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[04:45] [Darkhawk] there went my plan of getting to bed a bit early ;) Oh well
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[10:26] [Cyrilion] Morning
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[12:49] [Darkhawk] heya
[12:49] [Cyrilion] Hey Darkhawk
[12:50] [Darkhawk] I did a trial and a dungeon yesterday, via the dutyfinder. New ones. Came back to me how incredibly empty and sad that is. Everyone might as well be bots, super effective, straight line, never stopping to watch anything or talk, skipping cutscenes forcing you to do the same to keep up, etc. At best it's meaningless except for progression.
[12:51] [Darkhawk] However, think I'll do that anyway, since I'm not playing for too long and want to get through. On the bright side, I can't remember anything of those dungeons, and it'd be nice taking my time, watching cutscenes and actually caring, when you get up to them.
[12:52] [Darkhawk] If I'm playing that long this time ;)
[12:52] [Cyrilion] Uhhuh
[12:52] [Darkhawk] It's nicer in a FC certainly, but I think it'll still be basically the same. Some more banter, but everyone knows them and hurry through.
[12:54] [Cyrilion] Potentially. The difference being we can talk that out beforehand, Rather than landing inside the instance with someone expecting to rush through
[12:54] [Darkhawk] yes, true, that's also something. Makes it more of an experience as well. Everything would. But just blindly running through. Might as well get a bot for that.
[12:55] [Cyrilion] Anyways. I'm away for a couple of hours, so have fun ;)
[12:55] [Darkhawk] Like the game isn't supposed to be a game. Oh well
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[12:55] [Darkhawk] Nah, I'm not playing today - heavy maintenance ;) But have fun yourself
[12:55] [Darkhawk] oh well
[12:57] [Darkhawk] Going to watch Sense8 today der_Tommi... So we'll see...
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[17:44] [Tarragon] Hello
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[21:01] [Tarragon] Did I already mention once that they have Fenris in FFXIV too and he's once again an elf? :P
[21:01] [Tarragon] The voice I mean
[21:02] [Darkhawk] typecasting ;)
[22:03] [Tarragon] Pfffft. I expect we'll have to resolve political strife in 3 nations before the fucking main story finally moves into the first expansion.
[22:10] [Darkhawk] I can't say if you're far off or not, because that would be spoiling ;)
[22:15] [Tarragon] Off, night everyone.
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[22:45] [Cyrilion] Ok. I unlocked something
[23:09] [Darkhawk] that's.. nice
[23:09] [Cyrilion] I assume you know what I'm referring to
[23:09] [Darkhawk] I remmeber lots of stuff before the final unlock, took me some 12-15 hours to get through, and that was me.
[23:10] [Cyrilion] Then again..
[23:10] [Darkhawk] Not sure I do, no. Depends on what you unlocked...
[23:10] [Cyrilion] Erm
[23:11] [Darkhawk] if you don't want to spoil the channel, you can send a private message
[23:12] [Darkhawk] Now if I could just find out where that message went in XChat.. Guess there was something, since it blinked ;)
[23:12] [Cyrilion] Hah
[23:12] [Cyrilion] Might show up as a channel in left menu?
[23:12] [Darkhawk] yeah, I don't have a left menu, might have removed it
[23:13] [Darkhawk] ah yes, here we go
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