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[05:41] [Darkhawk] ok, sounds like we're about ready for FFXIV then :)
[05:41] [Darkhawk] Off to sleep now
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[12:07] [Darkhawk] heya
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[13:38] [Tarragon] Hello
[13:39] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[13:39] [Darkhawk] I've bought the expansion, subbed and am downloading now... 15 GB. Thought it sounded like we had a FC :)
[13:57] [Tarragon] Alright, let me go look into it then.
[14:09] [Tarragon] Do we need the expansions?
[14:27] [Darkhawk] yes, that's the reason some of us wanted to play again in the first place. It's also the reason it's expensive
[14:27] [Tarragon] Which expansion are we talking about here? There's 2
[14:27] [Darkhawk] I think both you and Cyrilion were nearing the end of the story sans expansions.
[14:28] [Darkhawk] yeah, Heavensward is the first, both it's included in Stormborn, I don't think you can get it cheaper by buying it alone, but not sure.
[14:29] [Darkhawk] both.. but..
[14:30] [Tarragon] Is it included for sure?
[14:30] [Darkhawk] Yes
[14:30] [Tarragon] Because then why are they still listed separately?
[14:30] [Darkhawk] I bought the Stormborn PC Download via Mog Station, and I have both now
[14:31] [Darkhawk] I don't think you can buy them seperately via the official channels.
[14:31] [Darkhawk] Ehr, Stormblood, right..
[14:31] [Tarragon] Well, Heavensward is listed here separately in the mog station where I can manage my account.
[14:32] [Darkhawk] Try following the link then
[14:32] [Darkhawk] Otherwise, it's this one:
[14:32] [Darkhawk] Which also says Heavensward is included.
[14:34] [Tarragon] Uhm, says here that I can only buy it as a PC dvd.
[14:34] [Tarragon] So yeah no. Unless I can find it digital I'm not going for that clutter.
[14:35] [Tarragon] Oh, it had PC selected for some reason and PC download is another category.
[14:35] [Darkhawk] Yep
[14:36] [Tarragon] I was wondering at that odd marketing decision. Now I'm only wondering at that odd design decision.
[14:36] [Darkhawk] Their ordering and reclaiming interface is kinda' not userfriendly. But what design decision?
[14:37] [Tarragon] To have 2 different PC store categories
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[15:01] [Cyrilion] Freedom!
[15:02] [Tarragon] Did you bust the lungfish out of the jail?
[15:04] [Cyrilion] Huh?
[15:05] [Tarragon] You don't remember your Psychonauts very well.
[15:05] [Cyrilion] Apparently not
[15:06] [Tarragon]
[15:07] [Cyrilion] Right
[15:51] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion
[15:51] [Darkhawk] Downloading now, might go over my daily limit, so I can't log in before tomorrow. But dunno.
[15:51] [Darkhawk] Seems it's 15GB or so
[16:01] [Tarragon] Right, downloading... should go do that.
[16:06] [Tarragon] Just... don't tell me I have to still do that ridiculous crafting stuff. It's tiresomely overcomplex.
[16:10] [Darkhawk] You really sound like someone who shouldn't have gone along with trying out FFXIV you know.
[16:10] [Darkhawk] Say something you look forward to! ;)
[16:11] [Tarragon] Well, as long as I just do the questing it's fine really.
[16:11] [Wheri] I've just checked the prices, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass now. 40 quid for a month of game is a bit steep for me.
[16:12] [Darkhawk] Yeah, questing is what we'll do. Crafting is of course non-obligatory. But I look forward to it again, for me, it was one of the best ingame mechanics precisely because it was so complex. Also, you could get the best items ingame by crafting as far as I recall, that's a big plus to any MMO for me.
[16:14] [Tarragon] It just didn't feel properly complictaed, instead, needlessly complex as in huge grind to get a huge stack of certain things, trade in for certain other things, fetch here, grind there, then craft one item.....
[16:37] [Darkhawk] Well, it'll be interesting catching up on everything, I barely remember it, of course ;)
[16:44] [Cyrilion] I spent 10 minutes trying to make my first ingot...
[16:51] [Darkhawk] I also recall something about retainers.. And that I might have had some extra, which they also charge for. But I don't remember why I would have had that?
[16:52] [Cyrilion] Storage space. You had two extra, I think
[17:04] [Tarragon] I remember naming my retainers something ridiculous, but I don't remember the theme.
[17:05] [Tarragon] Also made them go around in underwear much of the time...
[17:11] [Tarragon] Could you dye armour at any time or did you have to do that curing the crafting?
[17:17] [Wheri] At any time, I think.
[17:22] [Darkhawk] Storage space.. Right. So a lot of lost items on those retainers, unless I pay for them. Of course ;)
[17:33] [Cyrilion] Possible
[17:34] [Tarragon] Well, it's downloaded here. I could, in theory, go back in game now.
[17:36] [Cyrilion] Yeah. Hurry up guys. I've already acquired a new class and got it to level 50!
[17:36] [Cyrilion] (That took talking with three NPCs)
[17:39] [Tarragon] ... seriously?
[17:40] [Tarragon] Well, gonna eat first now anyway and I'm also playing something at this time (paused for food).
[17:40] [Cyrilion] I think it's a new role based on my warrior
[17:41] [Cyrilion] So... like we could select a job at level 30 and become something new. Paladin for me.
[17:42] [Cyrilion] Or perhaps not. It's not sharing XP with the warrior
[17:43] [Cyrilion] Oh: New Jobs: Red Mage (Ranged DPS) and Samurai (Melee DPS).
[17:43] [Cyrilion] Starts at level 50
[17:44] [Wheri] What's the Red Mage's deal? I remember them having access to both healing and damaging spellbooks, but at a lower level than the other mages.
[17:45] [Cyrilion] Then you know more than me :p
[18:24] [Darkhawk] ok, I'm in.. Now.. Now it's total relearn time
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[19:03] [Darkhawk] My character has 3.5 million gil. I wonder if that's a lot. Also a hell lot of crystals.
[19:52] [Cyrilion] How in the fucking hell....
[19:53] [Cyrilion] So when Wheri and I were transferring 100K a piece to the company, you were just sitting there laughing like a maniac? :p
[19:53] [Cyrilion] Oh no.. Sorry. That's what you _took_ from our company to go look for a house!
[19:54] [Tarragon] Heheheh.
[19:54] [Tarragon] This is so domestic.
[19:54] [Cyrilion] Nag nag nag nag
[19:57] [Darkhawk] Was probably mostly my money anyway! ;)
[19:58] [Cyrilion] Fairly certain, I put at least 1.5 mil in there
[19:58] [Cyrilion] There's still some in the chest too
[19:58] [Tarragon] How many emotes do we have in here?
[19:59] *** Tarragon wonders if this is an emote
[19:59] [Tarragon] bit meta there, but still
[19:59] *** Cyrilion thinks we have as many emotes as we want, if Tarra means IRC
[20:00] [Darkhawk] Isn't there some sort of log of these things, if you'd rather have your money back? I guess I'll just keep mine for the eventuality I'd go back to our FC and it made sense to buy a house.
[20:00] *** Tarragon was thinking more non-freeform
[20:00] [Cyrilion] Ermm.. looking in the chest at the moment
[20:00] [Tarragon] Ok, so, gonna log in then.
[20:00] [Cyrilion] May have been a bit premature in blaming you
[20:00] [Tarragon] Aw, happy families.
[20:01] [Darkhawk] I recall grinding like mad day and night to get gil.
[20:01] [Tarragon] Don't worry! It's always my first instinct to blame the other person too!
[20:01] [Cyrilion] There're 13 mil in the chest
[20:02] [Tarragon] I just remember crafting eating funds like there's no tomorrow while bringing in next to no revenue.
[20:02] [Tarragon] Why are we talking in here though?
[20:02] [Cyrilion] Because noone is replying to me ingame?
[20:02] [Darkhawk] Right. I think I contributed most of that. Let's just leave it for the empty FC ;)
[20:03] [Tarragon] Lets spend it hard!
[20:03] [Tarragon] Gear Gear Gear Gear!
[20:04] [Cyrilion] A room in the FC house costs 300k, I was told. Was also adviced not to purchase as they're looking to move to a bigger thing, when more are released
[20:04] [Cyrilion] Just to give a sense of scale
[20:07] [Tarragon] Ok, logging in after adjusting settings.
[20:08] [Tarragon] queued
[20:08] [Cyrilion] Yeah, that takes a minute at most
[20:08] [Cyrilion] Usually
[20:11] [Tarragon] Well. Seem to have lost guild chat.
[20:11] [Tarragon] Don't know wth I am.
[20:12] [Tarragon] Can't create more chat tabs...
[20:13] [Cyrilion] No. It's limited to four. Reason being... something
[20:14] [Tarragon] Well then.
[20:14] [Cyrilion] Lord of the Rings online added more. After ten years
[20:14] [Cyrilion] It's just stupid
[20:15] [Tarragon] OMFG. Closed chat and don't know how to get it back :D
[20:15] [Cyrilion] enter?
[20:16] [Cyrilion] Little grey button with no text?
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[23:40] [Tarragon] Time to go, night everyone.
[23:40] Tarragon ( left irc: Quit: Dig down your heart in this soil / Dig down next to me


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