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[04:49] [Darkhawk] yes, turning in as well
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[12:49] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[15:03] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[15:27] [Darkhawk] Hey Cyrilion
[16:15] [Darkhawk] My speed is once again un-throttled, so now I can update the FFXIV files. But apprently only if I have a subscription? So, are we getting serious? Did you find some interesting guild? I didn't really. No mention of RP, and everything else is super standard with one-liner descriptions. So if we want to join a company to be able to do 12-24 mans, or however big they are, I'd recommend some active, big one, without spelling errors or too many a
[16:15] [Darkhawk] nnoying brats ;)
[16:15] [Darkhawk] Otherwise, for the small stuff, we might be enough people if Wheri and one other of my friends joined. But that's of course not so certain.
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[17:11] [Cyrilion] The one-liner descriptions... aren't those the slogans that can't be any longer?
[17:12] [Cyrilion] And yes. It seems it won't update unless you log in with subscription
[17:19] [Darkhawk] Nah, the first text in the description? Where you said you saw a three-liner yesterday. So it's possible to at least convey something.
[17:19] [Cyrilion] That was Tarra and I think she must've watched that on a mobile screen...
[17:20] [Cyrilion] The first text with the headling "Company Slogan"?
[17:27] [Darkhawk] oh, right then
[17:27] [Darkhawk] But some companies should have homepages, I didn't really find any so far, googling their names. That should be more informative.
[17:29] [Cyrilion] Found one!
[17:29] [Cyrilion]
[17:29] [Cyrilion] Now... if they'd actually bothered with a description...
[17:38] [Darkhawk] I see they had their latest signup a month ago, but the latest active thread is 3 months old.
[17:38] [Darkhawk] But yeah, they exist!
[17:39] [Darkhawk] hrm, here's an active one:
[17:40] [Darkhawk] by searching for 'enjin free company', you do get some hits
[17:40] [Darkhawk] Even seems to have a little RP...
[17:41] [Darkhawk] oh right.. needs the right server as well ;)
[17:41] [Darkhawk] needle in a haystack!!
[17:46] [Cyrilion] Yep
[17:49] [Darkhawk] I don't recall why we/I? chose Zodiark, but it seems to be a not so populated server. Maybe that's why, lacking any RP server. Or maybe it was said to be an RP server.
[17:53] [Cyrilion] Yes, you picked it. No, I don't know why. Other than it may have been open when you created your first char
[17:54] [Cyrilion] They close char creation on servers in periods
[18:08] [Cyrilion] Did you look at the Circle of Trust, that Tarra linked?
[18:08] [Cyrilion]
[18:15] [Darkhawk] Yes, tried googling them and came up with nothing.
[18:16] [Darkhawk] Then I forgot about them ;) Also because, if the main thing we want out of a free company is to be able to take on the bigger instances, dungeons or what they're called, then 27 members might be too small?
[18:17] [Darkhawk] but personally, I'd settle for pretty much anything friendly, active and with some presence on the net to signal seriousness/engagement. Never been in a guild without a forum/homepage...
[18:17] [Darkhawk] maybe times have changed.
[18:17] [Darkhawk] Also a guild that can accept I might only be active for a month or two, then get back in 2 years later again.
[18:18] [Cyrilion] Yeah. Heh.. We're not at all demanding
[18:18] [Cyrilion] But it does seem out of game web sites is a rarity
[18:19] [Darkhawk] yeah, that's curious.
[18:20] [Darkhawk] well, Stellaris session coming up :)
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[18:58] [Tarragon] Hello
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[19:44] [Cyrilion] Hey Tarra and sneaky Wheri
[19:56] [Wheri] 'ello!
[20:03] [Cyrilion] You heard we are looking into FFXIV again?
[20:03] [Wheri] Yes.
[20:03] [Tarragon] Hello
[22:15] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra and Wheri
[22:16] [Darkhawk] So, let me break the impasse ;) When someone asks you a question such as Cyrilion did, what he actually means Wheri, is whether you're also in. Don't mention it, social etiquette master Darkhawk to the rescue!
[22:17] [Wheri] Well, I can only say the same things I told you, which is... one moment.
[22:17] [Wheri] I'm not quite sure. I don't mind the company, but I don't think I'm going to enjoy the game enough.
[22:17] [Cyrilion] That's not quite long enough to play an MMO
[22:17] [Wheri] And given how much time has passed, I'll basically have to re-learn it from scratch. Which may actually be a good thing, now that I think about it. That'll probably give me enough patience to get a couple of other classes up to 50...
[22:17] [Wheri] Copy-paste to the rescue!
[22:17] [Cyrilion] Heh. Fair enough.
[22:18] [Cyrilion] And yes... I actually subscribed to take a peek inside. Relearning is a big part of it...
[22:19] [Wheri] I think we've more or less beaten the pre-expansion part of the game, too; so if we go back, it's either going to be a continuation of the grind, or we'll have to buy the expansion(s), as well.
[22:19] [Darkhawk] Yeah, I like rediscovering :) Actually that's what you pretty much do with every MMO after the first time. And then you quit again when you've had enough once more. At least that's how I roll.
[22:20] [Wheri] I wish I could do that. The ones I like tend to shut down or go bad.
[22:20] [Darkhawk] We were looking at doing the expansions. Personally I'd go back to continue exploring and the story.
[22:20] [Darkhawk] But that reminds me you have other motivations there, so it's probably harder for you :)
[22:20] [Wheri] Haven't we finished the story?
[22:20] [Cyrilion] Which is why we're looking into joining another FC to help us through that story
[22:21] [Cyrilion] Err no
[22:21] [Wheri] Oh, right. It went all "make more friends" on us!
[22:21] [Cyrilion] Yep
[22:22] [Cyrilion] Also, we never did manage to get that Seed chocobo race league started ;p
[22:22] [Wheri] That.
[22:23] [Cyrilion] And I just scared everyone else away
[22:29] [Wheri] I think the only time I played it, it lagged so hard playing competitively wasn't possible.
[22:30] [Darkhawk] Alright, finished Stellaris for today. Turns out if you have a fleet of about 800 corvettes, it's too much for the game to handle, and you can't select your fleet. Lesson learned, I think.
[22:30] [Wheri] Paradox.
[22:30] [Darkhawk] Any gamedeveloper ;)
[22:30] [Cyrilion] That's... not all that much
[22:31] [Darkhawk] But it's kinda' poetic, because that only ever happens if you try to exploit the game.
[22:31] [Wheri] Oh, so they haven't tested for this.
[22:31] [Tarragon] I'm actually quite sure I won't enjoy the game much, so there you go. I don't plan on playing it more than a few months at most.
[22:31] [Darkhawk] I don't plan on playing it more than 1-2 months myself.
[22:32] [Wheri] A month or two is probably as much as I have in me, too.
[22:32] [Darkhawk] So where are we? Who actually wants to give it a go for 1-2 months? Should I pay for the expansion or not? Does it depend on finding the right FC?
[22:32] [Tarragon] In if we find an FC
[22:32] [Darkhawk] Look, you don't need to if it's not fun for you ;) You two don't sound all that enthused, hehe.
[22:32] [Wheri] How much is the expansion, again?
[22:33] [Darkhawk] 35 euros I think. Probably with one month game time.
[22:33] [Tarragon] Hey, if no one's requiring me to play for a year or whatever I'm fine.
[22:33] [Tarragon] Maybe some half decent MMO will come out in the meantime.
[22:34] [Wheri] Yeah, that's gonna happen. The only one I've found worth playing in the last few years is GW2.
[22:34] [Tarragon] I mostly look at smaller ones.
[22:35] [Wheri] I'm trying to keep an eye on MMOGs. The kind that I'd like are all either deep in early access, or "we're working on it, and it's going to be really cool when it comes out!"
[22:35] [Tarragon] Sad thing is PVP seems to be a draw for the smaller ones and then they just sort of fizzle. People should learn what they really like.
[22:36] [Wheri] Or "I'm making the game again, and now I'm not going to sell out to a publisher, but it's going to take a couple of years and five rounds of Kickstarter to get anything playable out!"
[22:37] [Wheri] And I have no idea what Lord British is doing. That Ultima sequel looked interesting, but, uhh... last I heard it's just a virtual hangout.
[22:42] [Darkhawk] Think that Ultima copy might fizzle, maybe not even get out. Or if it does, people will find out it's not really that much fun.
[22:43] [Darkhawk] So, if Tarra only wants to play if we find a FC, and I'm too poor to just gamble on that, it seems we must find a FC before I can buy in.
[22:44] [Wheri] I don't really care about the people at large; so long as there's a reasonably-sized community playing, and the gameplay actually gives a reason to engage with said community.
[22:45] [Wheri] I have to concur. If I am to buy the expansion, either the roleplay, or new content has to be good enough to justify it... and I'm not really holding out much hope for the former.
[22:51] [Darkhawk] But why do I feel it's up to me to find this ever elusive company... ;)
[22:51] [Wheri] Oh, you volunteer? Great!
[22:52] [Cyrilion] I'm looking too. But that Circle of Trust FC had no officers online yesterday.
[22:53] [Cyrilion] Was just checking. Which is a hazzle. Ingame support for this isn't exactly great
[22:54] [Tarragon] Ilooked a bit and found one that had a decent amount of active members AND was english speaking.
[22:54] [Tarragon] All the others I found were dead or in german (sometimes french)
[22:55] [Tarragon] And I hadn't even looked into their use of voicechat yet.
[22:56] [Cyrilion] Just because they've created a Discord server doesn't mean it's forced voice chat by the way ;)
[22:57] [Darkhawk] if they're casual, you can be pretty sure voice chat isn't mandatory
[22:58] [Wheri] Oh. You still don't want to use voicecomms. I'm finally more or less comfortable with it! Not sure I can speak quickly enough for roleplaying - but I'd like to try.
[22:59] [Darkhawk] Are there even anyone using voicechat for MMO RPs?
[22:59] [Wheri] I have no idea!
[23:00] [Wheri] I've seen quite a few D&D shows on Twitch and Youtube, but not MMOGs. It's probably going to be Jedi tea parties all around, anyway.
[23:01] [Darkhawk] hehe, wasn't familiar with 'jedi', but I take it that means everyone is nice and good as well as super boring?
[23:01] [Wheri] No, it means a bunch of supposedly powerful and influential characters (because who would want to RP a rank-and-file whoever, right) hanging around a table, talking about all the cool and interesting stuff they ought to be doing.
[23:01] [Tarragon] I don't like speaking but my main problem is that I won't be able to follow other people speaking for more than 5 minutes.
[23:02] [Tarragon] It's the reason I as good as don't make phone calls.
[23:03] [Darkhawk] That's also oldskool anyway...
[23:03] [Darkhawk] And yeah ok Wheri. That sounds painfully boring and quite common.
[23:03] [Tarragon] And apparently lots of people RP over voice chat in MMOs now.
[23:03] [Tarragon] Seems limiting to me, I don't sound anything like most of my chars.
[23:03] [Darkhawk] The world leaves us behind...
[23:04] [Tarragon] More like people nowadays can't type for shit :P
[23:04] [Darkhawk] that too, it takes some literacy and speed.
[23:04] [Wheri] Sounds limiting to me, too, but it's not like it stopped anyone in tabletop. Besides, voice morphers aren't that hard to figure out.
[23:04] [Cyrilion] Ok, let's try this: Do we have any serious FC candidates?
[23:05] [Darkhawk] But it's just two different ways of RP'ing, benefits to both, but not everyone feels comfortable with one or the other. Also gives quite different results, based on the medium
[23:05] [Tarragon] Yeah, with text you spend ages waiting for the slow typers :P
[23:05] [Darkhawk] I'm still looking, but they are really not very informative, haven't come across one with a homepage yet.
[23:06] [Wheri] True. I still hold it that MMOGs make the perfect medium for slice-of-life type stories. Not so much high-stakes, sweeping adventures.
[23:07] [Darkhawk] Maybe Wheri should suggest a FC!
[23:08] [Wheri] Actually, I may! But I think they're on the American server and aren't into RP.
[23:08] [Darkhawk] so that's a no
[23:08] [Darkhawk] ;)
[23:08] [Wheri] That's a maaaaaaaaaaaaybe.
[23:08] [Darkhawk] Zodiark...
[23:09] [Darkhawk] - but nothing much to work with.
[23:11] [Cyrilion] Two months old with 158 active members. Doesn't that suggest complete newbie hunting recruitment practices?
[23:11] [Darkhawk] oh, didn't see they were only 2 months old
[23:11] [Darkhawk] but yes
[23:11] [Darkhawk]
[23:11] [Darkhawk] There you go.
[23:11] [Darkhawk] And still no homepage
[23:12] [Wheri] Ninja recruiting is the best kind of recruiting!
[23:12] [Wheri] Maybe it's worth looking into linkshells or whatever they're called, as well? There should be a few "RP General" ones.
[23:13] [Cyrilion] 11 players currently online for the last one
[23:15] [Cyrilion] Linkshell just have even less information about them :/
[23:16] [Darkhawk] ok, we've gotten older and maybe the world has changed, but does nobody really put in any kind of effort in their guild anymore... Youngsters these days...
[23:17] [Darkhawk] I blame it on Tinder as well
[23:18] [Wheri] That's a thing.
[23:19] [Wheri] I've gone so desperate with my search for a mini EVE, I've downloaded an Ultima client for a freeshard...
[23:25] [Darkhawk] Was there an recruitment officer online Cyrilion, who could say something about the FC in terms of RP and casualness in regards to letting people do as they want and not requiring them to play for months and so on?
[23:25] [Cyrilion] Souls of dragons?
[23:26] [Darkhawk] yep.. Pompous title... Also like our green squirrel better ;)
[23:26] [Wheri] And their tag is D.
[23:27] [Cyrilion] Ok. To answer your question, could you please translate their ranks into something I can understand?
[23:29] [Wheri] With names like Darkone Demonborn and Camomile Tea, I'm sure we're walking into quality RP!
[23:30] [Wheri] You know what. If they do use voicecomms for RP, I would be kind of interested in giving it a go. Just to see people trying to pronounce... whatever it was I named mine.
[23:32] [Darkhawk] I'm not joining for the RP ;)
[23:32] [Darkhawk] Camomile Tea, that's nice... real nice.
[23:33] [Darkhawk] Reminds me of a 'player' I had as a GM when we were like 14. He named himself 'Auto Mobile' and wanted to play a minotaur for the strength bonus.
[23:33] [Darkhawk] Such depth.
[23:33] [Cyrilion] Thosinsaelz Ahtundsyn. Yeah, that'll be a mouthful
[23:33] [Darkhawk] Anyway, translating their ranks, heh.. Isn't there an icon showing status?
[23:34] [Cyrilion] No. Only way I've found to find these is to look up one player by name at a time, hoping someone is online, then use the link to the FC profile
[23:34] [Cyrilion] I said it was a hazzle
[23:35] [Wheri] Weh, a lot of people start somewhere around that level. But I assume he didn't make it very far.
[23:37] [Tarragon] Pfft, there were always a tonne of trash guilds around. Before, I just found guilds from within the MMO, that's easier.
[23:37] [Wheri] Where have the days when you could actually meet people through normal interaction out in the open world gone.
[23:37] [Cyrilion] Yes, but that would require me to actually play... and *shudder* meet people in here!
[23:38] [Tarragon] It does take a while to weed through the detritus, but in the end it's usually somewhat useful
[23:39] [Tarragon] or maybe sift through the detritus rather
[23:40] [Tarragon] And I'd just look around see who was playing, who was RPing or whatever, then turn on the big ol' guild icons on top of their heads for a while.
[23:40] [Tarragon] So didn't always have to engage in general chat either (so tiresome)
[23:40] [Darkhawk] I don't recall it being all that easy meeting or chatting with other players not in your FC in the game. But then again, I'm antisocial these days, and prefer to play it solo or with just a few people, so I probably didn't do much interaction myself back then.
[23:41] [Darkhawk] Did we ever see anyone RP? Hehe
[23:41] [Wheri] Maaaaaybe?
[23:41] [Tarragon] In that game? Not really.
[23:41] [Tarragon] Is Zodiark the RP server though
[23:41] [Wheri] But I'm sure that if I did, it was the "Your new dress is so pretty!" kind of RP.
[23:41] [Darkhawk] Not sure there was any RP server.
[23:42] [Tarragon] Well yeah, the game sort of is all about the festivals and collecting bloody outfits.
[23:42] [Darkhawk] Or maybe there was, but we couldn't join it at the time
[23:43] [Tarragon] Not sure why though, people have no butts.
[23:43] [Tarragon] You'd think in a game that's so focused on skimp, the chars had some assets
[23:44] [Wheri] Mine had some assets.
[23:44] [Tarragon] But noooooo. Alright, I will not further go into that topic YET AGAIN
[23:44] [Tarragon] Sure, if you like the guns.
[23:44] [Wheri] I do!
[23:44] [Tarragon] I like... other things
[23:45] [Darkhawk] I also like.. other things better than guns I guess.
[23:46] [Wheri] Hey, I think I've found an FC that may basically be three milsimmers!
[23:46] [Cyrilion] I'm guessing most of the established players are running around in the new areas. It's not exactly empty here, but not as busy as I remember
[23:48] [Cyrilion] Anyways. Search over for me tonight. Getting ready for bed
[23:49] [Darkhawk] ok, sleep well
[23:49] [Darkhawk] and hrm. Either we go in and find a FC together in the game, or we pick one more or less random
[23:50] [Darkhawk] Sounds to me Tarra, if you say the best way is to pick one ingame, that you're saying.. let's just go ahead?
[23:50] [Wheri] I don't even remember how I ended up finding my alliance in EVE.
[23:50] [Darkhawk] By ABANDONING us!
[23:50] [Darkhawk] I cried for many nights
[23:51] [Wheri] You weren't even playing at the time. For years, I think.
[23:51] [Wheri] And I did clear it with you!
[23:52] [Darkhawk] Please let me have my drama moment...
[23:52] [Darkhawk] In truth I forgot all about it
[23:54] [Tarragon] Actually, if someone's in game already, they could go right ahead with that method, but I'm short on funds so I'm not going right ahead this time.
[23:55] [Darkhawk] I concur. So 'someone' is Cyrilion.
[23:56] [Cyrilion] Uh huh
[23:56] [Darkhawk] No pressure!
[23:57] [Cyrilion] I'll try. But Tuesday evening does not appear to be the best time
[23:57] [Cyrilion] To sue the player search at least
[23:57] [Darkhawk] Perhaps another day :)
[23:57] [Cyrilion] Ok. I'm off. Night all
[23:57] [Darkhawk] See you!
[23:57] [Wheri] As an alternative, may I suggest a survival game of our choice? Those won't be as big or open-ended, but I'm sure it's possible to find a server that's specifically dedicated to RP.
[23:57] [Wheri] 'night!
[23:57] Cyrilion ( left irc: Quit: Leaving
[23:58] [Tarragon] I'm not opposed, as long as it's not a gankfest.
[23:59] [Darkhawk] You and your survival games. What games are there? Last time you mentioned some, I checked them and thought ill of them. Maybe I also spoke ill of them, don't remember ;)


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