit and he went through the filed papers and the pictures in the lawsuit when it came to the BT game variants were so off its not even funny
[14:56] [Darkhawk] oh ok, didn't see the lawsuit, just the different books from back then
[14:56] [Darkhawk] But it's a crappy detail to sue over. Business as usual with those things.
[14:57] [Sekra] well... the original contracts with Harmony Gold end in like 2019? or so.. so theyre just grasping last ditches to get the last pennies out of the deal
[14:57] [Darkhawk] yep
[14:58] [Sekra] after that even the theoretical rights belong to the japanese, and with the concepts that HG is suing now never actually belonged to HG in the first place (as settled in court earlier) but the Japanese company that actually owns the rights and always has, doesnt seem to interfere with any of the HG legal actions
[14:59] [Sekra] HG sued a bunch of companies at the same time with this lawsuit, where HBS is just one of the parties
[14:59] [Darkhawk] They must have calculated that the expenses would be worth it. Not sure that'll be true ;)
[15:00] [Sekra] one of the sued party was sued because of like a handful of pictures in their documentation.. cant remember if it is a book or a tabletop rpg kinda thingy.. the actual mech designs in that thing arent pictured other than a few "artist illustrations"
[15:01] [Darkhawk] Well, that's usually how it is with these suits. Shotgunning everything
[15:01] [Sekra] Piranha games who make Mechwarrior Online were also sued in that because they had shown a bunch of artist illustrations of possible mech designs that arent actually in the game and I think wont ever be in the game because they were pointed out for the fact that those mech designs they showed were parts of the original law suits and they decided to abandon those models
[15:02] [Sekra] its a stupid lawsuit in the first place
[15:02] [Darkhawk] obviously
[15:03] [Sekra]
[15:03] [Darkhawk] So you're a mech fan... ;)
[15:03] [Darkhawk] Or a lawsuit fan...
[15:03] [Sekra] I think that timestamp should put you in the video where they show the "infringing pictures" with HBS vs HG "owned" mechs
[15:03] [Sekra] nah, not a mech fan, just entertained by all the drama :P
[15:04] [Darkhawk] hrm yes.. They have the similarities that both are mech ;)
[15:04] [Darkhawk] ok, nr. 2 is closer
[15:06] [Darkhawk] nr. 3 even more. Yeah those were the ones I saw I think. Well, whatever, but the way I heard about these visual infrigements in courts, this is actually enough of a case.
[15:06] [Darkhawk] Even if it is stupid and wrong in itself.
[15:06] [Sekra] a few minutes before that timestamp they go through the designs from MWO that like I said, theyre called "the lost mechs" because they were pointed out that putting those in the game would cause legal issues and only a handful of artist illustrations were ever made and shown
[15:08] [Sekra] at least thats what I was told but someone who was more into the whole MWO scene
[15:09] [Darkhawk] I guess in any case, it won't stop the game, or threaten HBS' existence in any case.
[15:09] [Sekra] I doubt it
[15:12] [Sekra] and I guess they can always refer to the fact that Harmony Gold doesnt actually own the designs theyre claiming copyright on :P
[15:12] [Darkhawk] If true, that should be the first step yeah ;) Also the cheapest in regards to lawyer salaries, heh.
[15:13] [Sekra] theres another video thats an hour long describing the earlier lawsuits that show the fact that HG doesnt actually own the rights to those designs
[15:14] [Darkhawk] You've.. really spent some time with this!
[15:15] [Sekra] well I have a lot of time and I play games where I can just listen to the videos, theres not much graphical content in a lawsuit :P
[15:15] [Darkhawk] hehe right
[15:16] [Sekra] apparently the rights end in 2021
[15:20] [Sekra] but yeah.. stuff like that is more or less "easy" to listen to whenever theres no Joe Rogan podcasts around to listen to :P
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[16:10] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[16:12] [Darkhawk] afternoon Cyrilion
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[18:17] [Tarragon] Hello
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[19:25] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion and Tarra
[20:11] [Cyrilion] Hey Tarra
[20:11] [Cyrilion] And hey again, Darkhawk
[20:12] [Darkhawk] hey, time is a weird thing
[20:12] [Cyrilion] And that's without you disconnecting in between
[20:15] [Darkhawk] Yes, that at least is stable today. Bit tricky, seems it gets disturbed only be certain webpages.
[20:15] [Cyrilion] Bitcoin mining?
[20:16] [Darkhawk] If only. So many nerds/libertarians/people scared of surveillance who bought them back in the day. So many millionaires amongst the people I know due to that...
[20:16] [Darkhawk] Not jealous!
[20:18] [Cyrilion] Not what i meant. There's apparently a tendency of certain sites to replace traditional advertising with bitcoin mining plugins
[20:18] [Darkhawk] Well, no luck with me ;)
[20:21] [Cyrilion]
[20:21] [Cyrilion] Just for the logs, I suppose
[20:46] [Darkhawk] yeah, I think my adblocker let's me sleep well at night in regards to that.
[21:37] [Darkhawk] Yeah ok, I can see there's discussion about this in the scene now. Seems many want to adopt it, but of course not without giving the user a choice
[21:37] [Darkhawk] Pretty bad publicity ofr TPB ;)
[21:59] [Darkhawk] wow.. I spent 2 days chasing down a pirated, newest version of Age of Decadence... Turns out I bought it on GOG a month or 2 ago...
[22:00] [Darkhawk] Neat though, I also have Neo Scavenger and Underrail. This older me has good taste in games.
[22:24] [Darkhawk] Also, I've been playing Rimworld for 3 days now. It's great fun! Reminds me why I love that genre. And why Dwarf Fortress is so amazing. Can't really compare with DF, because that's unfair, and DF is lightyears ahead in everything except 2 things. UI and graphics. How I wish they also had a focus on that in DF, instead of waiting 20 years before doing it... Alas.
[22:25] [Wheri] And apparently that storyteller AI is really clever. I can
[22:26] [Wheri] I can't exactly confirm it, but it does seem to try really hard to throw interesting (or silly, in one particular game) events your way.
[22:44] [Darkhawk] I'm running relaxed, base building difficulty, so nothing out of the ordinary in regards to events, but a slow ramp up on difficulty.
[22:44] [Darkhawk] I always want to try to set my colony on the arctic/northpole in such games, but I always take a test run first to get to know the game ;)
[22:45] [Wheri] That counts. Compare FUCKING DEMON WITH AN ENTIRE GOBLIN ARMY a year after you embark!
[22:46] [Tarragon] Off, night everyone.
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[23:06] [Wheri] Wow. Everything in GW2 is down 10% at least. Looks like the expansion has brought in some good money sinks.


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