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[09:28] [Tarragon] Hello
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[12:17] [Darkhawk] heya :)
[12:41] [Tarragon] Hello
[12:58] [Darkhawk] Seems Torment won't receive more patches or updates :( But that means I could begin playing it
[13:19] [Wheri] Hey, Darkhawk! I'd like to hear your opinion on Darkest Dungeon. Seeing how you recommended it the other day.
[13:48] [Darkhawk] Right Wheri :) Well, it's a great game. As I said, quite hardcore. Punishing, intense. Some think it's grindy, I don't really feel that way, because hrind is lack of intensity, but when you explore the dungeons it feels really intense and important all the way, because it's such a punishing game. So it feels like every decision matters. It requires a lot of effort because of this though. Lots of planning and careful exploration.
[13:48] [Darkhawk] The expansion is also great, but makes it even harder, so depending on how much effort you want to expand, I guess it can be played without the expansion as well. In any case, don't start a game, or get into the game, without having some time on your hands, because if you lose interest for a week, or do other things, it gets hard to get into the game on the same intensity/efficiency level again, and then your carefully levelled
[13:48] [Darkhawk] heroes will die. So.. For some, a rather grueling experience, for others such as myself, a very intense, immersive, atmospheric experience. It's a masterpiece imo. But not that accessible (just like Sunless Sea in that it really requires effort on your part), so certainly not for everyone.
[13:55] [Wheri] Interesting. It is pretty popular, but as much as I found it interesting, I also found it frustratingly unfair. It's a bit hard to explain. Not that the enemies are difficult, but rather that they don't seem to follow the same rules as you, and actively punish you for trying to outsmart them.
[13:57] [Wheri] Positioning, notably. When your party gets out of position, you're in trouble. When you pull a seemingly ranged enemy in for the melee hero to bash, it has an attack that's as bad as the one they use from the back row, hits targets it usually doesn't, and moves them back!
[14:02] [Darkhawk] That's true, getting out of position is really bad for your party, and managable for the enemy. Though they're usually dead before they get back in position ;) I've never thought about that as unfair really, since overall, you kill lots of monsters and are way more powerful than them, because you have other advantages.
[14:03] [Wheri] They can definitely afford to be much more specialised, since they're disposable.
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[14:57] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:30] [Tarragon] Hello
[16:53] [Darkhawk] Afternoon cyrilion
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[19:37] [Darkhawk] Hrmf
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[22:03] [Darkhawk] my computer really doesn't like me running two memory intensive games at once.
[22:03] [Darkhawk] pft
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[22:25] [Tarragon] Night everyone
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