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[01:31] [Darkhawk] hrm, off here
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[11:14] [Darkhawk] morning
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[11:20] [Cyrilion] Morning
[11:20] [Wheri] 'morning.
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[16:15] [Tarragon] Hello
[16:17] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[16:17] [Darkhawk] Wanna get past mr. sea serpent?
[16:19] [Tarragon] How long would that take? Because I don't really have time until the evening. I just take short breaks here during the day most days.
[16:19] [Cyrilion] Hey Tarra
[16:20] [Cyrilion] And I'm not _that_ annoyed, Darkhawk
[16:20] [Darkhawk] Well, if we had the people required.. hrm, 10 minutes battle I think. Of course, we haven't put together the people. Plus some time talking tactics.
[16:20] [Tarragon] Won't work then.
[16:20] [Darkhawk] oh well
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[16:21] [Darkhawk] and you're welcome Cyrilion ;)
[16:21] [Cyrilion] Haha
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[16:21] [Tarragon] And isn't it the same serpent we always saw during the beach festival fate?
[16:22] [Cyrilion] You saw a serpent there?
[16:22] [Tarragon] I'll have more time at around... 18:30-19:00, and then really after 20:00.
[16:23] [Cyrilion] Yeah. Let's stick to after 20:00
[16:23] [Tarragon] Last time we played, yeah. One of the festival fates at the beach had some sahagin and that serpent I think.
[16:23] [Cyrilion] I may have skipped one festival
[16:23] [Tarragon] Well, they also had like 6 fates so you might have just missed that one.
[16:24] [Tarragon] I levelled much of my lancer/dragoon on those fates and got a nice mankini to boot!
[16:25] [Wheri] I'm pretty sure we've done the festival thing last time we played. Did they add more bikinis?
[16:26] [Tarragon] Yeah, slightly different bikinis this time around again.
[16:27] [Cyrilion] I did a festival too, but there may have been a second one, I skipped
[16:27] [Tarragon] After that I got that broom during halloween, but I didn't like the costumes so I skipped those.
[16:27] [Tarragon] Never played long enough to see christmas I think.
[16:28] [Darkhawk] Dunno if it is the same, one would need a memory to know...
[16:28] [Darkhawk] But would be a nice touch
[16:28] [Tarragon] Well, the bikinis are slightly different from the one I have stashed so...
[16:28] [Wheri] I definitely remember brooms.
[16:28] [Darkhawk] I have a broom, but it's a bit.. ugh to fly around on it...
[16:28] [Darkhawk] that could be taken a myriad ways, and I'm ok with that
[16:29] [Tarragon] I like the broom better than that huge mech suit
[16:29] [Tarragon] You can take that any way you like too
[16:29] [Darkhawk] I think I'll take that literally
[16:30] [Tarragon] I always wonder how some people got that big Coeurl mount though.
[16:30] [Darkhawk] The mech is annoyingly clunky, but the broom is, hrm.. Not so immersive. i know, FFXIV is kinda' silly, but still.
[16:30] [Darkhawk] Yeah, that's a nice one. Also like my wolf.
[16:30] [Wheri] It doesn't really fly, either.
[16:30] [Darkhawk] The unicorn I'm not comfortable enough in my sexuality to ride
[16:31] [Tarragon] FFXIV is the most meta, OOC MMO I've ever seen. I mean, just blows WoW's cultural jokes/references right out of the water. WoW being subtle in comparison says more about FFXIv.
[16:31] [Tarragon] Oh yeah, I have a unicorn too right?
[16:31] [Tarragon] I should ride it.
[16:31] [Darkhawk] You can do it!
[16:31] [Wheri] What was their localisation panel called, again? "It's not about bad puns. Okay, it's definitely about bad puns"?
[16:33] [Tarragon] And WoW has 1) refs to their own games, 2) refs to other games, 3) refs to verious cartoons, series and films from various time periods. And that's not even looking at the whole Pandaren thing.
[16:33] [Wheri] Yeah. There's even a Dwarf Fortress joke I know about.
[16:34] [Tarragon] Because remember back when they were going to release the first expansion and they joke leaked that it was going to be a panda race called Pandaren etc etc and then like 3 expansions later they actually released a Pandaren expansion? Ugh.
[16:34] [Wheri] There was a Pandaren (Easter Egg, possibly) hero in Warcraft 3, though.
[16:35] [Tarragon] Yeah, that's why they joked about it being an expansion for WoW I guess.
[16:35] [Wheri] I suppose. But I definitely remember being a bit confused when I first saw him.
[16:36] [Tarragon] I kind of never wanted to return to WoW again after the Pandaren expansion came out. Had been back a time or two before that.
[16:36] [Tarragon] Also, Blood Elves
[16:37] [Tarragon] Because the horde really needed a 'pretty' race I guess.
[16:38] [Wheri] Those were established in 3, too, weren't they.
[16:38] [Tarragon] I lost track at some point.
[16:39] [Tarragon] That game is so huge now I don't know if I could even stand playing it from the actual start.
[16:39] [Tarragon] Would be too daunting
[16:39] [Wheri] More importantly Draenei or however you spell those. Introduced in 3's expansion as some ugly tribal things that look and act nothing like they do in World.
[16:40] [Tarragon] Yeah, I was kind of pissed off about them looking like pretty people with horns instead of weirdo monsters like they do in game. And then that half-arsed explanation about the ones in World being like devolved or tainted or whatever.
[16:41] [Tarragon] WoW was the only game I ever tanked for btw.
[16:42] [Wheri] What did me in were the early quests where a satyr tricked you into doing stupid/harmful things, and you couldn't refuse. Or the one where my Paladin was asked to assassinate a farmer's prize pig. What.
[16:42] [Tarragon] Bubble up, guy, and kill that piggy!
[16:43] [Tarragon] I kind of liked the early nightelf quests though, the colours in the area there are just nice and it's a huge-ass tree like what!? You can actually jump out of it into the sea.
[16:44] [Wheri] I don't remember much about the areas.
[16:46] [Tarragon] I tried crossing by swimming once, but they have that annoying death thing if you try to swim too far out to sea.
[17:09] [Wheri] In somewhat unrelated news, the (two) people I played GW2, as well as a lot of other stuff with caught wind of the new expansion and now intend to buy it. That should make slow dungeon runs much easier to set up, if/when we decide to try.
[17:12] [Darkhawk] That's great :) If and when and maybe of course
[17:18] [Wheri] Of course.
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[18:27] [Tarragon] I'm already more than a little irritated at FFXIV again so prolly more of a 'when' for me.
[18:41] [Darkhawk] Personally I don't think GW2 will be better - it's an MMO ;) But I'm open for being wrong.
[18:41] [Tarragon] If they don't have me running around for 4 hours on the MAIN quest doing fetch and carry and such in order to even get to the real story content, it's better.
[18:42] [Darkhawk] And I do find FFXIV charming/great for crafting/ok story wise. It's not fantastic, but it does a lot of things right that many don't. We'll see how I feel about GW2.
[18:42] [Darkhawk] I'll admit, that was a lot of fetch and carry on the main quest.
[18:43] [Tarragon] If they think going into tedious minutiae like fetching a bit of cloth for someone's mouth makes you immerse into the story more they're utterly bonkers.
[18:44] [Tarragon] Nevermind the endless text based exposition by characters like Alphinaud that don
[18:44] [Tarragon] '
[18:44] [Tarragon] t
[18:44] [Tarragon] engender any kind of feeling from people.
[18:45] [Tarragon] in*
[18:53] [Tarragon] Though I do have to say TSW has bad cutscenes beat for 1st place: the Green Dragon initial cutscene after char creation is rather horrifyingly rapey.
[20:32] [Wheri] The foot massage scene? I've heard about it.
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[23:44] [Tarragon] Night everyone.
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