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[00:49] [Arash] stupid, shoddy tech...
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[04:49] [Arash] and off
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[13:01] [Darkhawk] heya
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[14:41] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
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[16:08] [Tarragon] Hello
[16:15] [Cyrilion] Hey Tarra
[16:49] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra and Cyrilion
[17:03] [Darkhawk] Divinity Original Sin 2 releases today - so maybe I can play that in a years time, heh. Seems like they hit a last minute snag tho'... The power went out in Gent, their homecity, so they can't upload the final version to Steam yet. Heh ;)
[17:03] [Tarragon] Because of the weather? It's bad here too
[17:04] [Darkhawk] The game's looking really good, if you liked the first anyway. More of the same, just bigger and better. It didn't wow me as much as it wowed some and it took 2 tries to finish, but I did like it.
[17:04] [Darkhawk] Dunno if it's because of the weather, didn't rain or anything, there was an outside shot in the video where they explained the delay.
[17:04] [Tarragon] So much rain nearly non-stop lately that all the drains everywhere in town stopped working properly. Whole ponds in the street and toilets overflowing in many places :P (not here luckily).
[17:05] [Darkhawk] Yes, it's also rained for many many days here, and there's been almost no 'summer'. But that'll be normal climate for us now, due to the climate changes. Could be much worse, will be much worse for people living elsewhere. And it's my favourite weather, so yay me! ;)
[17:05] [Wheri] The first one started out really promising, but ended up losing steam very early in both my attempts.
[17:05] [Darkhawk] The Dutch of course, are gonna' drown.
[17:06] [Darkhawk] I actually felt something of the same Wheri, yeah. Which was why it took me 2 tries. After the first area/city-hub, it became less fun.
[17:07] [Wheri] Yeah. But it's definitely fun in co-op, especially if you play up the opposites.
[17:10] [Darkhawk] Yeah, seems well implemented that way. Lots of game mechanic things that are cool and many oldschool RPG touches and funny things. But not so epic/deep/GOTH, more light-hearted easily digestible fun. Which is fine of course.
[17:15] [Wheri] Yeah. The tone didn't quite wor for me. But I seem to have difficulty with any kind of mixed tone in general.
[17:16] [Darkhawk] FFXIV has a 'little' bit of that ;)
[17:16] [Darkhawk] Guess GW2.. Looked at the races. Asura seems like the comedy relief
[17:16] [Wheri] It tried to pull a Bright Heroes! over what started out as a relatively dark medieval thing.
[17:17] [Wheri] Yeah, Asura are kind of the comic relief, but the game's not especially dark, in general. It's practically a cartoon.
[17:18] [Wheri] Sylvari are the most interesting, I'd say. Humans are elves.
[17:18] [Darkhawk] So's FFXIV, although there are lots of 'dark' moments. Just seems less dark because. cheery bright monsters, animals, races, colours ;)
[17:18] [Wheri] Golden Saucer?
[17:19] [Darkhawk] maybe a little ;)
[17:19] [Darkhawk] But yeah, it's japanese
[17:19] [Darkhawk] I'll say though, there's been some great moments in the FFXIV expansions. And great, sad music as well.
[17:20] [Wheri] Seems to be consistent with the rest of the series, at least.
[17:22] [Darkhawk] yes, it's very much the same in all ways. Also the locales, the feel in the different areas/biomes, there's a pretty classic FF formula they all follow.
[17:23] [Tarragon] Well, at least we had practice at drowning in 1953 :P
[17:25] [Tarragon] And it's good that an MMO follows the feel of the other games. That's where the Elder Scrolls MMO went most wrong.
[17:26] [Tarragon] When we all drown though, we have front-row seats right here. My brother, on the other hand, will be one of the last to go under, being all high and mighty off in Drenthe.
[17:27] [Tarragon] (Shhhh, IT'S PRACTICALLY GERMANY)
[17:27] [Darkhawk] Remember to close your doors ;)
[17:27] [Wheri] What's wrong with ESO? I didn't like the game because of all the quest-and-instance stuff, so probably not enough to get much of a feel for the tone.
[17:28] [Tarragon] It's just not got any of the Elder Scrolls feel.
[17:28] [Tarragon] Or not much of it.
[17:29] [Tarragon] They really should have gone for a 'Skyrim online' feel. Instead it's like they took the general MMO feel and then altered the graphics/style.
[17:30] [Darkhawk] For me, ESO is just incredibly devoid of passion or meaning. Like the devs were robots who had it as their work, with no inspiration or ideas. Something that has no purpose other than earn money for the company. Very mediocre, but not badly done, just mechanically with no real point. IMO. And then yeah, some people expected singleplayer Elder Scrolls, which was.. Hrm, not gonna' happen ;)
[17:30] [Tarragon] They also outsourced it I think ,which explains why they couldn't catch the right atmosphere.
[17:31] [Tarragon] Like NWN2.
[17:31] [Wheri] I see. To be fair, I don't have much to compare it to, either. Probably the furthest I've gotten into an Elder Scrolls game was Morrowind, and even that wasn't very far, and also years ago.
[17:31] [Darkhawk] Daggerfall and Morrowind ftw!
[17:31] [Tarragon] It was just not a Bioware game because... it was literally not a Bioware game.
[17:32] [Tarragon] I couldn't play Morrowind because I couldn't play it as in I couldn't get used to all the keys I needed to fight.
[17:34] [Tarragon] I have a whole category of games on Steam where I file the ones I tried and couldn't play because they used too many keys or wouldn't let me bind them myself. "Unplayable due to inaccessibility"
[17:35] [Darkhawk] Someone's remaking Morrowind (and Daggerfall for that matter), guess you can remap then. Though those games look dated now, if that's a problem, of course.
[17:35] [Tarragon] Only if they look as bad as NWN1
[17:36] [Darkhawk] hehe
[17:36] [Tarragon] That was just a time when people shuld have stuck to 2D until they could make 3D look good.
[17:36] [Tarragon] should*
[17:36] [Tarragon] I mean, just a few years later it was fine with Jade Empire.
[17:36] [Tarragon] Only 2 years later if I'm not mistaken
[17:37] [Tarragon] If it looks like Jade Empire it's fine.
[17:37] [Darkhawk] I don't remember the time, but.. time flies.. Jade Empire is newish in my book ;)
[17:37] [Tarragon] Wow no. Jade Empire is right after NWN1.
[17:39] [Darkhawk] Yeah, it's a lot about what visual style you select, more than age. I liked Daggerfalls 3D from 1992! But that's me of course ;)
[17:39] [Cyrilion] Mods are an option for Morrowind, if looks are an issue
[17:39] [Cyrilion]
[17:40] [Cyrilion] (Don't just look at the first part of that, please...)
[17:42] [Wheri] Mods are tricky. I found Morrowind boring without them, tedious without them. There's just too much choice for me, so unless someone shows me a good rebalance/difficulty modpack, I don't think I'm up for another attempt.
[17:42] [Wheri] Tedious with them, I mean.
[17:43] [Cyrilion] Haven't really explored it. Played through it + expansions back a year after release or so. Think I prefer my fond memories over attempting it again
[17:45] [Wheri] Fair enough.
[17:46] [Tarragon] Heh. If I play a game just once that means it was just one nick above so awful that I stopped playing it at all.
[17:48] [Darkhawk] Hrm yes, graphics aren't that important for me, but the new versions looks good. I'm ambivalent with these sorts of mods though, because there's usually not a single artistic vision, so the different textures, made by different people can risk coming together jarringly/themeparkish and not blend in overall. Or if not all textures have been replaced, you end up with quite some disconnect between old and new as well. But of course
[17:48] [Darkhawk] , depends on how good the mod is.
[17:48] [Tarragon] What was that one game again that was made entirely of ripped off pieces of other games?
[17:48] [Darkhawk] In this one there's floating vegetation tho, not so good ;)
[17:48] [Darkhawk] Hehe right, that old game that started on Amiga.
[17:48] [Darkhawk] Forgot its name.
[17:49] [Tarragon] Got the worst game ever award I think and that made people want to have experienced it.
[17:49] [Wheri] Damn, I forgot it too, now. It was pretty big.
[17:49] [Wheri] Shadows of the damned or something?
[17:50] [Wheri] Limbo of the lost?
[17:50] [Darkhawk] Really liked the expansions to Morrowind, especially the last. With all the Dwemer mystery. Was great exploring. After that, they just overdid it to death, again and again, the same formula and sooo many ancient ruins that never felt as magical because hey, you had already seen 100 Dwemer ruins...
[17:50] [Tarragon] Limbo something yes.
[17:50] [Darkhawk] Sometimes, usually, you can get too much of a good thing, and you should do new stuff instead of rehashing old. But that's a big, general problem imo because of the way capitalism works with 'art'.
[17:50] [Darkhawk] Limbo of the Lost!
[17:51] [Darkhawk] Very good memory there ;)
[17:51] [Tarragon] Well, the DA games were kind of different from each other anyway, even with the stuff they need to have in common of course to be a proper series.
[17:52] [Wheri] Google-assisted memory.
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[17:53] [Darkhawk] Somewhat yes, still lots of focus on ancient elven or dwarven stuff, which is great, but after some games where you never change anything or move beyond it, it starts to get to be the same, becauise you don't stir things up. But Bethesda rehashed a lot more in their time, than DA has done yet.
[17:54] [Tarragon] I quite like the new focus on actual ancient elven stuff in DA:I
[17:54] [Tarragon] Before it was more a lot of mention of it and then they never actually showed you much.
[17:55] [Tarragon] DA1 was bad enough that you could be an elf and they promised lots of differentiation between origins, but then you pretty much noticed nothing of it beyond the origin story.
[17:55] [Tarragon] Really the only origin where you could even get something like a different ending was the human noble.
[17:56] [Darkhawk] but if they take it much further after DA:I without shaking things up, it'll be the same for me as with Dwemer ruins in Bethesda games. You can only go so far, before you get too much and it becomes unrelatable and you start wondering what the hell that ancient civilization was doing, with 13819083 different plots and themeparkish ruins and rewrites of what their downfall or schemes were.
[17:57] [Tarragon] I'm hoping for a resolution and/or the world ending in the next DA game, really :D
[17:57] [Darkhawk] hehe, won't end as long as it makes money ;) But Mass Effect might have ended.
[17:58] [Tarragon] Seems to really be moving away from the blight anyway. And better than the life story thing that DA2 had going.
[17:59] [Tarragon] Even though I kind of liked it with the companions and such, I always wondered why I should be interested in just playing 10 years of the life of <insert name here> Hawke.
[18:00] [Tarragon] But *just* because of the circle tower, I still liked DA2 better than DA1. Thing ruined the entire game for me.
[18:04] [Tarragon] Hmm, can we reach consesus at least on a temporary "let's test this game" server for GW2 so we'll at least be on the same server testing it even if we don't go on to play it?
[18:05] [Darkhawk] Yeah, except that I can't see which server I choose right now, it doesn't list it (wants me to make a char, which I've held off). Maybe I can see it after making a char.
[18:05] [Tarragon] Weird. Makes me choose a server first, which is why I asked.
[18:06] [Tarragon] That at least I can do before I actually start the game.
[18:06] [Tarragon] Because you make a char on a server usually?
[18:06] [Darkhawk] maybe I can see it in my account via browser, will check
[18:06] [Tarragon] Are you sure you have the same game as me and Cyrillion? :D
[18:07] [Darkhawk] Yeah, and I did select the server. But I think it's stuck now for me to actually create the char, before it gives me info on what I picked or lets me into all the settings.
[18:07] [Tarragon] I hope you at least picked Underworld or Fissure of Woe...
[18:08] [Tarragon] Because those are teh coolest names obvs!
[18:09] [Wheri] I think the game would be offering you to choose a new server now, Darkhawk. They probably didn't adapt it for this edge case when they were adding free access.
[18:10] [Darkhawk] hrm, doesn't tell me in my account. Guess I'll have to finish making a char to be able to see which server I originally chose 1.5 months ago
[18:12] [Wheri] Hey, at least you got an extra outfit piece from the one you ended up deleting!
[18:14] [Darkhawk] I.. my.. my hair consists of leaves and branches. My ponytail looks like palm-leaves.
[18:14] [Wheri] You haven't seen mine yet.
[18:23] [Tarragon] Ok, so we're all going Sylvari. Good to know :P
[18:23] [Darkhawk] I hate being so typecast...
[18:23] [Tarragon] Dude, you ALWAYS go for the elf.
[18:23] [Wheri] Sylvari aren't elves!
[18:23] [Tarragon] At least I picked a catboy *once* in my life.
[18:24] [Darkhawk] I was close to choosing Lalafell!!!!
[18:24] [Wheri] In fact, if you read the lore, they'll seem suspiciously familiar.
[18:24] [Darkhawk] I'd have chosen Charr to do something different, but it just looks so ugly when they move :(
[18:24] [Tarragon] Yes, like Seed podpeople.
[18:24] [Darkhawk] And I was a human in Seed! Hah! Hahah hah!
[18:24] [Tarragon] Yeah.... Charr look just a bit too much like cats for me to play one.
[18:24] [Darkhawk] Also in EVE!
[18:24] [Wheri] Also, Asura start in the next location over, so should be able to come along come level 10.
[18:25] [Tarragon] Wow Darkhawk.
[18:25] [Darkhawk] And in TSW!
[18:25] [Tarragon] Also you're a bloody Ship in EVE no matter what anyone else says.
[18:25] [Darkhawk] Also, all of these games only had human choices
[18:25] [Tarragon] And a ship.
[18:25] [Darkhawk] I've been many ships then, at least
[18:27] [Tarragon] I don't think I'm into anthropomorphic animals enough to play a Charr. But I like their premise.
[18:28] [Wheri] Roman catbull people!
[18:28] [Tarragon] I thought it was more ancient greece?
[18:28] [Wheri] It's vague enough to be either.
[18:28] [Tarragon] SPAAARTAAAAA
[18:29] [Tarragon] Also I get to pick a Welsh name if I play Sylvari. Wins all around.
[18:30] [Darkhawk] ok, almost there, just need a name.. This is the hardest step, though I'd be faster than Cyrilion I bet ;)
[18:30] [Tarragon] Celtic, specifically Brittonic, or Arthurian. Go wild.
[18:31] [Wheri] Yep. They don't do surnames, though, so have fun coming up with one that's not taken!
[18:31] [Darkhawk] Ah yes.. That's always hard, have to go past 4-5 normally
[18:31] [Tarragon] I've never had trouble coming up with a name that's not taken honestly.
[18:31] [Darkhawk] Good for you!
[18:31] [Tarragon] I know!
[18:32] [Wheri] Still better than Asura with their 4-5-letter names and titles for surnames! Or Charr, who change theirs based on their unit.
[18:33] [Darkhawk] Yep, first one taken ;)
[18:34] [Darkhawk] Probably need to do as usual and combine two names that're not one of the behindthename standard ones.
[18:36] [Darkhawk] Ooor, I could use one of my LoTRO female elf names! Yes!
[18:37] [Darkhawk] Skipping thinking about it now, I mean I already spent hours thinking of those years ago.
[18:37] [Darkhawk] And hah, playing female, not male this time. SO different!
[18:40] [Darkhawk] only problem, now I don't remember the Sindarin meaning behind the name anymore. Can't risk being White Bird when I'm green.. hrm.
[18:40] [Darkhawk] Elunith? Anyone good enough with Welsh/Sindarin to see what that is a combination of?
[18:40] [Darkhawk] Laeneth, Tinnumil?
[18:42] [Darkhawk] Ah, right, pale/blue youth.
[18:54] [Tarragon] Found your server?
[18:54] [Darkhawk] Just now
[18:54] [Darkhawk] Blacktide?
[18:54] [Tarragon] If it's full I might murder you.
[18:55] [Tarragon] Ok not full
[18:55] [Darkhawk] You don't even know where I live!
[18:55] [Tarragon] I have enough hints!
[18:55] [Darkhawk] At least I get a head start
[18:56] [Darkhawk] But anyway, are we doing this... now? Not that I'm shy or anything, it's just.. so sudden. What about Cyrilion, are we checking it out today?
[18:59] [Wheri] Alright, as soon as you're ready, give me your usernames. The ones with the .number in the friends list, not character names.
[19:08] [Darkhawk] I'm not doing anything more than what I have done before we agree on when to jump in :)
[19:20] [Tarragon] I'm just picking a server and messing around with char creation. Not playing until next week or so or until you all want to play.
[19:27] [Tarragon] For example: not getting any sound. That's the kind of thing you want to solve before playing.
[19:28] [Tarragon] So reinstalling and seeing if that helps.
[19:28] [Darkhawk] maybe make sure your speakers are turned on!
[19:28] [Tarragon] I got sound before when I was looking at the sewrver list.
[19:28] [Tarragon] -w
[19:28] [Wheri] Fiddling with the settings didn't help? I used to lose sound in crowded areas, and lowering the quality helped.
[19:29] [Tarragon] No, sound just stopped after a while in the server list and now it's not reappearing even when I ended char creation and went into the first paret of the game (and then quit because I'm not playing yet).
[19:30] [Wheri] Odd.
[19:30] [Darkhawk] Sp Tarra, are you a do-good elf with a bow? ;)
[19:31] [Tarragon] I made one with a bow but I'm likely making the second one to actually play with.
[19:31] [Tarragon] Not sure yet what I'm actually picking as a class for that one.
[19:31] [Tarragon] Prolly going to change the hair and eye colour for the final version too.
[19:32] [Darkhawk] Yeah, I'm not so sure about my eyecolour either.
[19:33] [Wheri] A ranger? Those are pretty interesting. You get to travel around the world, looking for animals to catch!
[19:34] [Darkhawk] mhm, and apparently no one hates them as much as they did some years ago
[19:34] [Darkhawk] where you got kicked out of the dungeon group if you joined as Ranger ;)
[19:37] [Wheri] Good thing I never played dungeons. Or a ranger, beyond the first few levels to see what the class is about.
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[19:48] [Cyrilion_] Reading the logs. Just reached the part where Darkhawk claims he'll be faster than me... Safe bet, there
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[19:51] Nick change: Cyrilion_ -> Cyrilion
[19:53] [Cyrilion] Okay... Recap of the logs... we're all playing female leafy elves. Server is Blacktide. Possibly. And we have no idea about names, classes and eye colours...
[19:54] [Cyrilion] As for doing this... yeah. I'd prefer if we could hold out a couple of days at least
[19:54] [Tarragon] Game's not showing up in my insalled list either. Pretty sure something's not right. So reinstalling.
[19:54] [Tarragon] +t
[19:54] [Tarragon] Also who said I was playing a female elf :P
[19:55] [Cyrilion] I knew I should've tweaked that part of the joke a bit...
[19:55] [Darkhawk] Hehe
[19:55] [Darkhawk] And I have my name. Celinheir
[19:55] [Darkhawk] Bit.. unoriginal, but hey
[19:56] [Cyrilion] Easy to remember, at least
[19:56] [Cyrilion] Heir to Celine Dion
[19:56] [Darkhawk] So let's say what, sunday or monday?
[19:56] [Tarragon] The first I made is Ysgedd, but I'm making another one so don't get too attached to it :P
[19:56] [Darkhawk] Nice try, nice try, but you cannot spoil it that easily!
[19:57] [Cyrilion] But we did pick a specific race, then?
[19:57] [Wheri] Classes are kind of weird, actually. Don't worry about party composition or anything, just pick whatever you think fits best or seems the most fun. Engineers and elementalists are the most complex, warriors and necromanc ers are the least.
[19:57] [Darkhawk] Nah, that was random, the race picking
[19:57] [Tarragon] Just go with what you like. I went with an elf again unlike FFXIV.
[19:57] [Darkhawk] Or 'random', what with Tarra and me being so conservative in all games..
[19:59] [Tarragon] And of course it was inevitable that Darkhawk went with Sylvari.
[19:59] [Darkhawk] blah blah blaaahh!!!
[19:59] [Wheri] Not elves!
[19:59] [Darkhawk] I wanted to play a Ranger. I tried going with Charr, but I really don't like how they move.
[20:00] [Darkhawk] Just because humans have some part of traditional elven lore, doesn't mean Sylvari aren't elves ;)
[20:00] [Darkhawk] it can be both, you know
[20:01] [Darkhawk] tree-thingies who love the forest, with pointy ears. But a bit more leaf than skin = elves ;)
[20:02] [Tarragon] If you're making a ranger I could go with something else.
[20:02] [Darkhawk] I am, but as Wheri says, might not matter, and hey, three woody Rangers, why not?!
[20:02] [Tarragon] I liked one of the magic classes and the class that looks like it'll be the tank. If it turns out I can't play the latter I can always decide to go with my first char instead.
[20:03] [Darkhawk] Not that I think Cyrilion will copy us... His conservative stick are humans ;)
[20:03] [Darkhawk] male humans.
[20:03] [Tarragon] I like male humans ;). Just not to play.
[20:03] [Cyrilion] Agreed. I've done that. Usually because it's the least picked option...
[20:04] [Tarragon] And he couldn't play a male human in Ryzom.
[20:04] [Darkhawk] I try to vary everything. Like roles in RP as well. Yeah... It's just that.. Uh..
[20:04] [Tarragon] Elves
[20:04] [Darkhawk] Elves look nice ;)
[20:04] [Tarragon] ELVES
[20:04] *** Darkhawk nods
[20:04] [Darkhawk] Elves
[20:04] [Tarragon] ELVES EVERYWHERE. and they're all Darkhawk.
[20:04] [Tarragon] And me mostly to be fair.
[20:04] [Darkhawk] Seems human is the most picked option in GW2, or at least the internets say so
[20:05] [Tarragon] I'd have guessed Norn, but there you go.
[20:05] [Darkhawk] I have chosen lots of non-elves, just not in games we played together!
[20:05] [Tarragon] Come on, you were even a Matis in Ryzom just like me.
[20:05] [Darkhawk] I've been an elf a handful of times, sure...
[20:05] [Cyrilion] Great. I just ran out of potential races, then
[20:06] [Tarragon] What were you in ESO?
[20:07] [Darkhawk] Uhm.. Yeah, good question ;)
[20:07] [Cyrilion] Me?
[20:07] [Cyrilion] Cat
[20:07] [Darkhawk] I... I can't remember
[20:07] [Darkhawk] But I can guess ;)
[20:07] [Cyrilion] Darkhawk was most likely Altmer
[20:07] [Tarragon] Daring!
[20:07] [Tarragon] The cat I mean.
[20:08] [Darkhawk] I think I was melee classed.
[20:08] [Tarragon] I was Dunmer of course. Because they're elves, and everyone says they're ugly.
[20:08] [Cyrilion] Well, they are :p
[20:08] [Tarragon] I happen to like brow ridges thankseversomuch
[20:08] [Darkhawk] Think Altmer looks better than Charr, also moves better.
[20:09] [Tarragon] And you can't go wrong with uniformly black eyeballs of course.
[20:11] [Wheri] Orc. Who is also elf, of course.
[20:11] [Tarragon] Kind of wonder how Sylvari get to be necromancers though since they have sap, not blood.
[20:11] [Tarragon] Yes, Orsimer.
[20:11] [Wheri] Sylvari anatomy was never really elaborated upon, unfortunately. Except for the first question the internet asked, of course.
[20:12] [Tarragon] Do they have gonads
[20:12] [Tarragon] Or did they ask about boobs instead?
[20:12] [Wheri] Much more straight forward than that, but basically yes.
[20:13] [Tarragon] The wiki I looked at said they have no actual organs, it's all like tubes with sap and stuff. But since they're basically mimicked humanoids they have all the outward stuff mosty so people can happily go E-RP with ACTUAL WOOD
[20:13] [Tarragon] The wiki did not put it like that.
[20:14] [Tarragon] There will be sop many wood-jokes. Made by me. Prepare yourselves.
[20:14] [Tarragon] -p
[20:14] [Darkhawk] hrm, I can't see what char I had in ESO without resubscribing. Pft.
[20:14] [Tarragon] I made a female Dunmer.
[20:14] [Cyrilion] Altmer
[20:15] [Darkhawk] yes, you both already said so! But you have memories.
[20:15] [Darkhawk] Must be nice
[20:15] [Tarragon] Stop boozing and you'll have one too.
[20:15] [Cyrilion] To be fair, I'm just guessing on this one ;)
[20:15] [Darkhawk] I recall the starting area though, and ehrm.. it was pretty elvish ;)
[20:16] [Tarragon] I started in the starting area of... my faction which was Skyrim in this case, an island. Since Dunmer and the Nords allied.
[20:16] [Cyrilion] ESO? The starting area is an otherworldly dungeon...
[20:16] [Darkhawk] yeah yeah, but after that. or is that already spoiling/longer than you got?
[20:17] [Cyrilion] If you mean me, again. ESO spoilers is not an issue
[20:17] [Tarragon] ESO is one thing that does stuff by faction rather than strictly race which was one thing I did like.
[20:17] [Darkhawk] Easy, since it fits the lore.
[20:18] [Tarragon] Well WoW has factions too (dumb ones according to everyone who is not the devs but oh well). But they still do everything by race.
[20:18] [Tarragon] I will forever hate that it's not Orcs/Trolls, Tauren and Nightelves in one faction.
[20:19] [Darkhawk] Greatest injustice in the world!
[20:19] [Tarragon] YES IT IS
[20:20] [Tarragon] Because WTF are Nightelves doing with humans, let alone gnomes or dwarves?
[20:20] [Tarragon] According to the story I mean.
[20:20] [Darkhawk] I.. I don't know?
[20:20] [Tarragon] Did you not play the other Warcraft games?
[20:21] [Darkhawk] I.. uh.. Remember some RTS once, where it was fun clicking several times on orc units until they complained about being touched
[20:21] [Tarragon] They even shared the bloody continent with orcs and Tauren, all the other Alliance were on the other continent.
[20:21] [Darkhawk] I'll sidestep this and make soup!
[20:22] [Tarragon] I won't start a rant don't worry :P
[20:22] [Tarragon] Going to get some hot chocolate instead and make that second char.
[20:32] [Tarragon] Time to see if the sound works now.
[20:34] [Tarragon] Oh right, Wheri, wanted to ask if you know if Sylvari ingame tend to favor being greenish or if they all try to go for purplish just because they don't want to be greenish, just, if there's a trend I mean.
[20:34] [Tarragon] Because I intend to buck it.
[20:34] [Wheri] NPCs are mostly green, although I'm sure I've seen bluer and pink ones.
[20:34] [Tarragon] Did pretty well with the Miqo'te in FFXIV I think: rightly anticipated that people would go for light skin/fur. Though they did all go for the same haircolour as I did.
[20:35] [Tarragon] And the players?
[20:35] [Wheri] All over the place, I don't really pay attention.
[20:35] [Tarragon] Alright, not a big chance it'll be like a purple army then.
[20:36] [Wheri] Yeah, I definitely don't remember a lot of blue ones. Mostly green and darkish, I suppose.
[20:39] [Tarragon] Sorry Darkhawk: going with yet another ranger.
[20:42] [Darkhawk] Nothing to feel sorry for, two arrows strike.. better than one
[20:44] [Wheri] I want to try something simple and smashy for a change. So I'll start a warrior or a thief.
[20:52] [Tarragon] Alright, I'm Pengaled. So you can add me.
[20:53] [Tarragon] If anyone needs help with Sylvari names in the future, I have about 20 more lined up in case one was already taken. :P And those are just the Welsh. Hadn't even started on Gaelic or Arthurian myth.
[20:56] [Tarragon] Still no sound though
[20:56] [Tarragon] Guess I'll just have to contact tech support.
[21:15] [Tarragon] Pfft. Fixed the sound, but only after I submitted a ticket.
[21:23] [Darkhawk] What was the issue?
[21:23] [Tarragon] I adjusted one of my PC sound settings actually. Think it's the wonky sound card issue that I had a while back.
[21:25] [Tarragon] So made my char, adjusted the in-game settings somewhat so at least the keybindings are ready for use.
[21:25] [Tarragon] I didn't readily see a way to adjust much of the UI or the chat tabs etc.
[21:26] [Tarragon] But I might have missed something. Gods know there were only like 4 different areas to adjust chat and UI settings and such in FFXIV. Never make it easy people!
[21:26] [Wheri] The UI is static. To adjust the chat window, hit \ to bring the full interface out.
[21:27] [Tarragon] Alright, thanks. I will try to remember that in a day or 5, or I will have to ask again :D
[22:13] Cyrilion ( left irc: Quit: Leaving
[22:43] [Tarragon] Going to bed, night everyone.
[22:43] Tarragon ( left irc: Quit: Dig down your heart in this soil / Dig down next to me


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