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[05:49] [Darkhawk] Well. Torment isn't as bad as the reviews turn it out to be. That's good.
[05:49] [Darkhawk] But now I'd better catch a little sleep.
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[12:19] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[13:23] [Tarragon] Hello
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[13:40] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[14:45] [Darkhawk] Afternoon Cyrilion
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[16:39] [Wheri] I notice that the server is still listed as full in GW2. If you're tired enough of Fourteen to give that a go soon, you may want to try claiming a spot in advance.
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[18:23] [Tarragon] Yeah, just to notify people that I'm probably done with FFXIV. When there's this much antipathy towards logging in, it's time to quit for the next 2 years I think.
[18:26] [Tarragon] I have a few remaining days if someone needs me to log in for something.
[18:36] [Darkhawk] Yeah, that's fair Tarra, of course.
[18:39] [Darkhawk] I also have a week or so, but Wheri, I already made an account and specified server for GW2, eventhough I haven't made a char. And can't move server without a new account/email. Might be able to move server at some later point, saw it was free anyway. But, yeah, speaking only for myself, I'll check out GW2 when Cyrilion and Tarra feel like it, but - and you might have heard this before - I actually don't like-like MMO's, and now
[18:39] [Darkhawk] I've spent my 'hey, they might be fun, somehow' quota again, so no promises on GW2 catching my interest. But hey, maybe it's fantastic and makes a believer out of me ;)
[18:50] [Wheri] To be fair, I hardly view it as an MMO. More of an open-world game where you occasionally team up with others. But suit yourself.
[20:11] [Cyrilion] Alright. Thanks Tarra. Not exactly unexpected, but knowing frees me up a bit :)
[20:11] [Tarragon] Wasn't actually at my PC much yesterday, sorry.
[20:12] [Tarragon] Ian has a cold.
[20:12] [Cyrilion] Nah, that's ok :)
[20:12] [Cyrilion] ... not the cold
[20:12] [Tarragon] heheh
[20:12] [Tarragon] Well, the more often he has them now the less often he'll have them as an adult, or so they say...
[20:12] [Cyrilion] They do?
[20:13] [Tarragon] Yeah.
[20:13] [Tarragon] No idea if it's true. Maybe you can build some general resistance if you get variations of it often enough?
[20:16] [Cyrilion] Hm.. Well... for flu, they do claim there's a sort of cyclic repeat of the strains, so... why not. And that's about the extent of my knowledge in that area...
[20:16] [Cyrilion] ... also "they" do tend to say a lot
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[22:48] [Tarragon] Bed soon, night everyone.
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