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[14:00] [Darkhawk] Heya'
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[15:12] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:52] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion
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[16:21] [Tarragon] Hello
[16:49] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[18:07] [Darkhawk] So Cyrilion, any promising FC around? If not, or if it's a bit of a pressure to be the one to find it now, we could come up with another approach.
[18:07] [Cyrilion] It doesn't really feel much easier ingame :p
[18:08] [Cyrilion] Also hit a snag in that I'm leader of our old kin now and unable to hand that off...
[18:08] [Darkhawk] Not surprised, no ;)
[18:08] [Cyrilion] ... FC
[18:08] [Darkhawk] Huh, because you have an active subscription? Or did we switch leadership?
[18:08] [Cyrilion] Because old leader has been inactive
[18:09] [Darkhawk] hrm, interesting mechanic.
[18:09] [Wheri] So, in our case it was a first come, first served system?
[18:09] [Wheri] ...damn!
[18:09] [Darkhawk] Yeah, all the glory
[18:09] [Cyrilion] Looks like it
[18:10] [Darkhawk] I was thinking if we changed FC, there'd still be someone from our old one to keep it in a holding position for eventualities. I had an alt, and there was Tom's small guy as well
[18:11] [Cyrilion] Yeah. Can easily have an alt hold it. Even made one. Just can't invite him
[18:12] [Cyrilion] So... I'd have to find someone willing to join temporarily to get invite powers, then invite my alt, then transfer leadership...
[18:12] [Darkhawk] Well, won't be a problem when we come in I guess. You just can't switch to a new FC before that... Or you can do that approach, yeah.
[18:13] [Cyrilion] And make sure they don't run off with all our stuff!
[18:13] [Darkhawk] yeah, actually as I recall, we had some stuff
[18:13] [Cyrilion] Much stuff, little space
[18:13] [Darkhawk] oh yes
[18:13] [Darkhawk] So we were looking to buy property, but never made it
[18:14] [Cyrilion] Yeah. There's some gil in the chest too
[18:14] [Darkhawk] yeah, I think we managed to get enough gil for a property, but there just wasn't any
[18:14] [Cyrilion] Small one, if I recall
[18:15] [Darkhawk] hehe, would still have been a nice achievement.
[18:15] [Darkhawk] Oh well
[18:15] [Darkhawk] But anyway, if it takes time to find the ideal FC, we could also switch around and check out GW2 first, giving you more time to search. Unless you're actually playing the game now and advancing I guess.
[18:16] [Cyrilion] To be honest I haven't managed to give it a lot of time yet. Spent a while trying to become battle ready again too...
[18:17] [Cyrilion] They've changed the skill system a bit
[18:17] [Darkhawk] can't even remember the skill system ;)
[18:18] [Cyrilion] Standard class system + advanced class skills + cross class skills
[18:18] [Cyrilion] Did that ring a bell?
[18:18] [Wheri] That sounds interesting. I bet it's nothing especially drastic, isn't it?
[18:18] [Darkhawk] yeah, a very dim bell ;) But right.
[18:18] [Darkhawk] And you could have all classes. But for crafting, you could only have 3?
[18:18] [Cyrilion] They've dropped the cross class ability and replaced it with role skills
[18:19] [Wheri] So, a larger pool to choose from? Or did everyone just get a few generic abilities?
[18:20] [Cyrilion] Depends on role. A pool of potential skills, you can pick from that are shared between similar classes
[18:20] [Cyrilion] I think
[18:20] [Cyrilion] With 4 or 5 being selectable at once. (That's no different from before)
[18:21] [Cyrilion] But I've lost healing and protection skills as a tank. Which was their main intention, I think
[18:22] [Wheri] They really don't like hybrids, do they.
[18:23] [Cyrilion] Apparently not
[18:23] [Cyrilion] It's only the battle skills, by the way. Crafting is unchanged
[18:24] [Cyrilion] Also... just how important are we about sticking with the Flames?
[18:24] [Darkhawk] Doesn't much matter to me. I guess...
[18:25] [Cyrilion] Because someone actually did bother a little bit with description:
[18:29] [Darkhawk] Friendly, welcoming hippie chocobos. But yes :)
[18:30] [Wheri] Another Leonheart!
[18:32] [Cyrilion] It's an obvious one. Huyr naming convention wants last names describing battle prowess or some such
[18:33] [Wheri] And also reference previous Final Fantasy protagonists!
[18:33] [Cyrilion] Ok... that I wouldn't know about
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[20:07] [Cyrilion] Hrmpf... they also decided to be annoying with those skills
[20:07] [Cyrilion] Having an old cross-class skill slotted that's now available as a role skill, means you have to reselect and reslot it.
[20:48] [Cyrilion] Ok... I'm about to tour the home of the Chocobos
[20:51] [Tarragon] Okay, I either forgot or never knew wth discord is...
[20:52] [Darkhawk] You forgot from a few days ago... It's a chat server thing, like Teamspeak
[20:52] [Darkhawk] Just got to be wildly popular all of a sudden, supplanting the others
[20:52] [Wheri] Discord is a group chat thing, yes. Think IRC, combined with Skype, combined with Teamspeak or equivalent.
[20:52] [Cyrilion] I'ts in the process of replacing Ventrilo, Teamspeak and Skype for gaming purposes
[20:53] [Cyrilion] It just works and it's free
[20:53] [Tarragon] WSell, explains why I didn't know: no need to ever even look into any of it...
[20:53] [Cyrilion] It's also not a requirement for the Chocobos
[20:54] [Darkhawk] So why aren't we a member yet? ;)
[20:54] [Tarragon] Do they want people who are likely to hang around for =/- 1 month?
[20:54] [Tarragon] +/-
[21:07] [Cyrilion] Nope
[21:07] [Cyrilion] Was offered a tour. Decided to take them up on it and see. Seems nice adult people that can chat
[21:13] [Darkhawk] Sounds good to me.
[21:18] [Cyrilion] Bit silly perhaps. At times
[21:20] [Tarragon] In what way?
[21:20] [Darkhawk] Sounds less good! ;)
[21:23] [Cyrilion] Nah.. First impression and I may have provoked it
[21:24] [Tarragon] First day and you're provoking people already :D
[21:31] [Cyrilion] Heh. I might be. I asked how silly they are
[21:40] [Cyrilion] Well.. so far the leader of the Chocobos have been willing to give me an hour og her time. That can't be the worst sign
[21:44] [Cyrilion] Copying: "Well then I'm sure we have that room, yes. Being more of that type of person I know me and some other already had a lot of discussions about some serious subjects ; imagine that the only, mmh... "Wall" you could meet are common stuff like people that are shy or... I don't know, these sort of things."
[21:50] [Cyrilion] I really think we could do a hell of a lot worse
[21:51] [Tarragon] As long as they don't mind the temporary nature of it.
[21:54] [Tarragon] Have to be off now but I should have a lot of time tomorrow. Will see about game things then. Night everyone.
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[21:59] [Cyrilion] "Oh yeah, It'd totally be okay :)"
[22:37] [Cyrilion] Off for sleep. Workday tomorrow then free for three full weeks!
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