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[12:22] [Darkhawk] heya
[12:26] [Wheri] That took a while.
[12:26] [Darkhawk] It didn't visually disconnect me yesterday, showed me as online and all, until I sent some text.
[12:27] [Wheri] Weird.
[12:27] [Darkhawk] And hey, this channel is usually quiet, so didn't think it was strange ;)
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[12:35] [Tarragon] Hello
[12:36] [Tarragon] [18:34] <Darkhawk> ok, fixed I guess. Just ignore the problem, then it goes away
[12:36] [Tarragon] [18:35] * Darkhawk ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[12:36] [Tarragon] Rude!
[12:36] [Tarragon] :P
[12:36] [Darkhawk] yes, it's hard for you to have to copy/paste!
[12:36] [Darkhawk] but you don't need to, because I saw the log ;)
[13:01] [Tarragon] Must be coming up on some kind of elections; my party is really stepping up the articles and the bigger social issues.
[13:02] [Darkhawk] Heh. We have local elections in november. Still trying to figure out whether that warrants a huge boozeparty, or it's too meh with local politics.
[13:24] [Darkhawk] Anyway, also awaiting Cyrilions word on GW2, but it'd be nice if we went in together :) Also, I have my friend on the sidelines, who'd also like to try. Can't say whether her trying will be one day, a week or a month. I imagine my try will be some days, up to a month if I like the game, but I don't want to spend more than that, as I'd rather spend my vacation doing smaller and more varied things. But if GW2 is good, it's good, naturally :)
[13:33] [Wheri] Piken Square is still listed as full. That's pretty odd.
[13:34] [Tarragon] Piken is something relevant to the gameworld?
[13:34] [Wheri] It's the server, essentially.
[13:36] [Tarragon] Now I have Ian's cold. Yay.
[13:36] [Wheri] Huh. Colds aren't transmissible via the internets, are they?
[13:37] [Tarragon] No, that would be in meatspace.
[13:37] [Tarragon] Afk for a bit
[13:44] [Darkhawk] I finished Torment: Tides of Numenera btw. It's not 50% as good as Planescape: Torment, actually there can be no comparison, although there will be comparisons, because hey, successor. But, if not comparing to PST, then it's still a good game, better than most RPG's I've played over the last few years.
[13:44] [Darkhawk] If one likes reading a lot of course ;)
[13:44] [Darkhawk] Also, there have been complaints about it being short.. Well, not if you read everything. Took me 4.5 days or so.
[13:45] [Darkhawk] ok, guess that is short, maybe 50 hours, but at least it feels meatier with content/word than with random battles.
[13:45] [Darkhawk] words
[13:46] [Wheri] I think Darkest Dungeon has finally started growing on me. The hard mode definitely made it more interesting. Still, so far I've had to rely on leaning on bosses much more than attempting to play smart so far.
[13:52] [Darkhawk] I think more about mood and atmosphere than mechanics, but good to hear it's growing on you :)
[13:53] [Darkhawk] I'll.. try out Mass Effect: Andromeda now
[13:53] [Wheri] Oh, those were great from the start.
[13:54] [Darkhawk] Or maybe I should finish Nier: Automata first actually.
[13:59] [Tarragon] I did think TToN was short, but that wasn't really the most disappinting thing for me: you couldn't travel back and forth between areas and maybe finish quests in one area later on that way. But beyond that and the length, I quite liked it.
[14:00] [Tarragon] So I actually just left the first area under the assumption that even if it wasn't right away, I would be able to revisit it, because YOU ALWAYS CAN basically. But not in that game. Wasn't expecting that kind of linearity.
[14:15] [Darkhawk] I have many issues with TToN, could take many pages to list them, but it wouldn't be fair, since I mostly have those issues when comparing it to PST. On its own, yeah, it's a good game. But yes, it felt very linear and boxed in.
[14:22] [Darkhawk] 'issues'
[15:06] [Tarragon] Gaming soothes Ian when he's having a bad day. What. A. Surprise.
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[15:57] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:57] [Tarragon] Hello
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[16:19] [Darkhawk] hey Cyrilion
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[18:42] [Tarragon] I've set it to download GW2 anyway. Not sure when I'll actually play. Sometime between now and a week from now I'd guess.
[18:42] [Tarragon] If that server isn't full.
[18:45] [Wheri] It's been for a while, which I find very very odd. It's determined by PvP players, too, so doubly odd.
[18:45] [Tarragon] I thought it was the unofficial RP server?
[18:45] [Wheri] Exactly.
[18:46] [Tarragon] Maybe they's griefing in novel ways?
[18:47] [Wheri] That's really novel. I'd just assume it's the unofficial RP server AND ALSO unofficial something else. I know Reddit liked it, but that info's from release and probably out of date by now.
[18:47] [Darkhawk] 10 minutes into ME:A and already 3 random and pointless 'oh God' comments, infuriating my agnostic/atheistic self. This will be up hill :(
[18:47] [Darkhawk] uphill too
[18:48] [Tarragon] Just people saying Oh God? Because plenty of atheists do that too.
[18:48] [Tarragon] I still have to consciously amend it to 'gods' just because I can't get the expression itself out of my vocab
[18:56] [Darkhawk] Sure they do, but it's still so American, and at best senseless. ME always feels quite American, what with that way of talking and the marine/military/patriotism vibe, neither of which I like. In Europe, or at least Denmark, no one is casually saying 'Oh God'. Or well, saying it at all really. AND IT ANNOYS ME! Especially in sci-fi, where it'd be nice if we'd left the American feel behind. Ah, good old Star Trek NG in that regard.
[18:56] [Darkhawk] Ok, short rant over. Game crashed anyway ;)
[18:57] [Darkhawk] We each have our pet peeves
[18:57] [Darkhawk] I have several ;)
[18:58] [Wheri] Do they say "over and out"?
[18:59] [Darkhawk] hehe, that'd be weird! ;) They did that in previous games?
[18:59] [Wheri] No idea. It's just a part of the pseudo-military jargon they do in films and games, and it's wrong. WRONG!
[19:51] [Darkhawk] True dat
[19:52] [Darkhawk] And so nice with memory leaks every 20 minutes, when you can't save.
[19:53] [Tarragon] Well yes, ME is Americanish and romantisises the military (even in a sequel that technically doesn't have it!), but that's kid of standard. (Also Dutch people do say Oh God among other things :P)
[19:54] [Tarragon] Brits would say Dear Lord, technically not different.
[19:55] [Tarragon] kind*
[19:55] [Darkhawk] Sure, I'd hate that as well ;)
[19:55] [Tarragon] DA series is better with not being so overtly USAish.
[19:56] [Darkhawk] if they could just say 'oh goddess' or 'oh one-of-the-5000-currently-active-gods' instead. Is that too much to wish for?!?
[19:57] [Tarragon] They could say FFS, but they're not allowed.
[19:57] [Darkhawk] they're allowed if they wanted to. But they'd rather sell more units, 'surprise'.
[19:58] [Tarragon] You can, btw, be snidely superior to Suvi while backhandedly supporting her right to her beliefs that is quite funny at some point though.
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[19:59] [Tarragon] ...rude.
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[20:00] [Darkhawk] Great, my connection doesn't like spoilers either. Although it should have done that preemptively.
[20:00] [Tarragon] That was vague!
[20:00] [Darkhawk] that's always relative...
[20:02] [Tarragon] I played it twice, which means it was better than I expected but didn't really engage me much (kind of like DA1, but I liked DA1 somewhat better). Once with a straight up good guy likes order and duty! And another time with a guy that... basically a guy that lets Drack do whatever the fuck he wants.
[20:03] [Darkhawk] 1. Yeah, you only have like two options, renegade and paragaon. And 2. Now you spoiled again. No names, nothing from the story!
[20:03] [Tarragon] Been a while since I saw romances not up to par with Bioware standards btw. Not that that makes them bad, but...
[20:03] [Darkhawk] LALALALAALLAA
[20:03] [Tarragon] Well, you sort of have 4 options here, but they'
[20:03] [Tarragon] re like 2 different axes
[20:03] [Darkhawk] Not that it matters, since the game's super unstable and won't ever get patched again.
[20:04] [Tarragon] Like one of those personality tests with the 4 poles and then it makes you a nice blob around the centre
[20:04] [Tarragon] It just got patched recently though?
[20:05] [Tarragon] They made <insert NPC here> bi instead of straight in that one.
[20:06] [Darkhawk] there's a .10 patch, that's the latest I think. And the last one, was the word on the street
[20:06] [Darkhawk] which meant I could go ahead and play
[20:07] [Darkhawk] ok, buffed my virtual memory paging size, maybe that helps.
[21:20] [Darkhawk] yeah, seems to hold stable
[21:21] [Darkhawk] Cyrilion, how about you and MMO plans, didn't see you chiming in :)
[21:41] [Cyrilion] That's because I'm not sure myself. Never been able to look up GW or GW2 and felt any attraction to anything I saw, really.
[21:42] [Cyrilion] Quite possible that it just markets it the wrong way for me to catch on, but that's a hurdle of sorts
[21:42] [Tarragon] That server is still full though. I wonder how long it will stay that way. Like this it may take months before I try it.
[21:43] [Wheri] I'm around, so if there are any particular questions you want answered...
[21:44] [Tarragon] Wonder if we can't just announce a secondary unofficial EU RP server, since it looks like Piken has actually been full for years.
[21:44] [Wheri] I'm thinking, worst-case scenario, it should even out when the expansion comes out. 22nd, I think?
[21:45] [Cyrilion] That's just it, Wheri. There's nothing all that specific about it. I'm just lacking some hook to catch my interest at all...
[21:46] [Wheri] Also, the server choice doesn't really affect much. You can still play on Piken as a "guest", just not represent it in server-vs-server PvP. And also, apparently you get a free transfer if you upgrade to a full account.
[21:46] [Tarragon] Only if you pay. Free accounts can't guest anywhere.
[21:46] [Wheri] Wait, seriously? Now that's dumb.
[21:47] [Tarragon] Also, people say it only means you will meet a few more Pien players on your maps, but you
[21:47] [Tarragon] 're
[21:47] [Tarragon] not there as much as being on the server
[21:48] [Tarragon] And the only reliable way to constantly be on a shard with a lot of Piken RPers seems to be to join a Piken RP guild. So that would mean paying and/or joining a Guild.
[21:48] [Tarragon] I can just pick whatever server isn't PvP to make a test char of course.
[21:49] [Wheri] You can be in 5 guilds simultaneously, so joining one shouldn't be a problem.
[21:49] [Tarragon] That is weird
[21:50] [Wheri] There is no PvE/PvP server distinction. All PvP is restricted to the aforementioned server-vs-server thing (WvW), strictly optional.
[22:01] [Darkhawk] yeah, I'm already on some server, forget which one. One that was free. Doesn't matter Tarra, if you like the game, you can move your char later. Because it's not ideal for RP to not be on the RP server, really. Otherwise all RP must be planned in a probably immersive breaking-way, that's pretty limiting.
[22:01] [Darkhawk] Anyway Cyrilion, I guess I feel as you do, but I also think hey, it's free, just trying it for a few days would tell me whether it's something or not.
[22:02] [Cyrilion] ... Yeah... Bloody thing just decides to install on C?
[22:02] [Tarragon] Yep
[22:02] [Cyrilion] That's really not a good first impression
[22:02] [Tarragon] I know
[22:02] [Wheri] Want to check if you can join my instance via guesting or the friends list?
[22:03] [Tarragon] Good thing I keep my C roomy for those few abominations that deny me the choice of placement
[22:03] [Wheri] I think it just inflates wherever you put the executable, actually.
[22:03] [Tarragon] Doesn't even have the decency to create a subfolder?
[22:05] [Wheri] I'm not sure. I don't remember the installation process.
[22:05] [Darkhawk] Hrm, it installed where I wanted it when I got it.
[22:06] [Darkhawk] And are we waiting a week or something? If we just jump in, each on our own, there's no fun in it. Also, if some of us drop it after a few hours of testing, at least we'd have had those hours TOGETHER if we start at the same time ;)
[22:06] [Tarragon] Maybe if we all pick the same race
[22:06] [Tarragon] Otherwise we still each have our own starter areas to get through
[22:07] [Wheri] I'm afraid it's going to throw the same thing Fourteen did for the early levels. Each race starts in its own city, and travelling between them without access to Lion's Arch can be a bit tricky. I can probably lead you through, but even then it'll take a while.
[22:08] [Tarragon] Almost all of the MMOs have separate starter areas for separate races
[22:09] [Cyrilion] My default download folder is on D. It chose C:\Program Files...
[22:09] [Tarragon] I couldn't even see where it installed to while it was going.
[22:10] [Tarragon] C:#program files here too
[22:10] [Tarragon] \*
[22:14] [Cyrilion] .... I do not want this thing on my C drive...
[22:14] [Darkhawk] Well, with 'TOGETHER' I merely meant - present on the same chat channel while we're playing ;)
[22:14] [Cyrilion] After clearing everything and trying to launch it again after moving the install file
[22:14] [Darkhawk] I don't understand.. I guess it might have defaulted to my C drive, but it's on my I drive, no problem, so I guess you can change the default path.
[22:14] [Tarragon] I saw no option to
[22:15] [Tarragon] I just double clicked the exe and there it went
[22:15] [Cyrilion] I've had no option whatsoever to pick location
[22:15] [Tarragon] Just had to authorise it for the windows thing but that's got nothing to do with picking location.
[22:16] [Darkhawk] I only have 15 GB free on my C drive, so I'd never have been able to get it there anyway ;)
[22:16] [Darkhawk] Maybe you installed from a different installer than I did. Dunno.
[22:18] [Cyrilion] The 64-bit windows client...
[22:20] [Tarragon] Yep
[22:20] [Cyrilion] Ok. Stopped it downloading. Manually moved everything to the right place and launched the client again. Seems to be downloading to the right place, at least
[22:21] [Cyrilion] Still... that's... horrible
[22:21] [Darkhawk] I definitely did not have to do that. But yes, that's horrible ;)
[22:21] [Tarragon] My C still has 80 GB free so I'm guessing unless this game is utterly ridiculous, I'm good.
[22:21] [Wheri] Yeah, that is definitely weird. I don't remember having such issues.
[22:22] [Cyrilion] How the hell do you write an installer, completely ignoring the one thing that's been standard for 25 years?
[22:22] [Wheri] Mine's 32GB, so you should be good.
[22:22] [Tarragon] Let's rant about this dumb installer! :D Because it is. Wow, such a nearly older than me mistake.
[22:23] [Cyrilion] When did you install, Darkhawk?
[22:23] [Cyrilion]
[22:23] [Wheri] Indeed. At least it does not proudly install a rootkit.
[22:23] [Tarragon] Also, don't they ever do server purges to kick out all the crappy people that have chars there that are never played?
[22:23] [Wheri] No, why?
[22:24] [Tarragon] This is... just... really horrible game management.
[22:24] [Darkhawk] before we started playing FFXIV
[22:24] [Cyrilion] People in that thread seems to imply it's a fairly new development
[22:25] [Cyrilion] Which would be in line with our experience here
[22:26] [Tarragon] Not going into char creation yet so I'll reinstall the game that way to my chosen directory tomorrow.
[22:26] [Wheri] You can just move the whole thing.
[22:26] [Cyrilion] If forum people are right, you can just copy the whole bunch
[22:27] [Tarragon] But then I'll have to manually fix the shortcuts. *whines*
[22:28] [Darkhawk] cruel place, this world
[22:29] [Tarragon] Alright, off for sleep. Night everyone.
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[22:32] [Cyrilion] I'll give them one thing. As opposed to Square Enix, it can handle passwords containing charactes not in the base ASCII table
[22:33] [Darkhawk] ah hah! Hacking your password just became way easier!
[22:33] [Cyrilion] Yep. I'm sure you can guess it based on that info
[22:34] [Darkhawk] Yeah, but I won't write it here, out of common courtesy
[22:34] [Cyrilion] I could just change it if you'r eright, so go ahead
[22:35] [Darkhawk] uhm, nah
[22:54] [Cyrilion] Well. Sleep time now. Night all
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