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[00:03] [Wheri] Anyway, let me know if you find some change or addition in the expansion(s) that blows the game out of the water. I'm at least interested to see how it developed since.
[00:09] [Cyrilion] Still not past that hurdle yet, but will do
[00:24] [Darkhawk] I missed it both places, but night Cyrilion ;)
[00:25] [Darkhawk] And yeah, they certainly chat, not looking at it, to keep immersion a bit, heh
[00:34] [Cyrilion] Right. Well, I'm out of here as well. Night all
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[02:18] [Tarragon] Night everyone.
[02:18] Tarragon ( left irc: Quit: Dig down your heart in this soil / Dig down next to me
[05:10] [Darkhawk] morning rather ;)
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[10:46] [Cyrilion] Morning
[13:18] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion
[14:11] Tarragon ( joined #seed.
[14:11] [Tarragon] Hello
[14:18] [Cyrilion] Hey Tarra
[16:39] [Tarragon] Alright, back to seeing if I can still play a monk. Can't properly practive the WHM since I have only 3 or so offensive spells for solo and I need to practise the healing in a party to see if I can still even manage a duty.
[18:04] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[18:04] [Darkhawk] Stellaris finished, but need to do some boring real life stuff now.
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[18:59] Arash ( joined #seed.
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[20:07] [Tarragon] Your real life stuff is disconnecting and reconnecting a lot?
[20:07] [Arash] ONCE!!!
[20:09] [Arash] But no, it's more citing laws to the government to appeal their decision not to grant me a specific monthly compensation I'd like to get. Fun, riveting stuff.
[20:09] [Arash] At least relevant to my study.
[21:02] [Arash] Well, now off to forage for food, back in an hour, and then FFXIV me thinketh.
[21:03] [Arash] just in time to see you log off I'm sure ;)
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[21:46] [Cyrilion] Tarra, I grabbed some gil from the old chest, but it appears, I have no way of sending it to you, without befriending you, which requires you to be ingame and me on my alt. Just don't let me forget it ;)
[22:08] [Tarragon] Oh right. I'm going ingame now but not for very long I think.
[22:14] [Tarragon] What's your alt's name?
[22:15] Darkhawk ( joined #seed.
[22:16] [Darkhawk] and back
[22:18] [Cyrilion] wb
[22:22] [Cyrilion] Come on Tarra. Accept friend request...
[22:22] [Tarragon] Sorry, was swamped in mobs
[22:22] [Cyrilion] Hehe. Fair enough


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