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[12:28] [Darkhawk] Heya
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[13:16] [Tarragon] Hello
[13:17] [Darkhawk] Hey Tarra
[13:37] [Tarragon] Asia isn't looking like a great emigration option in light of climate change, but Scandinavia could still be an option.
[13:37] [Tarragon] Time to put some more effort into the research.
[13:37] [Tarragon] Preferably somewhere with an international school.
[13:39] [Darkhawk] I'd say Canada, New Zealand and Scandinavia
[13:39] [Tarragon] Canada is too close to the US.
[13:39] [Darkhawk] Hehe yes.
[13:39] [Tarragon] New Zealand I think might suffer too much when sea levels rise more.
[13:40] [Darkhawk] There are mountains
[13:40] [Tarragon] Yeah, well, heat, rising sea levels....
[13:40] [Tarragon] Scandinavia has current relative cold going for it.
[13:40] [Tarragon] It's also close.
[13:41] [Darkhawk] Sweden is probably best
[13:41] [Tarragon] Because we just had our 3 days of winter here and I think from now on it's going to be just 15-20 degrees most of the "winter" each winter.
[13:42] [Tarragon] And I just don't get how people are not seeing how this is going to go horribly wrong.
[13:43] [Darkhawk] Not so much different in Denmark, unfortunately. Henze Canada or New Zealand for me, really great nature, and also ok givernments. But yeah, northern Sweden has great nature and colder climate as well. Although I like a bit more diversity than pines..
[13:43] [Tarragon] Next time it's not going to be just 1953, it's going to be 1953 times 10.
[13:43] [Tarragon] Being able to swim well really won't matter very much.
[13:44] [Tarragon] And I'd rather move beforehand while our things are all still intact, than destitute as a refugee.
[13:44] [Darkhawk] Very apocalyptic mindset you have there... I've had that for 20 years, but have learned that things don't happen overnight. So there's some time yet..
[13:44] [Tarragon] Yeah, but you have to admit you can see the acceleration happening too.
[13:44] [Tarragon] Not too smart now to keep waiting too long.
[13:44] [Darkhawk] I think you'll be able to see clear signs of stuff changing in some years, and still be able to move. Most won't see it even then.
[13:45] [Darkhawk] yeah, but we're not talking about days here.
[13:45] [Tarragon] I have been seeing clear signs since my teens...
[13:45] [Tarragon] Yeah, well, huge emigration plans don't happen in days either.
[13:45] [Darkhawk] yes, and you had and have plenty of time still. But yes, I get it.
[13:45] [Darkhawk] Yeah, you want to convince your family to move as well?
[13:46] [Tarragon] We'll need to heave over meds, healthcare, prospective health care, job opportunities...
[13:46] [Tarragon] If I can. I'm sure my dad especially can see it too.
[13:46] [Tarragon] Doubt I could convince my dumb brothers of anything, so we'll just have to live with that.
[13:47] [Tarragon] Being disabled af usually doesn't help with emigration/immigration efforts.
[13:47] [Darkhawk] Yeah, I sense some aggression directed at their views...
[13:48] [Tarragon] No, more their attitudes and them being just... unbelievavly dense.
[13:48] [Tarragon] I mean staggeringly so.
[13:48] [Tarragon] Like how the fuck are they even related to me?
[13:48] [Darkhawk] Which is why Sweden is a good bet in many aspects. And being EU citizens is a huge benefit.
[13:49] [Tarragon] I know Canada wouldn't have me probably even if I really wanted to be that close to the US.
[13:49] [Tarragon] I'd have to be able to keep up a pretense of being employable until I'm naturalised :S
[13:50] [Darkhawk] No need for that stress :)
[13:50] [Tarragon] Hmm.... Scotland?
[13:50] [Tarragon] I mean, not the best political climate, but otherwise...
[13:50] [Tarragon] Pretty, high....
[13:50] [Tarragon] Not hot.
[13:50] [Darkhawk] Wonderful place, but wait afew years and see what they do in terms of quitting the empire.
[13:51] [Darkhawk] Anyway, shower time :)
[13:51] [Darkhawk] But here's something not doomsday related:
[13:51] [Darkhawk]
[13:52] [Tarragon] Card game would have to be absolutely bloody mindblowing for me to back it, since I won't play it myself.
[13:52] [Darkhawk] Just a fun idea ;)
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[14:32] [Cyrilion] Afternoon
[14:32] [Tarragon] Hello
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[19:39] [Tarragon] Going to go turn my mind off with tv series and fanfiction. Night everyone.
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